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  1. Thank you, that should answer my question. I think the situation that came up was that I flew a shuttle down to a planet where a friend was and tried to pick him up. When I did, the game would not let me exit the atmosphere, yet I could do so just fine when he wasn't aboard. I think I'll have to dive in to a couple of copies of the UCCE (since I only own UC original) and try it out again. Thank you for the response.
  2. A curiosity question, since the release of the Collectors edition has me considering some multiplay with friends. In Universal Combat, I was informed that a player that started as a marine on a planet could not be transported via shuttle from that planet to another. Is this still the case in UC:AWA (and the collectors edition)? Thank you.
  3. Derek, Is there not a way in the framework of your code to just change the association of the asset, such as from TER/INS to TER/MIL? Or is it more than a flag on a vehicle to indicate it's race/caste? PS: Yes, I know my sig doesn't have my profile in it....my key is at home, and I can't remember it to log in right now.
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