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  1. quote:Originally posted by Davewave: Oh and to those popcorn eaters " " who havent got anything to say, please make a comment about my initial post, your silence is not making itself heard. Short of reinstalling(and finding out it doesn't work again), is there pehaps someone out there who has been able to play the game 10 minutes straight without CTD. Popcorn eaters are waiting on SC to either respond to, or delete this rubbish (personally i feel it should be deleted, but hey, just an opinion). I play for hours on end and when I need to do something else I set my ship to low power mode and let it run. Current game has been going for 4 days non-stop now. What you said about 25k XP in 5 mins seems like corrupt install or incorrect patch. I can tell you from personal experience, if you don't do the patching in the exact way that SC says it screws up alot of, seemingly unrelated systems. If patched correctly then dunno what to say.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Davewave: I have bought every game in the BC series including the one im playing now, UC. This game's unlimited scope as you say is limited only by your imagination. However, in my case, its limited by my imagination and the countless CTD's im experiencing. No CTD's since 2.00.11 quote:Originally posted by Davewave: Anyone else out there who thinks this is buggy? No quote:Originally posted by Davewave: PSS- I have the latest patches and Rc etc etc, latest windows and NVIDIA drivers blah blah blah, so you cant catch me on the Tech Issues, no virus scanners, no firewalls nothing, just pure Win2K running UC on a sweet AMD 2800XP with 512MB ram 433MHZ bus and a 120GB harddrive with about 30GB free. Have almost identical system, except I have WinXP, and no problems.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Ditto00: Is it AI related if personel keep going into the galley 10 times before they finally eat? I even had someone nearly die until they finally sat down and ate. Have noticed if they are really tired and really hungry with a low AI they can't figure out which to do first until they almost die. They just jump back and forth between sleeping (off duty) and eating (galley). In other words they are too stupid to choose one until it almost kills them. But they learn from it, it goes away as the AI increase.
  4. ah, ok then..... shouldn't humor be humorous?
  5. quote:Originally posted by street: quote: Not sure if I read that right, NOPE. You didnt get it right. I think its's ALL good. Could you translate it then..... quote: Nonetheless, I am curious why the Creator of the known universe should want to waste his valuable time conversing with us about our minor queries. Surely he (?He? ?They?) has/have better things to do? How can this be "ALL good" ? Really not understanding what he meant if it is all good.
  6. Not sure if I read that right, but are you complaining about him being readily available to answer our questions? If so that is just dumb. For him to devote so much time and effort to helping us understand his creation and putting up with all of our questions, that just amazes me. Can't believe you have nerve enough to try and slight that.
  7. Seems to me that if in orbit and have 100 NReactor power and 99 SReactor power that you don't consume reactor fuel. As long as engine is off, that is. But if you land on planet and it turns nighttime then you start using fuel again, unless you shut down your NReactor. Am I stating something obvious/false/obviously false, or do the 2 systems actually work in conjunction in certain instances?
  8. quote:Originally posted by cdrhardboot: So what does the SR do besides gobble up some of its own power?!?!?! My guess is it functions like the NR and changes the solar power into something, but i cant figure out what... and after 3 hours of watching all systems, minerals, fuels.. im just not sure it does anything at all. Im seriously starting to think the SR is nothing or bugged. [/QB] quote:Originally posted by Alamandorious: Or maybe he'll combine everyone's theories, pick the best one, and make the SR do something in the next patch ^^ Does nothing? Am I wrong when I assume that solar power will keep my life support systems running while I shuttle off to some base or whatnot, when I run out of radine? That seems alot more than nothing. To get back to my CC and have the entire crew either dead or needing cloned does not seem fun. That brings me to an interesting, to me, question. Can AE run the cloning machine? Must go test this.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: You are confusing the message being sent. My question was about where it "said" I quick saved 3 times immediately after I did a proper save. Was wondering if my install was corrupt and actually was quicksaving after a proper save. But since it is removed now, well... nevermind. Thnx again
  10. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Send me that file please because the text System Full Save Profile does not appear anywhere in the game code. Want me to zip up just that player.txt or zip all the save files? Edit: Have file saved will zip up all files if want, but started new game, saved and shut down and overwritten player.txt file is as follows.... [04/04/3030] 21:00 - GALCOMHQ START NEW CAREER WITH BATTLECRUISER MK3 21:01 - System Full Save Profile... 3 21:01 - System Quick Save Profile 3 Will send that as well if you want it. [ 06-13-2004, 08:17 PM: Message edited by: JimmyNeutron ]
  11. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by street: but it sounds like your problems are probably more related to the quicksave, Indeed. If you use QS at the wrong time, that is enough to throw a variable or two out of whack and compromise the integrity of the saved game. There is no known recovery from it - hence the reason QS is not supported. I have no idea why I went ahead and enabled it (it is disabled in the retail game). SC has preached this so much I wake up yelling out "NO QUICKSAVES" when I pass out at my puter. But here is an odd thing. I don't know how to QS, don't know what button/combo it is. I always save from menu quit and save, or if I screw something up I just quit from menu and reload the game (still very noob). In the file for savegames (C:Program FilesDreamCatcher3000ADUniversal Combatsaveplayer.txt) there are several entries like this... 23:09 - System Full Save Profile... 0 23:09 - System Quick Save Profile 0 23:09 - System Quick Save Profile 0 23:09 - System Quick Save Profile 0 23:09 - System Resume Profile... 0 This is a direct copy and paste from that file, and I am getting completely random CTD. Nothing that can be reproduced because there is no common denom. Regardless of race/caste/ship/equip profile/anything. BTW, running 2.00.10 patched correctly.
  12. cdrhardboot Read This ToxicFrog Your "problem" with getting dead coming out of hyperspace has been gone over, and over, and over, search and you will find. To quote SC (from memory) 'all it takes is one panel of your ship for enemy radar to lock onto you'. Also on the above link read the number 1 "Such As:" and you will see it is by design, like you mentioned.
  13. Wow, it is like you have read my mind. Everything I think about this game, you have just written the exact OPPOSITE. There is one thing I agree with you about though... quote: my name is hardboot...... and that is about it. I won't sit here and tell you why most of your post is "crap" (odd choice in words to describe a game where you prob set units to do exactly what your complaining about) but I will say this.... I couldn't DISagree with you more. Have a nice day! My thoughts on the game.... SC, this is for you and your program nuff said. Fin [ 06-11-2004, 10:57 AM: Message edited by: JimmyNeutron ]
  14. quote:when you land on a planet. jump out. and start freaking out; because, your ship takes off and leaves you stranded. Didn't freak out but did ask why did tha... Thanx guys, it appears that I am not the only noob that gets into silly stuff where common logic fails me. I am keeping my wife and kids entertained with my antics though
  15. Sorry to say it most likely is just you. Spent the past several days on this forum and haven't come across this prob, unless it happened forever ago, but it seems like it is just a corrupted file. As far as black text, appendix is an easy on the eyes white text on blue back, so not sure bout that. What ship you using? We can get you the upgrade info until you figure out what happened to the file on your sys. Question of my own, speaking of the StormCarrier, what race/caste combo or what does it take to get access to that ship? Would like to try it out but haven't been able to find the right combo, yet.
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