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  1. You could use some voice recognition too... Then you'll get the ultimate bridge experience
  2. quote:Originally posted by BombFox: ROTFLMAO, my god that is so funny!!!! im gonna try that, except deliver it to space.... That won't work, I've experienced this 'problem' several times now. Last time I tried going to space and it stayed on Earth (and I'm glad it did). I guess that was also the reason why the game had problems when I went back on earth (I was stuck for some reason)
  3. Using your shuttles is also a way to trade with large quantities, but I never tried it though..
  4. I'd love to, if I can find a way to fix that goddamn mic...
  5. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr. WeeGee: Yes, but letting your own Engineers repair it helps them get smarter, and when they get smarter, they get faster! In fact, I would recommend this method myself. Just keep close to the station if you're heavily damaged and you should be pretty ok; little can survive an attack from a stations weapons. But do they also get smarter than the station's engineers? Cause a cruiser doesn't have a lot of engineers...
  6. OK, I've changed my version of UC.xml, just by deleting that section that was so troubling for the program. It should work fine now for everyone . I'm not very active on this forum, so apologies for the late reply. Anyway, I'm glad you guys are excited (even a sticky, wow ). On the main site of Shoot, there's a help file for editing an XML (using notepad or any other text editing program you like). Also, there's a profile library for profiles for other games. And if you have trouble running the program, there's a troubleshooting section and a forum. One problem I encountered when running shoot, was that it didn't work after a few minutes within a game. If you also have this problem, you can try setting the priority of the process in the task manager to real time (in Win2k and WinXP with Ctrl+Alt+Del, task manager, tab 'processes'). And thanks for the replies .
  7. Hi there, this is my first post on this forum, but I've bought the game some months ago. All I did on this forum was reading . But I thought I should post this, because it adds something to the game. It's called voice recognition, making it possible to say commands instead of using keys. The program called Shoot is free and downloadable at this site. For UC I've already made a profile (some months ago ) which can be downloaded here (use 'save link as...') This profile is quite personal and I haven't modified it to make it more professional. But you can change it to your liking or improve it, as it is not complete. You will need a microphone or a headset (the latter is recommended) in case you haven't figured that out . NOTE: It's recommended to use this program while gaming on your own or it could seriously damage your social life
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