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    Ack! I'm alive! Sorry... College is hitting me with all it has! EVIL COLLEGE! Anyway, still here... ...barely. HEY! Who put this straw dummy on my command chair?
  2. You know what would be cool? Seal the area where the intruders are and then open the airlocks in their area. That would be nice... >
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    ...hmmmm... Im not sure if we can have Super Cruisers as pirate ships. And I think I already said this before, but... im in.
  4. Thats it, im going to check the dark side of the moon now.
  5. I think the word "whoops" comes to mind then. And yes, im using the BCStudio from BCM. Darn it! *is ashamed*
  6. I searched for this in the forums, but it gave me no results for "Phantom Gunship". Anyway, I had my cruiser hovering in the skies of Earth, above an insurgent base. I took out most its defenses (yay for PTA) and decided to take a closer look. After being ferried down along with a CAV, I began exploring what was left of the base. Then I found out... a Phantom gunship. "Impressive looking machine" I thought to myself. Then I noticed it... the left landing wheel was just plain wrong. It had switched places with the rear wheel. Still, the gunship was just there all fine and dandy. Later I took a look in BCStudio and there it was again. The left wheel was where the rear wheel should be and vice versa. So I ask... is this just me? Is my computer playing tricks on my poor and feeble mind?
  7. I need some confirmation from you guys. I was testing with the PTA system on the Questar heavy cruiser and it seems that the PTA turrets on that ship have very wide arcs. I was being attacked by fighters and it seemed that at one point that ALL the turrets were firing perfectly perpendicular to the ship. Firing on full broadside if you will. Can any of you confirm or deny this? In what comes to the PTA issues its all very fuzy.
  8. My my, arent we all so confident on carriers. On a dogfight, advantage goes to the faster, more agile ship. Guess what a heavy cruiser is... *insert generic evil grin here* Oh yeah! SC, you have to improve the AI on the enemy vessels. They mostly stay... static.
  9. Why becoming a Raider? You are constantly outgunned, outnumbered and outclassed. Still, so many embark in such endeavours. Why? Because they are free. They are not bound by political or economical pressures. Raiders dont have to respond to anyone except their own leader who themselves appointed to that position. To be a Raider, is to do what you think its right. [RP] Commander Vitor Fox and his team of survivors began an inventory check. Several crates of equipment, medical supplies, weapons and even food were brought into the UCV-Deathstrike. As some helped themselves with canned food, weapon and ammunition distribution was prioritized. By all means, they were in a hostile environment, in an unknown situation, facing an unknown enemy. By all means, the ship could have already been taken by GalCom. They could be the last Raiders aboard the once proud and vigorous ship. Still they pressed onwards. Hand me that SP911, will you? I asked a marine right next to me as he took a HK9000 shotgun from the crate in favour to his standard issue assault rifle. He released the safety and handed me the pistol. Nice shotgun I didnt even know we had those on board. He stood there looking at me, I could imagine his mischievous grin under his helmet. Another marine ran towards me and handed me a DIE unit. He was distributing those to everyone. Well thought of, actually. We were going to spend some time on dark corridors and they would definitely come in handy. I was tired. Defeated. Bitter. I mounted my DIE and sat on an crate. Medical Officer: Hey Fox. How are you feeling? Me: How do you think? Hmm? I feel as if I was travelling in hyperspace and the moment I drop to normal space Im gunned down by an enemy carrier. Oh wait! I was! MO: Funny. Seriously, how do you feel? Me: Im fine, Im fine I just feel hot thats all. MO: Youre not the only one. Its actually getting warmer inside. Me: Could be the life support failing. We should get a move on then. MO: I agree. We should use our helmets at all times, we never now when we might run into a hallway with no proper breathable air. TO: Actually sir, we might have a tiny little problem Me: Define tiny. TO: You know how reactors work at high temperatures and need a cooling system so they dont go boom? Me: Yessssss? TO: Well I was checking the computer and it seems the Deathstrike kind of lost its cooling system. The reactor will go critical any time soon. I cant be sure of when. Me: Tiny problem? Tiny? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I groaned and yelled in utter frustration. Everything was going from bad to worse. And from worse to plain hellish. Me: Fine, fine no panic. Hey! Systems crew! A trio of fully armoured pseudo soldiers rushed into my presence. They greeted me with a difficult salute. They were not used to wearing heavy body armour. System Engineer 1: Yes sir? Me: How are we of ship supplies, can we dig something to repair or even replace the cooling system on this flying coffin? System Engineer 3: We a few parts and some repair materials. System Engineer 2: And we could salvage some parts from the ship itself. System Engineer 3: True. We can fix it. But Im not sure in time. Not to mention it will get increasingly hot and thus harder to fix it. Me: Are you willing to give a try? System Engineer 1: Do we even have a choice? Come on team. Me: Wait take two EF marines to escort. And take your side arms. With a salute, they went off to work. Each one of them picked up a crate and went off into the bowels of the Deathstrike in hopes to prevent it from becoming a raging fireball. Now all we could do was to muster the rest of my men and move to the ships bridge. Time was short. We all knew sooner or later the GalCom would break in, violently. As I was deep in thought all I can hear all of the sudden is a metallic voice shouting FREEZE! Two marines from nowhere pointed the assault rifles at us. Instinctively, my own marines put themselves in front of me and returned the gesture. A typical standoff. Unknown Marine 1: Identify yourselves! Me: Hold your fire! Commander Vitor Fox, UCV Tokuyama. These are what is left of my men. Unknown Marine 2: Whew that is a relief. We are here to take you to Commander Shingen, sir. Tension was high, but in that short moment we all felt relieved for seeing a friendly face in such a hostile environment. I asked the Deathstrike marines to inform Shingen of my system engineers and of the problematic reactor which they probably already knew about. All was left was to walk with them towards the legend himself. Shingen. [/RP]
  10. Raiders come from all walks of life. Some where high ranking officers of one navy or another, some where simple men trying desperately to make a living. It is this odd mix of characters, personalities and experiences that provide raider ships with their unique resourcefulness in face of dire adversities. [RP] Under the flashing red lights, sparks and smoke, someone regains consciousness. Feeling confused and dazed Commander Fox opened his eyes to see his medical staring down at him he could also saw what once was the bridge of his ship, his home, his only place in the galaxy where he was truly welcome and appreciated. Me: Ooooh aaah ow OW! That stings! Arent I hurting enough for you? I groaned feeling myself now the broken commander of the Tokuyama. TO: I can make sure you feel worse afterwards. Now stand still! You have a nasty cut in your forehead. You are very lucky your thick skull protected you. Me: Awww, gee doc, I didnt know you cared. How is everyone else? MO: We have quite a few injured but fortunately no casualties. Medical Bay is functional. The ship medics and the Medical Corps marines are there looking after things. Me: And the ship? Hows the ship? I was in the brink of panic. If I lost my ship, where else would I go? Im a raider, so is all of my crew. If we are captured we will be court marshalled and probably executed or worse. Afterwards I practically cried for my TO. TO: Commander! Are you alright sir? Me: Im fine Hows the ship? TO: Er not in the best shape. The structural integrity is severely compromised but holding. Life support works. Communication array works but its being supported by a single wire. Shuttle bay is functional although the external doors are jammed shut. All mechanized assets are intact as well. Our power resumes itself to solar panels and at this angle we can only scoop about 42% power. Without our reactor, most systems wont even start up. We also nee Me: Thats enough, thank you. I stood up with my medical officer supporting me. My MO went by the name of Daniel Shettland, also known as Stitch. He came aboard my ship when due to some awful mistake his wife took over his office where he practiced, took over his life and even falsified records to incriminate him badly enough for the G.Police wanting him behind bars. I was one of his clients and at the time he had no idea of who I really was. I decided to give him a chance to survive. He had to abandon his career, his home, his friends, his children. Life is unfair at times. Really unfair. How many injured do we have? TO: According to Stitchs report, all ship officers are alright, except for our ship engineer who got some severe burns on his left arm when he tried to decouple and eject the reactor core all by himself. One of our medics is hurt, so are eight of our marines. Both our flight engineers are hurt. One of the system engineers is took a bump in his head. Thats it. Me: Were not that bad then. You two, follow me to the shuttle bay. And lets hurry, before we have a boarding party on top of us. After hastily travelling across half a ship, going around caved hallways, tubes and malfunctioning lifts, Commander Fox and both his Medical and Tactical officer arrived to what was left of the shuttle bay. Me: No damage, hmm? TO: Just a few debris, both pads and loading bays are functional. Why are we here anyway? Me: Our ships computers are dead, but our sensor suit works. So, Im going to link the shuttle computer to the ship sensors. Hand me that spanner. TO: Sir I dont think we can even do that Me: Can you even blaming me for trying? MO: I think he hit his head harder than I thought. Me: Hey! I heard that! A loud click was heard, followed by the sound of a few bolts being tightened into place. There. Lets give it a try. I was trying hard to sound optimistic and cheerful, but I was worried. I was scared of finding out what was out there. Ok batteries are on, computer system is on lets see. The UCV-Deathstrike is dead in the water like we do. Fine rescue this turned out to be. And about to be boarded. Damn it! I was now furious out of frustration. I slammed my clenched fist into the console, which was harder than my fist. OW! Aaargh. Good gods MO: Easy commander Me: Ok I need to think. Where are we anyway? TO: Unknown. The ships navigational array is worse than I thought. There is nothing wrong with the computer. Me: Ok, to the medical bay. Everyone is there, right? Ok I have a plan. Lets hope is insane enough to work. Again, the trio rushed to the Medical Bay After a quick greeting to all the present a plan began to be drawn. In the middle of the groans of pain, a hint of hope was arising. Me: Heres what we will have to do. I will need two SF Marines you and you. Get your gear and some demo charges. Go to the shuttle bay and set them on the external door. Alright, now, two medics move to Shuttle 1, along with all the wounded. Comms officer, navi officer and you Jackal, go with them. You are to fly them to the nearest neutral outpost to both get help and get the injured to safety. The rest of us are going to meet in the transporter room. We have no power to make it work properly, so heres what we will do. We will split into two groups. One is to going to bring and link all the batteries from the APCs and CAVs to the tranporter power and control systems. The other is going to bring as many repair, medical and combat supplies as possible. After we get those to work, we will all transport into the Deathstrike. We are going to help them repelling intruders, tending to injured and performing repairs. Right after we transport, you two SF marines, blow the doors open and let SC1 out. Then you go to SC2 and try to tow the Tokuyama into some place safer. An asteroid field, a nebula, anywhere. Any questions? Unnamed Soldier: This is suicidal, isnt it? Me: Yes it is, and the assurance policy doesnt cover it either. Unnamed Soldier: Oh. Alright Im up for it. Me: Anything else? Good. Lets go! Shuttles were not meant to carry so many people, not like that. Neither are transporter systems made to use the energy cells from combat vehicles to transport almost thirty men and a wide assortment of supplies with a poor lock on target. But it was done all the supplies that could be moved from the cargo bays were brought, soldiers, officers and even non combatants armed themselves with as much as possible. We were all desperate and with nothing to lose. We were all raiders. After a couple of attempts, all we managed at the transporter was to make it blow quite a few fuses, it really was not meant to use those power cells. But we finally got it calibrated. All we had to worry now was if we were going to be on target. Just in case, we all had our armour suits on. The non combatants as well, they used the ones from the poor wounded soldiers. I gave the go for the marines waiting at the shuttle bay and flicked the switch to the tranporter I felt my body burning, my eyes boiling. I wanted to scream but I couldnt. It lasted a fraction of a second, but it looked like a whole hour. Probably a side effect of using an improper power source. When the pain was gone, I found myself as well all of those who left with me in an unknown hallway. Everyone was alright, dazed but alright. I looked around to study the hallway. Cables were severed, pipes broken, plates off the walls. On one of the walls there was a flashing schematic of the ship we were on. We were right on target, we were aboard the Deathstrike. Meanwhile, the two shuttles left from the Tokuyama to perform their missions. SC1 left the system safely SC2 began tractor operations. Now it was time it was time to reach Shingen. And for me, it was the first time I was going to meet him in person. I hoped he wouldnt meet me at the end of an assault rifle. [/RP]
  11. I would love to, but as of late I have little time. Wait until mid September and my ship will be yours to command.
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    Everyone's on the ship's cryo chambers... do we even have cryo chambers?
  13. [RP] 12:19 Mars, Sol UCV-Tokuyama After several short jumps without incident, I was ready to take my ship through the last warpgate, straight into Mars and into the battle around the Deathstrike. A quick pre-combat check was issued and my flight officer gave me a hard look, waiting on my signal to go through that gate. ÔÇ£Initialize the EMD, we donÔÇÖt need missiles to see us as a big target.ÔÇØ I took my hand to my chin and paused for a moment. All kinds of thoughts crossed my mind: would this be worth it? Why am I doing this? What will be the outcome? All sorts of questions kept popping up for what it seemed hours when only a few short moments were by. ÔÇ£Alright Jackal. Its time to see if youÔÇÖre flight skills are worth what I pay you. Get us in there.ÔÇØ Jackal replied me with his usual sarcasm: ÔÇ£What? Do you mean I actually get paid?ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Do you mind? Fly the damn thing!ÔÇØ The engines quickly climbed to full performance and pushed the nearly 400 meter long ship through the gate and into the Martian space battle. My crew was quick enough to assess the situation. ÔÇ£Commander! We have the Deathstrike on sensors. Several fighters, three cruisers on hyperspace closing fast on the Deathstrike.ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Elaborate.ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Three fighters harassing the Deathstrike, all the others are nothing more than debris. There is a Heavy class cruiser and two Super class. The Heavy is about 30 seconds from the Deathstrike.ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Jump to the Deathstrike! NOW!!!! Keep tracking that heavy.ÔÇØ We immediately jumped to warp just as a battle plan began to be traced. ÔÇ£Helm: As soon as we complete the jump, get behind the cruiser and stay there. Weapons: Fire when ready and fire often, hit that heavy with all we have. Keep the PTA system on the figthters. I donÔÇÖt know what Shingen will be planning, but we do have a few moments before the two supers get to him. Assuming the heavy wont reduce the Deathstrike to cinders, we might get him well before it gets us.ÔÇØ ÔÇ£Fifteen seconds to complete jump, Commander.ÔÇØ I felt all my muscles tightening. This one was going to be close. [/RP] [ 07-11-2004, 03:11 PM: Message edited by: MadFox ]
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