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  1. Cody Bader

    CIOPS - Planning and Operations

    Good day, Thanks for your support, Cmdr Jamont! I'll be keeping in touch with you, either via e-mail or the ISS mailing list. Also, some subjects above are better discussed using personal correspondence instead of here. So, I'll leave the more focussed discussion to that. Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Commander C.G. Bader GCV Birnam Wood, ISSHQ (Saturn) CIOPS Director - ISS Fleet
  2. Cody Bader

    CIOPS - Planning and Operations

    Good day all, I'd like to take the opportunity to say hello to the ISS group again, it's been awhile. I do check the forum on a fairly regular basis, though recently I've kept my forum readings confined to the 'key' forums for me (General Discussion, Development News, ISS Fleet Forum, and occasionally Fleet Discussion). However, I do check my e-mail everyday, and unless I am tired or need some time to think about a response, I reply as soon as I can, often the same day. I'm going to try to defeat my old trend of only replying until absolutely necessary. I do read all ISS material that comes my way, but unless I was explicitly requested, I often kept rather mute. Anyhow, should BCM be released right before the end of the year, I will definitely be around at that time, and hopefully my interest in BC will be rejuvenated, and I'll be spending most of my spare time 'retraining'. It should be quite interesting. I do think that this thread will be a great place to discuss how CIOPS will function. To be honest, I seem to know a bit more of KGB structure than that of the CIA, and since Richard said the CIA structure is the way to go, I'm a bit confused, as I have never ran across a rough outline of CIA organization, like internal branches. So, I can't say for sure that this intelligence structure has things like actual covert assets under it's command like ships and such. While I'm fairly certain that at some point a few months ago during fleet reorganization the ISS CIOPS role was strictly spelled out, I'll have to search for that statement, and I'll see exactly what the role encompasses. (Things like: intelligence on other fleets and their members, movements in the Terran systems, operatives in foreign governments and services, etc. All of these are quite possible, and I am looking for that 'mission statement' that sums up what CIOPS is capable of doing, it's objectives and priorities.) So, if anyone would care to enlighten me and toss suggestions and ideas around this thread, please do so. I'll certainly be around more often now. Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Commander C.G. Bader GCV Birnam Wood, ISSHQ (Saturn) CIOPS Director - ISS Fleet (sig revised - thanx) [This message has been edited by Cody Bader (edited 09-14-2000).]
  3. Cody Bader

    The Death Wraith

    [RP] 0830 hrs, 15 March 3008, Renegade Starstation orbiting Saturn Routine, as some would say, is the silent necessity in daily life. Cdr. Bader often enjoyed reading his daily briefing while glancing up to enjoy the view offered from his office. After that, he took the 'skyway' (his term for the transport ferries linking sections of the station together) to Beta concourse, where he would talk to his crew over breakfast. As his 'eyes and ears', they would report the nature of the world beyond his, occasionally talking about interesting developments. From there, he would visit with his counterpart officers of the 7th Orbital Marine Battalion, and discuss the tactical situation. The commander of his sister ship [The Minos Feres), Cdr. Gorshkov, kept him appraised of intelligence in Bader's old stomping grounds, the Uranus system. His own ship, the GCV Minos Corva, remained docked (or perhaps moored) at docking section L7, as it has been for the last three months. It had been months since he actually had a face to face conversation with Ristar, Tringad, or any of his ISS colleagues. He knew they would meet again, perhaps even visit while he 'held the fort' in Saturn. For all he knew, he would meet them.. 1115 hrs - offices of Cdr. C.G. Bader, Renegade Starstation "Sir, I've recieved a communique from 'Top Hat' on a restricted level 3 encryption." Bader's eyes suddenly perked up when he heard 'Top Hat', his office codename for Fleet Cdr. Ristar. "Put it on this station, lieutenant!" Bader bawked across the empty room. "Recieving signal and..." He placed his hand on the print scanner. "..decoding." It read: "Priority transmission Level 3 - Strategic Commander J. Ristar --- Good day. High level events emerging from high command. Situation briefing anticipated via commlink at 1200 hrs. That is all." "Computer, delete this message. Send a message to senior ship personnel on the station to meet me on the Minos Corva by 1150 hrs pronto. I am enroute." Cdr. Bader stood up and walked out of his office. 1159 hrs, 15 March 3008 - Commander's quarters, GCV Minos Corva Commander Bader stood anxiously in his quarters, which he considered to be the most secure place on the ship, given the situation. A skeleton crew was assigned to the ship, and were supposedly bringing the ship to active status. Supposedly, because it should have been already. Communications officer Brykin finally broke the silence. "Commander, we are recieving a signal from Strategic Commander Ristar on a priority channel." Strategic Commander? Now this is going to be big.. Cmdr. Bader thought to himself. "Decrypt and patch it to my station", Bader responded. The screen sprang to life and split into four pictures, each with a different commander's face: Ristar, Jamont, Bader, and Dilvorn. "Welcome, gentlemen. The reason I have called this meeting is to brief you on some important matters at hand. First of all, the merger of ISS and SCID Fleets. The Supreme Commander has merged these fleets, as they have the same purpose. He has promoted me to the rank of Strategic Commander, and has placed me in joint command. As of now, Commander Tringad is ISS Fleet Commander, and has been promoted to the rank of Fleet Commander. Also, Commander Bader, you are now ISS Fleet Vice Fleet Commander. Congrats, you're past due for a promotion. Also, you are now the Tactical Support Wing Commander. Commander Jamont, you are now the Intel and Espionage Wing Commander, don't let me down. Over the next few days, and with Tringad's help, I will be going over a list of possible SCID Fleet Commanders. I'd like to hear your comments on this." Bader exhaled, in both a sigh of relief and surprise. He didn't expect this at all. It was so unexpected, in fact, that he was speechless. Speechless, and grinning. [/RP] Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Cdr. C.G. Bader ISS04 GCV Minos Corva, 7th OMB ISS Vice Fleet Commander
  4. This is Cdr. Bader, reporting in aboard the GCV Minos Corva. Awaiting orders. --------------- Cdr. C.G. Bader GCV Minos Corva ISS07, OMB 7 ISS Tactical Support Arm Coordinator
  5. Count me in, Comrades. Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Cdr. C.G. Bader, OMB 7 GCV Minos Corva ISS07 ISS Tactical Support Arm [This message has been edited by Cody Bader (edited 01-29-99).]
  6. Cody Bader

    Apocolypse Begins

    <RP> The acrid stench of burning electronic equipment permeated the bridge of the GCV Minos Corva. Illuminated in red light, damage control teams and officers scurried to and from their stations on the bridge while the officers barked orders to one another. This had gone on (more or less) for the last twenty minutes while a massive battle raged on outside. Acting as the command ship for his small battalion, Commander Bader valiantly fought the first wave of enemy ships jumping into Jupiter; enemy ships that were chipping away at his fleet until only he and the Minos Corva's sisterships, the Minos Feres and the Leviathan were left (of a total of seven ships and a dozen fighters). He knew that at least half of his crew were dead, after a squad of Gammulan shocktroopers beamed aboard, presumably with the mission of killing everyone in their way, whether they had a weapon or not. There was no time to mourn, though. There was a brief applause when the GCV Dionysus, command ship of the 26th SMB (Prime), yelled over the commlink that the tide was turning. The mindset changed when long range probes and outsector reports indicated a second wave was to arrive in the Jupiter system within minutes. Even then, that gap was enough for the engineers to bring the shields to fully operational status. In a stroke of fortune, the ship's shuttles were deploying mining drones when the ship was called to the Jupiter system, and they returned to the ship with a full load of missiles and replacement marines. Nursing a deep gash on his right temple from smashing headfirst into a console (when a Gammulan fighter collided with his ship during the battle). Blood streamed down the side of his face while he waited for a short reprieve in the battle so that medics could treat him. During the wait between waves, the crew had enough time to contemplate their situation. The commander knew this much: if this rate of brutal attrition continued at the fluidity and chaos vis-a-vis the Gammulans, the crew's ability to adapt and withstand to the pressure would collapse completely. There was too much to keep track of, and while things like the shields, reactor coolant system, and the armor was being tended to, life support and the medibay were not. (It was no wonder that the bridge was filled with smoke and was 40 degrees C) And then, the second wave emerged. "Status report, officers!" Commander Bader yelled. Above all else, he needed situational awareness as a top priority, requesting a report every five minutes. "Well, those missiles are doing just fine for us, Commander." Tactical officer Bancroft said, focusing on his display. He continued, "We are directing damage control teams to repair main life support and the launch bays". "Excellent." Commander Bader quickly stood up (an old habit when things got tense), pointing at the screen. Gammulan ships were emerging from the flux point and assembing in crude formations before being engaged by Terran forces. Assuming that the formation wasn't a decoy... "Tactical and Navigation, target that ship and fire Ralix missiles as soon as we close distance to 50 klicks." "Aye, sir." For once, his advanced tactical manuvering classes in the academy may have paid off. Assuming they were'nt decoying, the enemy ships were in a wide delta seven, the command ship was likely in the sixth point from the front. "Mark!" Three Ralixs launched from the ship, on a course to the doomed cruiser. As Bader thought, his suspicions were confirmed. The cover ships broke formation while the escort ships directly around the target remained in close formation with the cruiser. Nonetheless, the ship could not respond in time, and slammed into the back of the cruiser, sending three concussions across the hull of the Gammulan cruiser before the ship exploded in a small nova, sending a shockwave that temporarily slammed the nearby escorts aside. Just the moment he wanted, pure chaos. "Sir, this is Comms, we are recieving a communication from Cdr. Tringad from the Black Falcon" "Put it on audio, lieutenant" Communications officer Bouissou opened a link. "The Black Falcon is going to take the party to their leader, anyone care to join me?" She waited for a response. "Very well", said Commander Bader. "I think we've done our duty here. Inform the Commander that we're ready to take the fight to the Gammulans this time". Bouissou grinned. "Understood, Commander. Sending message now" </RP> Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Cdr. C.G. Bader, GCV Minos Corva, OMB 7 ISS Tactical Support Arm
  7. Cody Bader

    Eve of the War

    Just a small excerpt from the battle at Jupiter... <RP> "Where are these ships coming from?", Tactical Officer Bancroft yelled emphaticially. "I don't know, the Sol perimeter defenses must have failed." "FO, bring us about to engage the nearest Gammulan cruiser and engage at close range. Tactical, bring IOD systems to seventy and continue firing." The situation appeared grim. Fighting around Jupiter was intense, with dozens of fighters vieing for superiority, as well as the carriers and cruisers on both sides attacking each other at point blank range. Missiles streaked across the spacial abyss while the debris of fallen ships burned in space with an quiet erethral white glow. While the ferocity and number of ships dropped, it appeared that the Gammulan invasion force maintained it's numerical superiority. Despite this, the Terran fleet continued to ravage the invasion force. "Status, officers!", the Commander yelled. The GCV Minos Corva was operating at an average integrity of 72%. In itself, this was not bad. However, her sistership, the GCV Leviathan was a Constellation class BC, currently operating at 33%, lost all of her fighters, and was emitting an SOS signal. To that end, the Minos Corva desperately focussed on both staying in the battle as well as escorting the Leviathan to safety. Now with the Leviathan out of action, the Minos Corva would have to assume the role of minelayer, and act quickly, while they still had a chance to fight back. "Tactical, divert remaining interceptors to escort the Leviathan outside of the battle perimeter." "Aye." Bancroft pointed to Comms officer Bouissou, who opened a comms channel. "IC-1 and 3, divert to escort Leviathan out of combat zone". "Sir," the communications officer chimed, "Incoming communications from Command, requesting that we deploy remaining mines.." After hesitating for a second, Commander Bader replied, "Very well. Navigation, set a course to the jump point and prepare to engage on my mark. Officer MacNeil [combat officer], prepare to deploy mines once we are in position. Comms, inform the Leviathan to hold close, and follow this through. Inform the Cdr. Lambert on the Minos Feres to provide cover fire and flank the incoming force. Also, send a message to Cdr. Tringad, inform him we are establishing a minelaying profile unless ordered otherwise." Suddenly, the SAS switched to condition red. MacNeil, the Combat officer, said in a stunned voice, "We have an intruder alert on deck three!" The Commander quietly acknowledged, <i>perhaps this will be our day</i>" (/RP) Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Cdr. C.G. Bader, GCV Minos Corva, (OMB 7) ISS Tactical Support Arm
  8. Cody Bader

    TDF Registration

    Currently on station at Jupiter, full alert status. Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Cdr. C.G. Bader, GCV Minos Corva (OMB 7) ISS Tactical Support Arm
  9. <RP> This is the GCV Minos Corva of the ISS Tactical Support Arm, commanded by Cdr. C.G. Bader. As requested by my superiors, I am diverting my forces (7th OMB) from Uranus to Jupiter to join the fleets stationed there, in defense of the Terran sector. From there, I will await orders from my counterpart forces already on station. Comrade in Arms, Friend of the People Cdr. C.G. Bader, GCV Minos Corva, 7th OMB, ISS Tactical Support Arm (/RP)