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  1. quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams: quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: uhm hmmmm, I see Shingen hasn't said anything to you guys yet? This morning I woke up to a PM from him saying that he was resigning from and scrapping the TDH fleet. heh. You have a new leader in mind for the TDH yet SC? SC said that Shingen said he was "scrapping the TDH fleet" so.... This might be it folks
  2. sh#t... My girlfriend snagged my headphone+mic set to use with her discman on a trip down to New Orleans. I won't be able to use Teamspeak till this coming Monday. Maybe I can join the TS server and just listen in? Would I still be able to participate in the match?
  3. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Times Dispatch Mizz Smiley seem nice. She seem not to have resentful bone in her body.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Wolfheart: I agree on all points except one:what is "we" and what significance does that "we" have compared to the other people which you didnt include in "we"?I would prefer "I". Good point. I was being lazy. I'll clarify even though it might just be stating the obvious... "A human is not a human when it does not fit our (our=all citizens of a particular nation/state) definition (definition=legal definition) of "human" or it is not human if and when we (should have said I or you) choose not to recognize it as human" "We" are citizens (I think for most of us, US citizens) who live under a government that gives a legal definition of a "human being." This doesn't mean all citizens believe the definition is correct. Having to abide by these laws is just a consequence of living in the particular society/nation we live in (Again, I'm speaking as though I assume everyone lives in the US, sorry). Youll even find some people out there who believe that choosing to have an abortion is wrong yet believe that women should still be able to maintain the right of choice What it comes down to is that this is a democracy and ideally the legal system of the United States should be a reflection of the moral values of the majority of US citizens... Unless! The consequence(s) of any particular law(s) infringe upon the basic right(s) of any individual or group of individual citizens. So with the example of abortion I can understand completely that there are people out there (*lots* of people) that feel that having a law that legalizes abortion is clearly wrong because it violates an unborn childs/humans/persons right to live. Anyways, sorry for the confusion and the misuse of pronouns. OK, back to homework
  5. quote:Originally posted by XOR: yes I see where you are going and now I have a question... Is there a point at which a human is not a human? A human/thing is not a human when "it" does not fit our definition of "human" or "it" is not human if and when we choose not to recognize "it" as human It's an excellent question and I'm sorry I had to give you that awful answer but I'm short on time for the next few days. Big paper due for Psychology class Have fun talking about infinity! (it looks like the thread is heading in that direction...)
  6. quote:Originally posted by XOR: quote: Originally posed by Ockham: So let us say a pregnant woman trips by accident, falls down a flight of stairs and learns once she reaches the hostipal that her unborn child is dead. Should she be charged with manslaughter? The legal consequences of defining human life as begining when "the sperm enters the egg" will make your head spin... Common now thats just rediculous, there is a difference between abortion and accidently killing your unborn child, besides if that were the case then the same thing would apply even if she was well into the pregnancy. Also that would be involuntary manslaughter since it was an accident. anyways that doesnt matter because THATS NOT MY ARGUMENT! Im saying the beginning of the HUMAN LIFE CYCLE is when the sperm enters the egg how hard is that to understand? Excuse me, involuntary manslaughter And yes, your argument is easy to understand (I never said I didnt understand), if not a bit vague, but what I am pointing out is that there will be serious moral and legal consequences if everyone accepts your argument. Our legal system is in part a reflection of our morals. Im not so much arguing against you as I am adding to the conversation in this thread. Assuming the human life cycle (we really should have an operational definition for this term) starts when the sperm enters the egg, should we not grant this human who is beginning his or her life cycle at least the most basic rights that all other humans within our society are granted? We cant just protect some human individuals and not others because of their age or status of maturity, right? My point is not rediculous as you have stated. It is very relevant to the conversation at large. Our definition of what the beginning of a human being is can mean the difference between involuntary manslaughter or just a horrible and tragic accident for the lady who fell down the stairs example I used in my earlier post. It could also mean the difference between being convicted of 2 murders instead of just 1 if an individual kills a pregnant woman. See where I'm going with this?
  7. I'm so hungover... What did I do last night? Ugh, where are my pants?
  8. quote:Originally posted by XOR: ...ultimatly the beginning of a human is when the sperm enters the egg...So let us say a pregnant woman trips by accident, falls down a flight of stairs and learns once she reaches the hostipal that her unborn child is dead. Should she be charged with manslaughter? The legal consequences of defining human life as begining when "the sperm enters the egg" will make your head spin...
  9. OK so... There are only very specific types of problems SC is willing to work on (ie: bugs & minor revisions). We need to know what these workable problems are and list them. And it needs to be determined if those specific problems SC is willing to work on, once fixed will improve MP enough for fleet members to enjoy their MP gaming experience. Obviously, if the bug fixes/minor revisions wont create an enjoyable MP experience for those who are complaining, SC would be wasting his time trying to implement them. Do I have everything straight? Oh and one last thing The Devil's Hand Raiders, if they are to be held to the same expectations as other fleets, should have access to the ships that other fleet members can access in MP IMO. The only time raiders should be limited in ship selection and disadvantaged is if it is specificly stated in a MP scenario's ROE. It seems unfair that there could be an official fleet match where one fleet would be able to use huge hulking death ships while the other fleet can only use *sigh* heavy cruisers.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Shingen: Before MP, they were for RP. Now, they should be for MP and RP, but mainly MP.Agreed Maybe FL's could be creative and start up some incentive programs to encourage and reward MP & RP activity?
  11. Just beat Halo2 on normal difficulty I won't give anything away but... I thought the conclusion was a bit weak Anyone else agree?
  12. Will there be a password to access the Prime Fleet Server for the match this Sunday?
  13. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: I viewed a movie once where a woman who had been raped caught her assailant and had the word RAPIST tattoed on his forehead. Perhaps we should try that on criminals, at least on the ones who are convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt. I hope serial rapists who are convicted beyond a shadow of a doubt don't even have the oppertunity to walk around free... But as for spammers... I am all for cruel and unusual punishments including but not limited to forehead tattoes
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    I should be able to participate Is it 7pm GMT?
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