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  1. Where I work these topis are very important too. I design real time systems where speed is a crucial factor so our philosophy of design depends on the product itself. We take care about all these topics but centering more efforts of design and development in the areas in wich we think will be crucial. Maybe the FS2 development team was thinking the same and they create the product centering in graphical speed rather than a future reuse of the code. I've downloaded the code and perhaps this weekend take a look, and with luck, I can get a map of the entire app for further research. If I discover something interesting for you I'll promise inform ASAP.
  2. Amen nomad. This is why I not like to choose any language before I get a fully and clear desgin of the work to do. If the app, then, requires speed I can choose a mix between C and Assembler. If i need code reuse can choose a variety of OO languages, including C++, Eiffel, Java or C#. If the portability is the key can choose a C++ implementation such as GNU C++ or even Java. But returning to the FS2 question, did you detect any pattern in the coding, Joel?. A first task when I deal with foreign code is do a reverse engineering process with a tool such as Rational Rose. If the code is OO all classes and inheritance relations should appear after this. Once I got all the classes I'll try to do a few class diagrams with the objective of understand the overall architecture. After this step is completed satisfactory I am in a position where I can understand the code because I can understand how is organized. With non OO code the solution I use is different, involving code listings, function documentation and by drawing top-down diagrams.
  3. When I say that games should be written with speed in mind I mean that the main effort of development should be focused in get the best performance with the tools and compilers available for the development team (apart of the game itself, of course ). Writing reusable code isn't exclusive for the OO paradigm, but OO techniques emphasizes this particular more than others methodologies. If someone has programmed in C (without ++ or in another structured language such Pascal) knows that any module can be reused if is designed and written for reuse. This could be the key point: Design. Any design can have one or more focus: reusability, performance, usability, etc.. but is very rare an app focusing in every posible use. Most of the times, as programmers, we take decissions that affect one area for get advantages in another. I can sacrifice some performance in my apps for get a more complete class hierarchy that serves as base for a future implementation. When I make a new design one of the first questions I ask myself is: Which should be the main areas of interest? Code Reuse? Performance? Design Reuse?. After I respond that question I get a clear overview on how I should design the app.
  4. If I'm not wrong, I remember that C++ isn't a true OO language. You can mix OO code with procedural code without any kind of problem. But I agree with Matchoo in the point that games should be written with speed in mind, not reusability and here a more modular approach (like in C) rather than an OO approach (like in C++) could be the best solution. I disagree with him in the point of global variables: if I'm not wrong in C++ you can define static classes where you can put those global variables. Another different problem is what OO libraries are suitable or not for gaming. And as I remember when FS2 was shipped no Unreal Engine was available in the market for make the life easier to the game programmer.
  5. See eWeek Worms Special Report for a more complete info .
  6. Incredible Isn't? A goverment president uses the media for lie all people!!. I don't know if this is true or not but seems to be a certainly true. After March 11 (three days left for national elections) the entire goverment manipulates the public opinnion pointing what ETA was the materials authors of the terrorist act in the train stations. I tell you a secret: a friend of mine (is policeman) was in Atocha the morning of March 11 (he is in Scientific Police Brigade) taking photos of the massacre. In the night I was with him and told me what the authors was an Al-Qaeda commando what he was investigating a few days before. The radio station you refer is property of a man what are opossed to Aznar political theories. He have TV channels and journals and all media that he owns is very critic with Aznar's behavior in the three days after terrorist act. In justice, I must say what the people that work in Cadena SER are good professionals.
  7. You shouldn't play in any way with glob_ag.scr file. Make this and you can get unexpected behavior when you play a standar campaign, IA or ROAM. Instead of this you can create new scenaries how is explained in gbsIII_docs.pdf. In your case a way to acomplish a more dynamic behavior is playing with [REGION] (SC warned that we don't mess in any way with that, but is the only way that I see, for the moment). You can combine events, macros and region redefinition (I'm not try this) and perhaps to change diplomatic relations for acomplish your objectives. You can start by creating a new ROAM scenary and create macros for get groups of ships for any race/caste and by defining a set of macros wich controls in some way the inactive regions of the navchart in a way that when a starstation detect any ship respond how you like. Do the same for the active regions. The macros for get ships can help you in two ways: first: automate the creation of wings and group of ships and second: you can give it orders and control it's reactions in the [events] section of each entity. Also it's probably that you should use a cyclic event such acm_tick (fired every 5 seconds) for signaling. Really it's not a easy task. Good luck.
  8. Happy new Year to all 3000ad people from Spain. I wish yours have all things you need (and more if neccesary). Now here left 8 hours to finish this "annus horribilis". Good look to everyone.
  9. Merry Xmas to all people from Spain. Have fun.
  10. Kal, if you need help for discover the origin of the attack PM me and see what can I do for you. I'm some knowledge of hacking networks (my job require this) centering on security issues and intrussion tracking and detection.
  11. Sorry for no answer until now but I was working out. I saw your thread and I'm not sure if I can support your fleet in MP matches because my timetable is impredictable most of the times
  12. Forgot my require. Perhaps Gammys are out of there and is a childrens tale....
  13. Seeing what Gammys not answer and after await near two weeks for register, I took the decission to register in any another fleet and by this I require my change to this group. Currently I registered as Prime Fleet member. I not have grants in FleetDb to make this update. Please if any Admin read this and they want to modify, please, make it. By now I'm in job travel and the possibilities of contact are near zero. I believe waht in ten or twelve day are backed on. If any other fleet wants the service of new commander PM me and talk. Thanks for your help.
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