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  1. Well, having not played Falcon in a long time, I'll just give you the pros and cons of LoMac. Cons: Limited Aircraft selection. Better have one [email protected] machine to run it (mine runs it at 30-40 FPS, much less around big cities, and almost a slaideshow when there is a big city and ocean nearby) but I keep my options almost maxed. Some issues with the radars/missiles and a few other things, but most are set to be addressed in the patch (I don't know much about when that is, haven't fired up Lomac in a couple months). No A/G radar (or dual role planes). Pros: Graphics. Above average flight model. Intense dogfights. Awesome low-level scenery. It is a challenging and rewardingly complex sim. Oh, and don't forget it's got the HAWG.
  2. May be new here, but I can tell good news when I read it. Can't put a price on raising your kids. Good to hear.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Cc: BTW, when do you sleep? .....or do you? Sure he sleeps. How else did he come up with FATAL (tutorial p.14)?
  4. It is hard to say, because of many aspects. First of all, consider the intelligence gathered. Sure, there were some memos that surfaced pre-9/11 that stated that unlikely characters were spending time in flight simulators (to be honest, MSFS would be a sufficient enough flight simulator to train me how to fly a commercial airliner, already in flight, into a building). Secondly, consider the passengers. The really didn't know what was going on until it was almost too late. How do you determine, as a PX, whether or not you need to stand up and stop someone? Sure, as a citizen living in a post-9/11 US, I would put myself between a towel-head (no offense) and the cockpit, but prior to that, I would have thought of someone walking towards the front of the aircraft of just a victim to the call of nature. Now, I might see things differently, as many probably would. Basically, you have to consider this (which may be innacurate, since I don't know all of the facts): It is very hard to shut down every flight in the country because of a -suspected- act of terrorism. It might have been able to be prevented, but the inconveniences caused would have likely caused as much of a stir as the act itself. BTW, I was attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (PRC-Campus) at the time of the attacks, so I saw first-hand the investigations that took place after the attacks, as well as the difference that it makes when a nation's flight lines are shut down. Just my 2 cents.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Wake up!!!! SC, you do realize that with all of these beatings, my posts are going to get dumber and dumber, right? *I think I just opened myself up for a good one*
  6. I took a little trip today in my shuttle craft down to terra firma. It was dawn, and as I stepped out of the shuttle in the African desert, I couldn't help but think what fun it would be to go on a safari. There were tons of animals (though some of them might be a little hostile if Mr. Smart implemented predatorial AI characteristics). Just think, you could throw a half a dozen Marines together and go practice maneuvers with live ammo, and come home with some goodies (meat, fur, etc.). Well, I know it's probably been brought up before, and I don't actually expect to see it, as that would detract from the other tasks you should be completing. Not to mention, I'm sure it would be pretty complex to program all of that. Just sharing a thought that I'm sure many of you have already had.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Zothen: Have you checked your energy settings in logistix? Perhaps the cloning modules are turned off? I believe I allocated power prior to attempting to clone, but I could be mistaken. Next time, I'll pay a little closer attention to all the details.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Right. Maybe they died from shock? The shield readings for one of them was 250 (as noted on the VDD). The others were slightly above or below that, though I can't recall exact numbers.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: The UK manual is smaller due to the smaller print size and fonts they used over there. I'm surprised anyone can bloody well read it. I have a copy here and its, well, smallish. Noted. Wow...I think I'll keep quiet for a while
  10. quote:Originally posted by captainjamesmartin: the manual is 54 pages!Surely you're not talking about the same 96-page manual I have sitting in front of me?
  11. quote:Originally posted by Kenworthy: Glass isn't good at stopping lasers so its best to hope that the FC's shields don't get taken down All of their shields were still intact after the pilots died. quote:Ps. you don't need to go to a station for a cloning module, your ship already has one.When I go to medbay, the cloning option is not highlighted. Maybe I need to take another look, though. quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: don't send Green pilots into a intensely hostile environment. They. will. die. Apparently so, though they didn't do too bad in the first few engagements. Guess I was probably helping them out a little more then, though. quote: And the manual doesn't say that. manual p47My reference to the manual was that when they come on board the ship for the first time, a sample of their DNA is taken so that if they do die, you can clone them...and they don't have to be sent to the medbay manually to have this done. Sorry about the error in communication, next time I'll try to make it a little more clear. That must be a joyful visit to the doctor. Dr: "Rogue, sit down on the table so I can draw some of your blood." Rogue: "Why, sir? Do you need to check for diseases?" Dr: "No. You're probably going to die, and we want to be able to clone you when that happens." Rogue: "Oh. So I'm dispensible?" Dr: "Of course." quote:It is fully documented in the manual p34. An entire page no less. Thank you...i don't know how I missed that. Street, could I have another beating please? This one I know!! I read somewhere, either the manual or on these forums or both, that their AI is reset after cloning... this because the DNA would not retain the experience that they gained in combat. Thanks all for the help.
  12. quote:Originally posted by street: There are multiple places to see if they are DEAD.DUH!! Nothing to see here, folks...please disperse. I guess I should have checked through all my systems. I was just a little edgy since i only had one FC left until I coud get to a station and pick up the cloning modules. I must say that in the handfull of battles I've been in, that was the first time i've seen that happen. And to have 3 out of 4 go was kinda weird. Thanks
  13. Just a quick suggestion: you might wanna read this before you post anything else. Failure to do that tends to get you yelled at. If you're lucky.
  14. I've been searching for a while trying to find topics that deal with this problem, but haven't had any luck. If anyone knows of a thread that contains an answer to my question, I would greatly appreciate some guidance. Here goes: I had just returned to Earth from the moon. When I emerged from the jump point, there were some hostiles waiting to pounce. I had 4 of my fighters already on escort duty and they made short work of the enemy. I then HJ'ed to GalCom HQ. When I got there, I noticed that two of my fighters were lagging back by the jump gate. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the fighters lacked a crucial element: pilots. Their systems had endured varying but not detrimental leveld of damage. I sent SC1 and SC2 to tow them back to me. The SC's got their and captured the fighters, but refused to bring them back to me. So I had to HJ back out to the jump point and pick up the fighters myself. I then set the FE's to work repairing them. With my SCs back onboard, I headed back towards Earth, where I found a Megaron and Sentinal closing in on me fast. The PTA system took out the Megaron, and my Fighters took out the Sentinal. Since I was down to 2 fighters, and one was in need of repairs, I ordered them in close so they would be nearby in case I was jumped again. FC5 was non-responsive. Same situation: no pilots, little damage. 1. Has anyone else encountered this problem? It seems like the pilots got beamed out of their FC (not sure if that is possible, although apparently intruders can beam in). 2. As I understand the manual, if I get cloning modules, I can clone those pilots that were lost, correct? I was first under the impression that I had to send the pilots to medibay to have their DNA collected, but the manual says it is taken when they are assigned, so as long as you have a cloning module, you can clone them. Right? 3. I was trying to figure out the Transporter (couldn't find any info in the manual, and not much more on these boards). How does it work? I found that I couldn't assign a target for it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help, and again: if I have overlooked something that is covered in the manual, just smack me on the forehead and I'll look again.
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