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  1. Guys and gals, I got to thinking.... Lasers are coherent (focused) light correct? Shields can let light through so you can see the universe correct? Bite into this one... Why is it that in every game and show I know, shields block lasers? How is it possible that light from the sun can get through, yet a laser cannot?
  2. Ditto00

    Ship speeds

    You all are almost right, but here is how it goes. An engine, no matter how small, does affect a ship. It just takes longer to bring up to the maximum speed the engine is capable of if the ship is large. Now if the engine is a combustion type, then it will have a maximum speed at the rate in which the fuel is burned. Now the faster a ship goes, the more fuel is required to keep the ship accellerating. Even if you had all of the chemical energy in the universe, you wont be able to get the ship to reach light speed. Next, after the ship has reached the speed the captain desires, the engines can be cut. That is why shuttle fuel last so long, it doesn't need to keep burning to keep moving. Also, the "sling shot" effect can be used for long distance travel, which is using gravity to propel you by circling an object (like the earth) and then firing the engines to break away from orbit. The Apollos used this technique. Third, the moon can be affected by hooking up a drive, regardless of where you place it. However, the drive will not be able to push the moon to the highest potential due to gravity in the universe effecting the moon. Also, gravity will pull the ejected gases back to the planet, which consumes some of the kenetic energy being developed by the engine, thereby slowing down the moon (very slightly). Now, if you have a fusion drive, the engine will eventually send to you light speed. This also eliminated the problem with gases slowing down the moon, and also the gravity problem is partially eliminated. However, light speed, currently, has been determined to be the fastest thing in the universe. The maximum speed possible is light speed, unless of course space and time is warped, like hyperspace and warp drive. The reason being is that the energy resulting from fusion (or fission), is as fast as light, and a ship can only go as fast as the energy propelling it. Anyway, with fission or fusion, the rate of accelleration is still related to the size of the engine and the mass of the ship, so still a shuttle and a CC will accellerate at different speeds. But, unlike combustion, the size of the engine does not matter, it will still push the ships to the same max speed regardless of mass, even if the shuttle had an engine a million times the size of a CC!
  3. I noiticed that I can add my own music to UC by copying mp3 files into the Universal Combatsoundfxmusic folder. I can get them to play, but once once of the songs end, the music no longer works. I have music that has a bit rate of 128 Kbps, does it need to be 256 Kbps like the other music files? Or is this not really a feature and is unsupported?
  4. I know there is nothing of interest, but I use that area to warp to the homeworlds of each race. But thanks for looking into it Mr. SC.
  5. I have been trying to get to the region that has the debris field and all of those flux fields, but it has not been letting me. I first tried getting through at flux field 20 near Alteris, but I got a CTD. Then, I decided to try flux field 19 near Gamma-1, and I also got a CTD. However, the flux fields that do NOT go to that region work. I have reinstalled the game from scratch and executed the patches in the UC folder, but the flux fields to that region still do not work. I suspect it may be the Debris Field causing the problems.
  6. Ditto00

    Capturing Stations with Cruisers

    quote: I've just deleted one of your threads. Please refrain from posting rubbish and awakening dead topics. huh? OOPS (hides) I wasn't paying attention to the start date.
  7. Ditto00

    Capturing Stations with Cruisers

    Moonbrooke, you might want to be careful about requesting tips in this forum. It is a direct violation of the rules... not that I am a moderator, I just don't like it when SC gets mad because it sometimes carries over into other threads.
  8. Ditto00

    Target Cancellation at random

    This happens to me too. It seems to happen after a new ship either spawns in the current region, or when one comes through a gate.
  9. Ditto00

    new to BC and UC

    Yeah, I learned that one when he tried to nuke russia back in the cold war. Now there is a BIG OL' PADLOCK on the door to launch control. (Missle launch) OH CRAP I FORGOT THE VENTS!
  10. Ditto00

    Lazy Pilots

    Jonas, I can't believed you said that. What you do to your fantasy girlfriend and your firewire port is none of our business.
  11. Ditto00

    Intruders Tip

    quote:Originally posted by Darkling: The biggest problem I seem to have with those suckers is that they seem to come with plenty of explosives and damage every system along the way to the shuttles. Of course, my team always dispatches them, but not before they've damaged or destroyed several systems. ... Then again, it could be because they don't like the fact that I'm getting closer to Gammulan Territory. Nah, only this person can do that kind of damage!
  12. Ditto00

    What's it like living in your neck of the world

    Well, I traveled all over te USA and parts of Canada. the only US state I haven't been in is Hawaii. I would tell you about my adventure, but this post would be worth 15 pages. But if you ask, I'll be willing to tell you abou some scenic places.
  13. Ditto00

    Raider Fleet C&C

    SC, this happen when I was terran/military in the campaign. I could order around a ter/raider ship. I would send a save game, but I thought this was one of those rare bugs and didn't create a save.
  14. Ditto00

    UC 2.00.11 Patch Released

    SC, I think your MD5 hash is incorrect. quote: 6c0b69137f321742e39dce3013a4314c uc2.00.11.exe Shouldnt that be uc2[1].00.11.exe ?
  15. Ditto00

    A very newbie question

    Thank you (thinks of when I first posted)