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  1. DrugCheese

    GUI Beeping

    That's what I was thinking of doing. 20 more minutes untill I'm done with work, then it's time to play in the universe. Thank you!
  2. DrugCheese

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    Ooops posted to the wrong forum before Sorry Derek, you even gave me the link ... I love the game, not even scratched the surface of it yet (although have scratched the surface of a couple planets with my hull). My only gripe is the GUI beeps. They seem to blare out of my speakers while the battle noises and spacecraft FX are a lot more quieter. I like to immerse myself in games, especially games that allow your imagination to play a big part in them. I find it hard so far with this one because when I go to assign power BEEP and then go to tactical BEEP to assign this marine BEEP and this marine BEEP ... I over-analyze things - especially games. So far the only thing I can see that I would change would be more options. Options to turn off GUI FX but leave on the game FX. But all in all ... I think I may have found a new addiction Could I just try to replace some .wav files with blank wav files so that it doesn't play the beeps?
  3. DrugCheese

    GUI Beeping

    I hope I'm posting this in the correct spot. I've been reading these forums for the past couple days and then finally went out last night and bought UC to decide for myself. Withen 5-10 minutes of reading the manual and ROAMing around I knew that I could easily get addicted to this game. The level of depth is awesome and the amount of imagination that it lets you experiment with in the ROAM world ... no words yet .. The one thing that could possibly stand in the way of my addiction is the very loud BEEP you get between changning to different computers and such on the CC. I love the comm chattr and the sound FX, so after I had turned that off the game lost a bit of appeal. I want the comm chattr and the engine noises and the ship noises, I just don't want the GUI beeps. They're so loud compared to the actual effects of the game. Anyone know if I just replace some beep .wav files with blank wav files to get around that?