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  1. couldn't catch it with my cc when I said looping I meant the prog not physically circling... like would fly from range of 12 to the planetfall point then dissapear and reappear where it started and head toward planetfall over and over... and I couldn't catch it with my carrier it was too slow lol
  2. ok thanks SC and CC I did just buy a FC asset but guess I missed that pdf revision I am still reading the boxed manual lol. also I don't know but I think I may have encountered a bug, however it could just be an issue with my system but I had a mk2 shuttle that was disabled by earths moon I sent another mk2 to tow it to me and couldn't figure out why the shuttle wasn't capturing it... upon closer inspection the shuttle got stuck and stayed for days in the game "drifting" (as it was disabled) into the moon and back to about a range of 12 from the planetfall point over and over (not that I minded because it finally gave me the option to capture it later since it was looping) but I figured you might want to investigate this if you don't already know
  3. Ok I have been playing UC for about a month and am getting a bit of a hang of it... I have read the manual extensively and looked at posts close to all day... I have seen similar posts about my first question but none that really answer the question, and a bit on the other too but my question is... 1: if a support craft (namely FC or SC) gets stolen, destroyed or otherwise slips somewhere into a different dimention can I get a replacement somehow and if so how... I have read the manual on replacing SC and if I go in the menu and try to do it it says I have no replacement craft on board for either one... I have tried to capture disabled fighters of the enemy by tractoring etc... can I spacewalk my AE to the fighter and attempt to dock it with my ship??? or am I just out that SC/FC for the remainder of that game with that ship???...2: is there any way to do something of the same nature to another enemy or neutral ship I.E. disable it and tow it too station or try to spacewalk my AE and repair it or anything of the such even part it out or anything???
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