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  1. It seems to me that any good engineering deck on a ship, especially a self sufficient ship, would have some kind of machine shop where parts could be manufactured as needed, and that any good engineer would have at least some practice fabricating his own replacement parts. How about a list similar to the tradecom with spare parts, each part requiring an amount of several normal or repair minerals, or other components, as well as the engineers AI level to be at a certain %. ie, you cant just make a new main computer from raw titanium, you gotta manufacture the microprocessors and worm drives and such first. Then it takes time to make the part just like a repair operation. Worst case scenario: Your engine, flight deck, and comms system get scrapped in a fight, you are dead in space, cant call for a tow and cant launch your own. Self destruct? No, take what you have on board and fix the bloody thing! ... if you live that long. How about it SC? How does this idea fit into your vision?
  2. *removed* [ 05-28-2004, 05:37 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  3. What I was trying to do is get someone to verify, in game, wether they were seeing what I am seeing. You are telling me that in my version of BCM, I should not be able to launch probes from ANY transports. However, in my game, I can load and launch from two of them (MRT-15 and LRT-15), and load but not launch from the third (LRT-10). I am trying to understand why, and resolve the issue. I am also curious, what made you decide to disable probe launches on transports at all?
  4. As I said, I have tested this from every CC asset, including all transports, armed and unarmed. All work fine except the LRT-10. Ive done the legwork on this one SC, but dont take my word for it. Something in my install might be fubared, thats why I posted here. Give it a test run yourself, and lemme know if the problem is with BC or just with my install. If you can start a new game in an LRT-10 and fire off a probe, then the problem is with my install. But at risk of sounding overly defensive, I am not an idiot nor am I new to tracking bugs, please do not dismiss me so casually.
  5. The LRT-10 asset cannot launch probes. I have started new games and launched probes from every CC asset to test this and only the LRT-10 is affected by this bug. I am using BCM v1.09.01 Thread topic changed [ 05-28-2004, 03:00 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  6. Kamen

    Logic. Or something like it

    ROFLMAO I know a history teacher who loves to use stuff like this in his classes, getting the students interested in finding the connections rather than just studying by rote whats in the books, that sort of thing. I gotta print this and send it to him.
  7. Kamen

    Danger: newbie with questions!

    Sig has been fixed, thank you for your patience. The probe problem has been figured out, but not solved. I followed the instructions in the manual and on the forum, with no luck. Then I started in a carrier and fired off several without a hitch. Looks like LRT-10s can carry probes and load em into launch tubes, but cannot actually launch them. Any word on this SC? Or can anyone else start up a game as an LRT-10 and see if you can fire off a probe? [ 05-27-2004, 08:36 PM: Message edited by: Kamen ]
  8. Kamen

    My version

    Odd. I'm running on a celeron 450 with 256 ram, 4 of which is shared to my I810 chipset, DX 9.0b and BCM runs full speed ahead with no problems at all, so it can be done. And before anybody tells me to upgrade, this is an all in one bargain bin machine, no expansion slots. Upgrading the video would consist of buying a whole new machine, which me disability check wont cover
  9. Kamen

    Danger: newbie with questions!

    The Ongoing Space Saga of an Intergalactic Newbie...TOSSIN! (quit snickering, you were there once too...) Well I figured out what my trading troubles was. You cant buy enough product at the start to make enough profit on any trade run in the CC to cover the cost of radine. Using a shuttle I was able to trade from Galcom HQ to Genesis and make enough cash to max out my little LRT-10 with upgrades. Then, much like a kid at christmas, I discovered that I did in fact have 4 mining drones on board, cleverly hidden in my shuttlecrafts tailpipes. After wrestling with waypoints I now have all 4 making routine trips to earth and the moon. My next conundrum is the probe control in tac-ops. No matter what I do or how many times I give the order, I cant seem to launch one!
  10. Kamen

    Intruders Tip

    Will CCs that dont carry marines, such as traders, get intruders?
  11. Kamen

    Ship Names

    UCV-Twlight Dancer, an LRT-10. At least for now
  12. Kamen

    Danger: newbie with questions!

    I have done the forum search. The results are mostly for BCO. The only other post I can find for earning profit in BCM (not Gold) says either use mining drones, which I cannot afford yet, or destroy enemy ships and loot the cargo pods, which is not an option in an LRT. Let me clarify my question. Is there a trade route available at the start of BCM (not Gold) that will cover the cost of the radine and plutonium used, and net you a profit as well?
  13. Ive been playing BCM for a little over 3 days now and already I know its gonna be one of my mainstays. Derek, you need to change yer title from Supreme Commander to Supreme Coder. Now, I love all the options for military, but I wanted to try something a tad more peaceful, so I started up a career as a trader in an LRT-10 (I'm assuming Long Range Transport, someone correct me if I'm wrong here). My question is, is there a trade run you can do from the start that will pay for the fuel it uses? It always seems no matter what I haul that I'm in the red when it comes time to fill up the gas tank. and thats just radine, not even touching plutonium. Ive tried running stuff to Lyrius, burns way too much fuel, and to Mars, which doesnt seem to get me enough cash. C'mon, help out da newbie