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  1. Torpedos hitting unshielded ships, radiation leaks, and deck to deck fighting can take a nasty toll on your crew. What is the worst ammount of damage, and the highest number of unintentional casualties you have sustained to your command craft and still been able to get your ship back to a star base for repairs? (Post moved. This is fun stuff.) [ 06-02-2004, 10:58 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Chavik ]
  2. ddrakath

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    I like the Warmonger because it is much quicker at traversing the enormous voids between worlds. It's pretty tough, and because of it's speed it can get out of most bad situations. Makes a good police craft. I use this one a lot, because I've had to tow a lot of my own CCs back into station, I don't think they would trust me with more responsibility than a Cruiser =-) In fact, I think I'd be lucky to get any command due to the extreme casualty rate that my troops usually sustain. The Firestorm is my current favorite supercarrier. I like it because (although it is painfully slow) you can deploy it's wing of superfighters to keep a zone free of enemies while leaving your Carrier out of harm's way. I usually only call in my Carrier when there is a very serious threat to the region that my fighters would take heavy casualties confronting alone, but they are supprisingly effective by themselves. I use 1 pilot in all 8 FCs. Overall I think the Megaron is the most versitile of the ships.
  3. ddrakath

    Mining drone lost on moon...

    When your drone was inverted did it disapear from the list of support units you had the option to zoom to in the tacops screen? My drone's locator beacon seems to be out, and although the moon is small, it's still a relatively big place to go looking =-) I wouldn't even worry about it, except I don't see a way to get rid of the drone from my shuttle's inventory or buy another, so I think I need to recover or destroy this one if possible.
  4. Last night while playing UC, I drove my CC into the moon's atmosphere, and halted it. I then went into tacops, and set waypoints for each of my shuttles for about 10 miles away from my CC with the order to deploy their drones when they got to the waypoint. All 4 drones were deployed a short distance from my ship, and my shuttles returned to the CC. I could see all 4 drones driving around on the surface, and I had the option to zoom to all 4 of them. I turned off my shields and went to class for about an hour. When I returned all 4 drones were still around (although 2 of them had wandered like 1000 units away) but I could still zoom to all of them, so no problem. I took a break to eat lunch, and when I returned to extract my drones I noticed that there were only three. Under zoom/support units I only could find 3 drones, so I extracted them. Drone 1 was missing, however the Tactical Loadout screen for the shuttle still says that the shuttle is deployed on the moon, and is 100% full of rich loot =-). I don't see it anywhere, and I can't zoom to it in tacops. I wasn't sure if this is a tech problem, or if I am just an idiot, so I went with the latter and decided not to post this in tech support. My System: UC Version 2.0 Motherboard - ECS k7s5a Memory - 256 Mb PC133 Processor - 1.13 Ghz Athlon Video Card - MSI Geforce 4 ti4200 64MB 61.11 drivers Sound Card - Sound Blaster Live! most recent driver Sorry about the system profile, I'm posting this from work (no web at home), and I don't have my CD case with me to register the game & make a real system profile right now. I have ridden the mighty moon worm! -Al Gore- [ 05-20-2004, 11:52 AM: Message edited by: ddrakath ]
  5. I encountered the same problem after moving from RC 7 to the new patch. The problem was CloneCD, and my issue was resolved after I uninstalled my registered copy of Clone CD. I don't appreciate having to uninstall that program. In attempting to stop software piracy it can be easy to frustrate people who actually buy games. CloneCD is a very good CD burning software program, and I wish I didn't have to uninstall/reinstall it every time I play UC. I'll bet UC is pretty easy to pirate anyways, as there are already CD-Hacks available.
  6. ddrakath

    A few questions about this game.

    Thanks, that's sortof the idea I was getting... But while you are doing that are you picking up upgrades and whatnot for your ship? It sounds like you start with a large ship and a compliment of soldiers/support ships... How long does it take to get the highest level of upgrades? I loved freelancer, but the game felt a little empty once I finished getting all the upgrades for the best ship, and that game even had a complex faction system to help keep things interesting.
  7. I noticed this game sitting on the shelf at Best Buy, and thought it looked pretty ambitous and interesting, but passed it over for Unreal 2 (same price) because I hadn't heard of it. Now I've been reading reviews (negative but It sounds like the patches are comming regularly) This game sounds really interesting, but I can't quite get a handle on really what the point is. 1 What is the end goal of this game? I'm particularly intersted in the open-ended roaming mode... are you trying to get the best ship with the most upgrades? 2 I've read there are hundreds of worlds in the UC universe. Why go out there? Are they primarily inhabited by random groups of AI enemy ships and pirats? 3 I've read stories about people capturing stations... Is it possible to capture bases for your own use, or drive enemies out of previously hostile locations? If so, is this a primary game goal? 4 The game says it requires a 1Ghz processor.. I have a 1.1 athlon Tbird, 256 mb pc133 RAM, and a 64 MB Geforce 4 TI4200... Think that'll play the game at 1024x768? Game sounds a lot more processor intensive than Graphics card. Feel free to answer just one, or any of these questions, thanks for your help.