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  1. Jeezuz, finally, Im fully functional again. Apparently, my install CD was not letting my computer communicate with my modem, according to qwest. Oh well, I'll get back up to speed, looking forward to getting it on again.
  2. Ugh, well Qwest botched up my dsl account, looks like I'm gonna have to wait another week for them to "process" my request. On the upside, I'm all moved in, woohoo, expect to jump into the action asap. Thanks for the patience guys. PS- Qwest sux!!!
  3. I apologize for my absence, RL issues are kickin my butt, yet i would like to formally request to be attached to CIOPS, with permission of course
  4. I'm here, unable to play for a few weeks however, we're in the process of moving into a new house. Hopefully I can convince the wife to upgrade to dsl, heh.
  5. Heh, alright then. I'm Ben, 21 yrs old. In the process of buying a duplex turned into a single house, its enormous! Just got married June 19th I'm a retail salesman for a major Home Improvement Industry, and on the side I teach the martial art TaeKwonDo. I hold a third degree black belt in that as well as a first degree black in a Korean sword art. Thats a mouthful.
  6. Here and ready to spy....
  7. I think we should use Zane's second logo for the ISS and use Zwycky's CIOPS logo. My vote is in.
  8. Present and accounted for.
  9. Personally, I liked your first copy Zane because it gives off more of a "you have to go through us first" feeling. But, the second copy does fit in better with Zwycky's CIOPS logo, which i did like as well. The torch felt more like a good time at the Olympics than a special forces fleet. Just my opinion, whichever we go with is fine, but thats my 2 cents.
  10. very original, yet they also carry the sort of intergalactic feeling. very nice, keep it up guys.
  11. I agree with Ben, sounds good for the time being, but maybe leave out the new names. Haha, that sounds funny, since my real name is also Ben.
  12. Hey guyz! Just got back few days ago from my honeymoon, so I'm ready to get back into it. If there is anything that I can do to be of some assistance, let me know. I have basic knowledge in various computer languages and can do graphics bits as well. Let me know!
  13. You create a new set of Commandments: 1. Thou shalt buy no other dev's games. 2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Supreme Commander in vain. 3. Remember the release dates, and keep them holy. 4. Honor your SC and your FC 5. Thou shalt not teamkill. 6. Thou shalt not commit planetfall with 56K. 7. Thou shalt not steal another players CC. 8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy fleet. 9. Thou shalt not covet thy navigations officer. 10. Thou shalt not covet another players CC, or his credits, or anything else that belongs to them. No religious insults intended. I am firm believer in God myself.
  14. one word: wow... Nice trick, can't return opened games for another title here, regardless of reason. We have to "sell" them back to the store, resulting in them making even more of a profit in the long run.
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