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  1. funky_chunkyuk

    weather fx

    i put UCAWA on ths morning and waited 2 hours, Sc said wait 99 mins but waited 120 just to be sure, But there was no change in the weather fx, i also landed in antarctica and the NIR still said weather :boiling forecast :overcast 99m has any one else had this or is it just me?
  2. funky_chunkyuk

    weather fx

    so thats what that means cheers sc will give it a try
  3. funky_chunkyuk

    weather fx

    can anyone tell me if there is a problem with the weather fx? the fx tab is set to ultra and everything else works fine if i look on the NIR tab on the NID on any planet it just stays on "overcast 99m" any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. funky_chunkyuk

    Question about... finding lost mining drones

    just a quick question assuming you can't find the drone, how long before it runs out of power so you can replace it?
  5. funky_chunkyuk

    sorry guy...strange answer

    i have a heavilly modified mgaron and i have no probs with cargo space, ok when you install all artifacts it doesnt leave you a lot of space in cargo hold 2 so to counter this what i do is remove oc vehicles from all shuttles and fill all the shuttles with gargo as well as the hold then pick up my drones or leave them in place to carry on mining if you like and go to nearest trading post in my cc and sit back and watch the credits roll in try it you spend more time spending than you do earning
  6. funky_chunkyuk

    weapon differences

    is there anywhere i can learn more about missle characteristics such as what is the difference between STS Analog and STS Perseus for example then i can pick and choose the best weapon for the job, i do apologise if i have posted incorrectly is i am still a nOOb at all this thanks in advance for any guidance
  7. funky_chunkyuk

    CTD using Tacops display

    i have also had the same problem using tacops,If i tried to observe any planet any mission zone it would CTD,so i uninstalled removed the dreamcatcher folder. Reinstalled moved the rc1 patch to the uc folder,Patched up then did the same with the 2.00.00 patch and 2.00.19 patch and hey presto uc working brilliantly hope this was usefull
  8. funky_chunkyuk

    engine upgrades

    it may sound like a stupid question but when you upgrade your engine are you able to fly faster? i have just upgraded my megarons starcry/s engine to a numega and there is no increase in performance or is it that set assets fly at set speeds or am i upgrading my engine incorrectly anyone had the same trouble?
  9. big uc fan been trying to post a few times, keep getting kicked, trying to get the hang of it, enjoying the game, if i've done it wrong again please be gentle with me, after all newbies gotta learn somewhere eh
  10. funky_chunkyuk

    engine shut down

    does anyone else have the problem that when i press f9 to self view my engines shut down any ideas? thanks,funky_chunkyuk