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  1. neograymatter

    September 2004 All Insurgent Roll Call

    I'm here, with a newly built computer (one that can actully run UC at more than 10 fps, stupid intel graphics card) and sunday I move into residence meaning I no longer have to put up with dialup! I can't wait to try multiplayer now!!
  2. neograymatter

    All Insurgent Fleet Roll Call for July 04

  3. neograymatter

    Capturing stations.. a different idea.

    How do you go about capturing a station without useing cloak? Every time I try IÔÇÖm dead before I can even exit hyperspace.
  4. neograymatter

    Capturing stations.. a different idea.

    You really think it's easy to take a station? Then try it with a cruiser (no cloak). I actually got bored and tried this a couple days ago. 2 hours and 46 restored games later, I finally managed to get my first shot at the station, then I died ... again. Has anyone ever succeeded in taking an enemy station without cloak?
  5. neograymatter

    All Insurgent Fleet Rollcall

    I'm here
  6. neograymatter

    Our MP Twilight zone battle

    This is what happed on my screen during our strange combat; I can almost guarantee it looked totally different to everyone else. About an hour ago on server 3 Justice and I decided to launch an attack against LostInSpace and Has. Being closest to the Procon jump gate, I entered first and began relaying Intel back to Justice. His plan was to wait until they jumped at me and then he would enter the jump gate cloaked and attack from behind. It looked to be a good even two on two battle. Has was sticking close to the station, while LostInSpace was cloaked, but obviously in the center of his 4 fighters. LostInSpace soon decloaked and jumped towards me, on queue Justice entered the gate and disconnected. It was now a two on one battle, but I had the advantage of a fully charged hyper drive. LostInSpaces fighters arrived long before him and I took a few shots at them with my PTAs and then jumped towards the Castrin jump gate. I had intended to pick off LostInSpaces fighters before his hyper drive had recharged and he could jump to attack me too. Both our fighter arrived long before I did and began flying useless loopdeloops trying to attack each other. When I finally exited hyperspace, LostInSpaces fighters (which had me targeted) had traveled 58 km away from my exit point in their efforts to get closer to me while I was in hyperspace. By the time I got close enough to start attacking the fighters, LostInSpace was 15 seconds from exiting hyperspace and joining the battle, Has had jumped towards Tapestran for some reason, and Wolf had just connected. I was now out numbered 3 to 1, so I cloaked. This is where things began to get a little strange. By now LostInSpace was a mere 1 km away and in the center of my IOD sights, I line up my shot pulled the trigger the IOD fired, it looked to be a perfect hit, and  blip, LostInSpace instantly disappeared and then reappeared in the upper right hand corner of my screen, I lined up my shot again and, ...blip the same thing happened, but he was now behind me, I was about to turn around and try and hit the magic ship again when my missiles suddenly got a lock, the strange thing was the was nothing visible that they could have locked on to, but I fired 5 STS-Questor missiles anyway. I would have given up but I scored a luckily hit on him with my PTA, which had never stopped firing at the fighters all along. By this time Has and Wolf had joined the fight. Figuring my enemies would have the same problems hitting me, as I had them, I stopped wasting Iridium and decloaked, I was right and never received a scratch on my Megaron the entire battle. Soon after I lost a fighter, I then tried to count the dots on the radar to see if I had killed any enemy fighters, but the way they were flashing and jumping around just made me dizzy. 5 minutes later (Still locked in our strange pseudo-battle) I received a blue message with no name in chat, commenting on how badly I was outnumbered. It seemed really strange at the time, but I found out after that 2 or 3 more members of Galcom had joined the server, but my client must not have picked them up. Almost immediately after I got a server disconnect (I believe related to VCF Multiplayer issue 17) And so that is my version of our laggy Twilight zone battle. Id like to hear what the battle looked like on some of the other combatants and spectators screens .
  7. neograymatter

    Seamless MP region

    What are the chances of being able to play in a seamless mp region useing dial-up?
  8. neograymatter

    Entire Insurgent Fleet Roll Call

    I'm usually online 9-10pm ADT (12-1 am GMT) on weekdays, but am stuck on dialup. Saturdays I am usually on my local library's 700k public line from 10am-4pm ADT (1pm-7pm GMT) Joint missions sound like they could be alot of fun, playing with/against people is always so much better than with the AI.
  9. neograymatter

    New Insurgent Welcome Thread

    Wow, being such a noobie I didn't expect to be accepted into any fleet (It seems everyone around here has been regestered for years!). I'm overjoyed by being accepted! I can't wait to finally get in to multiplayer and not feel "out of place" in whatever caste I pick. I finally have a fleet to call home. Can't wait for my first set of orders. P.S. By the way did i get my sig right?
  10. neograymatter

    Description of races and castes

    quote: The alliance matrix itself changes over time as this further shapes the world dynamics. So thatÔÇÖs why some ships marked green turned around and decided to attack me in the middle of battle! I couldn't figure out what was going on at first, and that moment of hesitation near cost me my ship (I couldn't bring myself to attack a green dot). Luckily my PTA's were indiscriminate and killed the traitorous raiders.
  11. neograymatter

    The best accessory since the joystick

    Mine are Roots Music 900MHz Stereo Wireless Headphones, but I'm sure there are a half a million other brands that make them.
  12. Last Christmas I received a pair of wireless headphones, not having much use for them, I stuffed in the closet. Last week, I near went nuts one day trying to keep watch on my Megaron while I was cooking supper. IÔÇÖm really paranoid, and had to check my ship every 30 seconds (Who knows what Resnig could do to my ship when IÔÇÖm off-duty?) It probably wouldnÔÇÖt have been so bad if there wasnÔÇÖt a staircase between the kitchen and my computer. After burning supper, I decided to dig out the set of wireless headphone and try them with Universal Combat. They worked great! Now I can put my mind at ease, and actually get some work done, while leaving my ship to itself (although I near kill myself scrambling up the stairs when the klaxon sounds). Although I am a little worried, IÔÇÖve been using them so much lately that I am starting to hear the repetitive drone of the crew all the time, even when IÔÇÖm not playing. For anyone who is paranoid (like me) about leaving their ship alone while waiting for repairs to finish, mining drones to fill, etc. a pair of wireless headphones is a worthwhile accessory.
  13. neograymatter

    Worth it or not?

    After playing multiplayer a little longer on a 56k connection, IÔÇÖll give these warnings; Don't land on a planet, as soon as my ship enters the atmosphere, my system starts to lag to the point of being unplayable. Stick to servers with 4 or less people. Don't play on the servers with NPC generation on. Unless of course you don't mind watching ships on your radar magically transport themselves instantly across space, and finding out two minutes after the fact that a Firestorm launched all it's fighters at you...
  14. neograymatter

    Multiplayer event ideas

    A scavenger hunt type event could be fun. Have a cargo pod containing a special item hidden on a planet, and see how many days it would take teams to find it. Hmm, what kind of storyline could you put to that? Maybe a badly damaged vessel sends out a mayday message requesting assistance in transporting a Karanian reactor, which is abruptly cut short before they could give their coordinates. Of course every explorer, raider, and treasurer-seeker in the galaxy intercepts this message. Galcom wants to recover the goods lost by it's trading vessel, both the Gammulan and Insurgent militaries want to capture this valuable item for further research and, of course the raiders want to turn a profit. A good twist would be if a Commander who finally does find the item is destroyed before they can return it to their base; it is dropped in a cargo pod where the commander was destroyed.
  15. neograymatter

    Worth it or not?

    I use a 56k connection too and there is very little noticeable lag when I play, just make sure you have nothing else that wants a piece of your internet connection when you play. Run a scan for adware/spyware, stop downloads, and shutdown messenger and it should work fine (or it does for me). I wish I didn't live in the middle of nowhere so I could get highspeed internet.