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  1. "Help, I'm traped in the game and I cant get out!"
  2. Only thing I have to say about that thing with the DreamCatcher, I bow my head in shame!. Good to see you SC, didn't fold. You called them up and won the pot. Good going! "I want to shake your and with pride!" You make me jelous!
  3. Is there a way of sellin of the extra SC and OC units that I cary in my SC that I dont use?
  4. Mabee its the units I attack first near the bases before I Ddock at them? Must be, if it is, give pitty to me please I beg you!.
  5. Although I get burnedd hard when I exit early from a hyper jump with over a 1000 clicks from my destination. (sigh) " Better then 2000 I guesss! "Just wish I there was a short cut".
  6. sorry to be drunk but even still its funny to catch the SC snoozin sometimes but still ==> with the creator of this crazy ****ing game!
  7. So much excitement, I can hardly contain my self!
  8. Well its better then not being able to figure any of this out! I would be tickled pink for help on executing land tactics and strategies
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