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  1. Looking good. For those who may not know there is an awesome iPhone app for IP Board sites that allows pretty much full board functionality on the iphone.
  2. It used to work with the fire button so apologies or missing it in the manual and many thanks for the reply.
  3. Just wondering if I'm missing something or do something wrong but for the life of me I can't use a grenade. Hand weapons are not an issue but if I hit 7 for a frag grenade (as an example) I can't deploy it. Left mouse button does nothing. Am I missing something? Cheers.
  4. Call me cynical but I can't see how they can do it well.... How can you have a MMO with only one battlestar? who gets to play viper pilots? Meh. it'll be a disaster.
  5. I have summarily executed an officer in the past... that was fun. However, last night I managed to out resnig Resnig.... I won't go into the list of mistakes that led to it but I ended up with a Raider blowing holes in the side of my shiny MkIII because I never had the shields up. Fortunately I managed to limp back for repairs and no one was killed....
  6. I was busy doing mining ops in a shuttle when a juicy insurgent LRT showed up near the Earth jumpgate so I sent my command ship off to take care of it and when in arrived in the vicinity of the LRT Resnig opened fire with the main guns for an awesome display of firepower........... of course, being Resnig he missed. totally. the LRT was even stationary!
  7. Whilst in orbit around Tramis and waiting for my mining drones I decided to take down some marines and raise hell out of an insurgent base. We beamed down next to the main communications dish and I ordered one of the marines to take out the dish whilst myself and the other marine gave covering fire, a few seconds later there is this MASSIVE explosion and the dish is a flaming mess, the marine in question had pulled out the biggest rocket launcher I'd ever seen. First time I've had to order a retreat because my ears were ringing.............
  8. Nor have I and I've been playing this version for many hours. I'd suspect the hard disk. A check disk and a defrag may well be in order.
  9. Data for all the vehicles is in the appendix.
  10. I tend to destroy ships with a final missile up the tail pipe from 20 or 30km.
  11. Ticket # 9374143-6613060742 Raised via the support trio system on June 13th 2009 at 07:34 with a png screenshot attached. Closed on July 9th with no resolution aside from the comment that "There is nothing to investigate because the devs can't fix what they can't reproduce." Sounds like it has been reproduced.
  12. I got this as well and raised a support ticket for it. Nothing came of it so I gave up with 2.0
  13. Does anyone visit the IRC channel? I've been there a few times and it's dead. Would be good to have a meet up in there to trade war stories one evening.
  14. -w replaces /w1 /w2 It's in one of the docs.
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