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  1. Carrier: Firestorm. Very powerful ship, even if it isn't really that manuverable. It has the most turrets out of all of them. Cruiser: Sunflash. Fast, and a lot of turrets.(the most in the game, I think.) Wish it came with more than 5 marines though . Hate those intruders with a passion.
  2. Whoops, not Gal/Com, Gam/Com. Gal is not a race, lol.
  3. Say, my TacOps officer keeps saying "Distortion Field Detected". What does this mean? Is it the same thing as when she says "There's something out there..." to tell me there's a cloaked ship? Or something else?? I already did a search of the entire forum for "Distortion" and it came up with 15 results, 2 of which were not trash. One refers to the distortion field thing about cloaking, but its still indecisive from what he said.
  4. LOL!! I just swiped a bunch of stuff from a Gal/Com LRT-15! See, I was jumping to Wraith, when a cruiser decided to attack it and failed miserably, just like the other billions that try to attack stations. Well, it dropped a cargo pod. I got intruders from a cloaked Stormcarrier that the station later destroyed, and they decided to hang in SC4. I stopped my ship near the cargo pod and let the marines take care of them. Well in the meantime, the Gal/Com LRT-15 picked up the cargo pod and just parked there. I launched my shuttle to collect it, not realizing that it had alrealy picked it up. Well, under the collect menu, there was the LRT!!! I told my shuttle to collect it, and it rammed into it and said, "SC1 Cargo Container Loaded" as if it collected a container!! And there were 8 things loaded into the shuttle after that! I know they weren't there before because I put my mouse on the shuttle 1 button and watched the number change from 0 to 8!! And even better, the cargo pod that I was going to collect had only 1 useless thing in it, and this had 8 useless things in it! LOL, how wierd is that???? I'm definatly going to try something like that again!!!!!!!! [ 04-04-2005, 08:26 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  5. quote:Originally posted by avaktar: ...and then my finger slipped on the Windows key. After putting up with that windows key for 6 years, I finally took a paperclip, popped it off and put tape over the grommet so dirt wouldn't fall in. My point is, even in outter space, Bill Gates can get me. LOLOLOL!!! That happened a few times to me too. Did the same thing except without the tape. quote:Originally posted by Admiral Tigerclaw: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Frig slabbit! Crash to Desktop. And I had him in the Main guns too. Oh well... I didn't lose more than just ten minutes of combat. Dead serious, I had the same problem too. But, I renstalled today and was playing for 4 hours straight right before I got here!!! It used to crash every half hour to hour!!!!! Just renstall and repatch and it will proboably be fine. [ 12-03-2004, 08:01 PM: Message edited by: Remo Williams ]
  6. Hey, thanks all. I also got advice from my other friends at school, and they said that it will improve speed dramatically. I'm going to defrag my hard drive ASAP.
  7. Well, I've had my hard drive for about a year already, and I just installed Diskeeper Lite, a program used to defragment hard drives. It says that my file fragmentation is at 70% now. I haven't run it once since I got my hard drive. Will defragmenting make my computer much faster, or is it almost useless?
  8. quote:Originally posted by NukeIt: You wish there were BC model kits so that you could proudly display your CC and its assets on the shelf over your computer. Why not? I'd get a Firestorm if there were some. LOL i've definatly been playing too much.
  9. I can't wait SC! I'll be looking at it at around 3 or 4 after Tech Club.
  10. Finally!!! Couldn't wait for something like this to come out! Good job SC!!
  11. quote:Originally posted by Kenworthy: Reactor AND engine decrease your radine usage. But spesifically, the reactor decreases radine consumption based on time passed, the highest being 1/minute, and the lowest being 1/half hour. The enginge decreases the ammount of radine used per HJ, the highest being 65/jump(OUCH!!) and the lowest being 10/jump. DEFINATLY a good idea to upgrade ASAP!! quote:Originally posted by jah: And why don't my engineers repair systems at a 99% state (somtimes they do, sometimes not)? This happens to me too, but it seems they do a more thorough repair job on the ship than on all the other crafts. Don't bother trying to repair systems if they're at 99% or 98%, it's just a waste of supplies. The systems will function at 100% if they're not damaged below green anyways. Or maby it's at 99% because there's a scatch on it that the engies just can't find.
  12. OMGF, this really works. It brings you almost within docking distance of a station, directly in front of the supply station. It cuts down extremely on that flying time to the station after HJ.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I think I'll give it a few more days before I chime in. A few days?? Today is 117 days, tell us SC! All your answer are belong to us, along with your base.
  14. There's just got to be an answer. Everybody check out this thread on "Unknown Contacts" and this topic on Supernovas It's got a litte about "high AI entities that have the ability to remain cloaked all the time". They must all be connected to the Galaxian Probe. And I have heard on other threads that people get a high ammount of static while in orbit around Obsidia, and their TO keeps saying that, "there's something out there" to no end. Has anybody gotten the Trans-matrix Cloaking Device who can shed some light on the subject?
  15. quote:Originally posted by Kenworthy: I don't even give them missiles, first thing I do after sticking resnig in an empty oc is turn off auto arm on FCs and unload their current missile config. Ya, me too. But it takes forever for them to take out a few fighters, not worth the wait. I allways let my fighters take out the enemies, not my CC, so they get more CK's, and concequently, more AI, BA, and DA. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: Yeah...but Vagrants, Questors and especially Ralixes costs a lot to buy..... But what's worse, letting your fighters fire 1 Ralix or 3 Starchilds? [ 07-05-2004, 10:24 AM: Message edited by: Annihilator ]
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