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    programming question for derek

    I have been 3D modeling for a living for quite some years. I'm very proficiant with Maya and 3D Studio Max and can model just about anything in great detail. I'm just looking into putting my models and worlds into games. So I have begun exploring where to begin making basic 3D games. Do you have any suggestions for someone who is just starting to explore programming? I am currently exploring DarkBASIC which I hear is good for starting out. I'm checking out the trial now and will buy it if I can learn anything. Have you heard of this and / or ever tried it? Do you have a better place for someone to go to start out? I think one day, I can get a game out there that has great modeling and graphics, I just need to begin the hard part now LOL. Thanks I'm looking to get into SOMETHING, just don't know where to start really. LOL
  2. eyequeue

    Scenes From the MySpace Backlash

    My mother is the Director Of Technology for an all-girls Catholic high school. She has been on the local news here about MySpace stating the danger her school faces. She is holding a parents meeting about this dangerous site as 27 girls from the school have profiles on there stating their name, age, location, where they hang out after school, etc. It's a very dangerous site for teens who don't think before filling out their profiles. Parents be warned. This site is heaven for those predators we all are afraid for our children to encounter. They need to shut this place down or set up some kind of age verification system and make it 18 and over.
  3. eyequeue

    Here we go Steelers!

    I live in Seattle, about 4 miles from the stadium (I can see Safeco Feld and Qwest Field from my living room) . It was a good game, but I didn't know we were playing against the referees too. Ah well, if Shaun Alexander resigns with the Seahawks, we'll be back again next year. For those who didn't catch the game: Referees 21 Seahawks 10
  4. You no longer need to type in your name to download the file I completely replaced the download script so all you need to do is click the link to download. The bridge is not touched. Only the computers, save and load screens, config screen, prompts, etc. Just the menu system and screens.
  5. I've just finished a cool alternate interface for UCAWA, you can download it at this new site... The Tradcom There are forums there as well for feedback and support. cheers!
  6. eyequeue

    UCAWA Review - Game Zone

    Shows how much he actually played the game before writing the review. He didn't even realize that you can send the AE to the fighter. He probably couldn't fly a fighter anyways if he thinks the main menu of the game is confusing. Ahhh another review by a person who didn't read the manual and didn't play through the game long enough to see what it can / can't do.
  7. eyequeue

    Windows Vista

    Looks pretty cool. Will probably need another pc upgrade to run it though LOL. I like the transparency of the UI. Pretty cool looking.
  8. Thanks for fixing this SC I know it's tough when you can't reproduce it.
  9. quote:Originally posted by eyequeue: Just installed 1.00.13. Having a similar problem. However I don't get any errors or crashes. Upon reloading a saved game (or starting a new one), the scenario will load and the game hangs at the screen that says "Loading Scenario, Please Wait..." and in the lower right corner it says "Loading Completed, Standby." The game hangs on this screen. Only way to exit the game at this point is CTL, ALT, DEL. I don't know for sure, but it is possible that my system was experiencing the same or similar problem since the error occurs after loading a scenario. My machine loaded the scenario and hung instead of shooting an error. Maybe somehow my machine just hangs instead of giving floating point not loaded errors.
  10. Just installed the All works great now! Complete with the fixes mentioned in the VCF. Trust the SC on this one, redownload the patch, it works. Off to blow up that ship in Lennon. LOL
  11. Just installed 1.00.13. Having a similar problem. However I don't get any errors or crashes. Upon reloading a saved game (or starting a new one), the scenario will load and the game hangs at the screen that says "Loading Scenario, Please Wait..." and in the lower right corner it says "Loading Completed, Standby." The game hangs on this screen. Only way to exit the game at this point is CTL, ALT, DEL. With 1.00.12 I had the "Restoring deployed support craft" issue. This "Hanging on load screen" is new to 1.00.13.
  12. Hello All, I have UCAWA 1.00.12 (Feb 17) patch installed. Having a problem with saved games. Here's the details. I have a ROAM No NPC Generation game started where I was in Lyrius region (Syrius system). I had just crossed the jumpgate to Lennen which is hostile territory. I wanted to practice some combat on the base and ship located there so I launched 2 fighters and saved the game (via System menu TLM and choosing Quit and Save Game) Upon restoring the game, whether it be via Resume or Restore buttons in the main menu, I should be in Lennen ready for combat. However my CC is back in Lyrius and my 2 fighters are listed as deployed as indicated by the white squares in the Fighters TLM. Clicking on one of the deployed fighters in the TLM reveals no command menu for orders, etc. I re-enter Lennen to see if the fighters are there. No luck. There is just blank menus for each of the deployed fighters in the TLM with the exception of the "COMMS ON" area. The fighters are not on radar nor listed under any "Support Units" filter. I'm curious if anyone has experienced this. Either with the missing fighters or the CC restoring to the previous region prior to the save. I've searched the forums and can't seem to find any details. I apologize in advance if this has been covered elsewhere previously. Thank you for any input you may have. [ 02-19-2006, 02:40 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  13. The results are in... *Drumroll* Version 1.00.11 works flawlessly. Restores the game exactly where you left off complete with deployed support craft. Planet saves worked flawlessly as well, restoring the game to the exact location where it was saved. The problem lies in the latest 1.00.12 patch Commander.
  14. An update on this issue. I have started a new roam game and again went to Lyrius in the Syrius system. Saved the game. Resumed and headed to Earth. I landed the CC on Earth and exited the craft. Saved the game here by going to Tacops in FP mode and choosing "Command" TLM and "Save And Quit Game." When I resumed the game, My CC was again back in Lyrius! And the funny thing is that the commander (AE) is listed as being on Earth! (Verified by going to Tactical > Crew and Commander listing says "Earth" instead of "On Station." You can get your AE back in the ship by using exit craft command. Your AE will appear outside the ship. Upon re-entering the ship, all is OK except I'm still way back in Lyrius again! So it won't save the game correctly while on the planet either. I don't know if the game considers the AE a "Deployed Unit" or not. So there's not only the issue of the deployed units not restoring. It's also the AE, and planetside saves. There's also the issue of the CC being restored to the location of the previous saved game and not saving the new location.
  15. eyequeue

    UCAWA Review - GameSpot

    I agree, This reviewer obviously forgot that this game is a SIMULATION. In real space, it takes 6 months just to get to Mars. Outer space is large, larger than the human mind can comprehend. And this reviewer (another idiot) is complaining that it takes a little time to get somewhere? Awe, the little baby don't like to play with us because in 3000 AD, we still can't travel at light speed. *hands the baby his pacifier and Donkey Kong game*
  16. eyequeue

    UCAWA Review - Strategy Informer

    quote: This is technically a very good game if you are a technically minded person who is prepared to put some work into your gamingThis guy is an idiot. Every game you buy you have to put SOME work into playing. We weren't born with joystick / gamepad configurations implanted in our DNA. OH NO! The poor baby actually has to pick up a manual and LEARN SOMETHING! There hasn't been a real game released where you don't have SOME kind of work to do to learn it since.... well, ... since the mindless Pac Man. This guy is an idiot.
  17. eyequeue

    First Impressions

    I bought UC in 2004 and loved it. Once I discovered that the new UCAWA was downloadable, I immediately grabbed my wallet. I am a space nut who is actually in the field in real life (NASA). While I'm not terribly big into combat, I do love the immersive universe and the ability to land on planets and explore them, find and trade artifacts etc. The top reason for me purchasing this new version of UC was the planet detail. Fabulous improvement over UC. I love the terrain and foliage improvements. I realize that the game is centered around combat, hence the name, I would like to see more "stuff" on the planets such as caves, pyrmids, ancient ruins, etc. More things to "do" on planets. Search for life on a planet that is thought to possibly support it. Things for the scientist to do. Maybe we find life on planet X and THEN combat breaks out! LOL Even discovering new races would be cool. Planets and moons that are located in uncharted and hidden regions that contain new life form or races. I also realize that this would slow the combat hungry gamers down in framerate and thus is not currently possible. Maybe adding these planetary features in it's own mode (which would not contain combat, a true "explorer" mode)? Maybe a seperate game entirely (using the UC engine)? Just ideas from a person who has been looking for a good interstellar space travel / exploration game for years. It just happens to be that a space combat sim is the best I have found. Go Figure! I do dabble in combat and I find the AI in UCAWA to be devastatingly efficient. It is harder to get to your destination without eating a warhead or ten. I would like to see a difficulty setting for the scientist who is a wannabe war commander. I like the lighting effects on the ships, I like the hyperdrive effects and I love the new jumpgate look. Much better than the "broken hourglass" look of UC. I love the complexity of the controls. That's another thing that attracted me to this title. You don't control the Space Shuttle with a joystick and 4 buttons. You have to read a manual (lots of them) and go to school to fly a spacecraft. It's very authentic feeling. Keep up the good work SC and keep the acronyms coming. I feel right at work with them LOL. All in all, this is the most pure GAME you'll ever find for 30 bucks.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: You probably didn't save the game,Thanks for the quick reply. If I didn't save the game, would it have remembered that the 2 fighters were deployed prior to save? This was the first save in the scenario. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: or you are using cheats and have a corrupt game etc etc. I never use cheats for this or any other game. Cheating defeats the purpose of a challenging game. I wasn't insinuating that there was anything wrong with the code or source files. I'm just having a problem and was seeking input from anyone who may have experienced it before. I'm not saying that the game is messed up or anything, it could be my install. Possibly me adding the latest patch over the interim, I don't know, I'm just looking for help. I've duplicated this successfully several times now. Here is the progression of updates since install. - After install, upgraded to 1.00.11 - Upgraded to interim. - Upgraded to 1.00.12 final (Feb 17) This is the first that I've had this problem. And it happens every time I save with deployed crafts. Here is the download link to the save game. Note about the game save: A shuttle is listed as destroyed due to a crash on a moon while deploying a drone. My marines only have their shuttle craft learner's permit. Again, thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate you taking a look at it. [ 02-18-2006, 07:47 AM: Message edited by: eyequeue ]
  19. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: The patch server works just fine. It is running on the same server that the CD-KEY auth is running on. Sometimes - during a reboot - it may be down. Cannot get the updater to connect. I've opened the ports mentioned in the VCF for Multiplayer, also downloaded and used the updater posted earier by SC, still says "cannot connect to server." The activation went through flawlessly even before opening those ports on the router. Is there a specific port that needs to be opened for the updater to connect? I've tried everything I can think of and it simply will not connect to the server. Any ideas? Opened ports per VCF... 2302-2304 (UDP/TCP) 2425-2427 (UDP/TCP) 27243-27245 (UDP/TCP) 27900-27900 (UDP)
  20. Hmmmm, I've uninstalled Clone CD and still have the issue. I've now since uninstalled Norton and still have the issue. I can't figure this one out.
  21. Just thought I'd chime in again, I get the same, The splash screen comes up, the CD ROM reads heavily, I get a couple of flashes of an hourglass next to the mouse pointer, then BOOM! Error! I'll keep trying everything, I'm uninstalling anti-virus and looking for anything else that may be causing it.
  22. quote:And why do you still have Norton AV running? I right click on the Norton Antivirus Icon in the taskbar and click "Disable Auto-Protect." I also tried to kill the main Norton Antivirus process in the Process Explorer but it will not go away. The other noton processes will successfully kill and vanish but the main "Autoprotect" one will not even though auto-protect is disabled within Norton. I don't know of any other way to disable Norton other than uninstalling it. I will get that .NFO file in the email tonight. To test the theory of something happening to my system in the interim, I've uninstalled UC and Reinstalled and patched to RC7 again and it runs fine. Even to this moment RC7 works very well. I patched again to 2.00.00 and there's the error. I'll try completely uninstalling Norton Antivirus before I send the .NFO file. I want to eliminate any possible cause and avoid wasting your time. I know you're a busy man. Thanks for your help so far SC. -eyequeue
  23. Hello All, I get this same error after applying the new UC 2.00.00 patch (downloaded at 3D Gamers, the first site on the list.) UC ran fine with the RC7 patch. After installing 2.00.00 I get... CD/DVD emulation software has been detected. Please disable all CD/DVD emulation software and re-start the game. Process List: System Idle Process 0 95 Interrupts n/a Hardware Interrupts DPCs n/a Deferred Procedure Calls System 4 smss.exe 440 Windows NT Session Manager Microsoft Corporation csrss.exe 496 Client Server Runtime Process Microsoft Corporation winlogon.exe 520 Windows NT Logon Application Microsoft Corporation services.exe 564 Services and Controller app Microsoft Corporation svchost.exe 752 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation msmsgs.exe 396 Messenger Microsoft Corporation svchost.exe 804 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation svchost.exe 932 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation spoolsv.exe 1020 Spooler SubSystem App Microsoft Corporation CCEVTMGR.EXE 1048 Event Manager Service Symantec Corporation svchost.exe 1664 Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation NAVAPSVC.EXE 1744 Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Service Symantec Corporation nvsvc32.exe 1780 lsass.exe 576 LSA Shell (Export Version) Microsoft Corporation logonui.exe 888 Windows Logon UI Microsoft Corporation explorer.exe 1192 Windows Explorer Microsoft Corporation TaskSwitch.exe 1460 ccApp.exe 1484 Common Client CC App Symantec Corporation procexp.exe 1496 5 Sysinternals Process Explorer Sysinternals What I've Tried: -Uninstalled UC and reinstalled fresh retail copy and applied 2.00.00 patch again, being sure to wait for the "completed" dialog. - Disabled All running programs including anti-virus. - Completely uninstalled Nero and Clone CD. - Applied Safedisc patch located at http://www.macrovision.com/products/safedisc/downloads.shtml - Updated and ran virus scanner. - Ran a registry cleaner to remove invalid registry entries. (Last resort before posting.) I cannot get this patch to run for the life of me. If anyone else has gotten this error with the new UC 2.00.00 patch, and have resolved it, please reply. I've tried everything I can think of. It's a Windows XP Pro Operating System, specs are in the sig. Thanks in advance, Eyequeue