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  1. LOL. A little secret: Its amazing what fake ID can get you. It fooled everyone except those lifeless people on Centris. Next time, i'm going Matrix. WELL MR. ANDERSON. LOL. You think i have issues now. Just wait until i reach earth. I have some built up frustration that i need to unleash. The first place i'm hitting is the IRS and Equifax. Can you say TAX-FREE and no BAD CREDIT. "loaded my OTS as we speak, earth is one jump away". LOL. Have a great day.
  2. Sorry, about the last post. I was submitting my post as you were posting. But, yes i did read the post and thanks. I was intending to ask you about the cheating part. I just figured, that i had a bad install. Thanks for enlighten me on the issue. BTW, after leaving Centris and being treated the way i was. I found enjoyment on watching my OTS missiles flaten the place. I even tried to hit them with a second shot. The next time i return to that place. They will let me have any darn aircraft that i want. LOL. Oh, i should had spreaded some radiation on those two marines who disobeyed my orders. I'm getting sick and tired of insuborination. I guess, i will start ruling with a iron fist. You don't follow my orders, i will have you detent and whipped like a dog. LOL. Thanks again for your time and support. Have a great day.
  3. Ok, after making a clean install (2x). Still, the aircraft cannot be commandeer. I too, continue on with the tutorial without completing that section. Two things i notice, (1) i have a negative EP (-750). (2) after fooling around abit, i had my marines to escort me to the aircraft. Hoping, if they saw i had some muscles they would comply with my wishes. I guess, the marines looked meaner than I. They were allowed to enter the aircraft. I stood outside, looking like a commander that just got out of Officer Candidate School. Boy, i wish they would respect my wishes. But, until i gain experience. I'll leave the flying to the experts. Oh, after returning to the bridge. I was glowing like a 500 watt light from radiation. I tried to heal myself and no luck. I checked myself out of the medibay. And as soon as i enter the bridge, i was kicked back to medibay. I was unable to treat myself. So, the crew on the bridge felt that i was unable to perform my duties. Geez, i must be a terrible commander. They won't even allow me to use my own medicine and facility. LOL. I'm going to start banging some heads if i'm not treated with respect. LOL. Good luck all.
  4. Sorry for the incomplete info. I don't want to waste your time. Here is the situation: I have just landed on Centris. Found all of my personnel and have assigned them as describe in the tutorial. I commandeer the tank, that went fine. Blew bunker with no lose of a fighter. Locate and targeted the Phantom gunship using the DIE and Air mode. Drove to gunship using the tank and exit using the ALT+E. Walked up to gunship like i did the tank. And pressed the / key. No luck. BTW, i have my CAP ship on Autopilot. I have followed the tutorial to the letter. And i have also tried to access other air-craft on the planet without any luck. Thanks for you time and effort. I know you are a busy man. Hope you have a great day..
  5. I have been trying to take control of the craft for 5 hours now. I have read the tutorial and the page is permanently implanted in my head. Sorry to say "NO LUCK". I have tried different angles and situations. Seems that i have a glitch somewhere. Should i reinstall the game and start over. BTW, great game. I would like to continue to enjoy my new found friend. If, i could only get pass this stage. Well, i do need to sleep at some point. I'm willing to accept any info or advice. Thanks in advance.
  6. Humm, still not able to access the air crafts. I don't intent to be a pest. But, what should i do to correct this problem. I have DL the latest patch and have no problems with the tutorial until now. All of the settings are default except the joystix is my controller. I won't sleep until i have cleared this problem :.
  7. The table below shows the type of asset units a player can switch to in the game world. An X indicates use. For gameplay balancing reasons, asset switching to cap ships is not allowed. This also means that a CMDR can only switch to his own CAP ship (and its assets); but can switch to any other land/sea based asset. CAP FC SC CAS GND EAD STO MFB NVL SUB LCAC CMDR X X X X X X X EFP X X X X X PSP X X X X X MARINE*X X X X X X X X X *All except the Space Force Marine, which only has access to shuttles Legend: CAP - Cap Ships e.g. carriers, cruisers, transports FC - Fighter Crafts SC - Shuttle Crafts CAS - Close Air Crafts (gunships) GND - Ground Units e.g. vehicles EAD - Enemy Air Defense Units e.g. SAMs, SALs STO - Surface To Orbit units MFB - Mobile Forward Base NVL - Naval units e.g. carriers, destroyers SUB - Naval sub units LCAC - Naval Landing Craft Air Cushioned I hope this will help you, so you can lead me in the right direction. BTW, great tutorial. I have updated to the latest patch. Dang the X's are not in a column. But, (CAP, FC, SC AND CAS) are not checked in the revised manual. Meaning, i can not access these (as a commander). Correct?
  8. I hope this is the right forum for my question. My first post, so be nice. On page 57 (Asset Switching&Usage-Air/Space Crafts), it instruct you (Commander) to commandeer a craft. I read in the (Manual Revisions Dated 5/27/04), that this is not possible. My question is, should i skip this section? Yes, i am using the (/) to access the craft. Is this right? Thanks for any replies in advance. Good luck.
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