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  1. Hey that guy on with the pictures probably didn't have a good graphics card. I have an ok one and I think one of the best things about the game is the graphics and the music. I'm just waiting for a few good mods. A cool revolutionary war one is coming out. But yeah its actually a pretty good game. Wait till price comes down tho its not worth 40. More like 35ish or 40 if you want. Just wait for mods and patchs yay patchs.
  2. Heh, Speaking of asia. Did you guys know that Japan is the number two global economy. Next to ours. And Wal-Mart is thirty-four or some such number. Anyway they're catching up. Yay! rich Samurai (just to say in relation to last sentance. I deeply respect Japan and mean no offense by it. Infact I have an even deeper respect for feudal Japan. So no disrespect intended.)
  3. Well, if you do check their main lobby money giver people they are mostly unions. PS: Personally i think the only difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is the name. Both are corrupt. Neither are free from corruption. Neither will ever be free from corruption im sure.
  4. Sorry I didn't see it i just assumed it was live my bad. And I mainly posted just to see why you call it that thnx.
  5. Weird, sorry for the double post of the same thing it said the flood protection thing was on and i thought i hadnt posted it... my bad sorry.
  6. Hey, why are you guys always calling CNN the Comunist News Network. Yesterday Bush had a big thing on the Iraq war. A speech. No major network broadcast it at prime time. Maybe its just me but I think hearing what a president who, so far, in my oppinion isnt doing the greatest of job, has to say. The only two networks I know of to broadcast the speech live were CNN and Fox News Network. I assume you call CNN Comunist News Network because it doesn't support your political view. It's to liberal or whatever. Im thinking that you might be wrong now.
  7. WOO RED VS BLUE ROCKS. Sarge: Hey Simmons whats that mexican lizard eats all the goats Simmons: Uh... that be the Chupacara sir. Sarge: Hey Grif, Chupa Thingy how bout that I like it gotta ring to it. Man, I have every single episode... er almost im missing 31 ... dang and maybe 33 but oh well trust me guys this series is Hilarious by far the best online anything ive ever seen.
  8. I thought SEGA got bought out by Nintendo. And dude dont dis the sega counsoles there always ahead of there time... or have really bad controlers(Saturn)
  9. Jag, I'm not saying that the prison abuse was worse. I'm saying if we relise them and the Iraqis see it more are going to fight against us because most Islamic countries are amazingly vengefull. America is not so much. I mean if you do something bad to us were gonna pound your country to the ground most likely but we aren't going to keep a grudge for thousands of years. So I was speaking in a mainly political sense. If we relise all those pictures Bush is gonna have an even harder war to fight, and I dont think anyone wants to be stuck in there for long. Kinda like Vietnam (I am so gonna get blasted for saying that)
  10. Yeah, I'm sorry El Chi but 700 isnt that much. I mean any loss of life is bad but in Vietnam we were losing hundreds a week. In Iraq we lose one or two a week. Sorry man but this war is very light on casualties. And casualties doesnt mean deaths you gotta remeber that to. If i get shot in the butt in the military (which I might join after highschool) I am a casualty of war. I would probably even get to go home for awhile. So sometime being a casualty isnt all that bad. Note sometimes. Like rarely but still 700 is quite low.
  11. Yeah why did they get rid of the gold standard?
  12. Did you not post this in the other forum becuase its so big? just wondering.
  13. O ok well I had just heard that on the news about when I posted... but if your right then good job helo pilot. Yay. Just saying it. Oh there might end up relising all the Abu Gharib prison pictures. Which I personally think is a bad idea because from what I hear alot of them are real bad. And the Iraqis are again gonna get pissed out of there mind. And thats bad.
  14. Jag, all the tax cuts are gonna do is put us in a bigger defiecit. Right now we have the biggest defiecit any country has ever had... ever. I belive its at a bout 2.4 trillion dollars. If we keep getting tax cuts then the defiecit will get bigger and the value of the dollar will go down to nearly nothing. I don't know about you but I don't want to see what happened in WWI Germany to happen to us. Burning dollars (marks) for firewood being more usefull then buying things with them because of the massive inflation. And in Tickle Down the money that goes to the rich well... they keep it. I mean if you got a billion bucks from the government would you make your multi milion dollar corporation better or just keep it. Me I would just keep it. I know its not ethical but how many rich folks are amazingly ethical.
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