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  1. CANT......NNNEEEEDDD...MMMOOOORRRREEE......CCCCOOOFFFFEEEE Ps. Did you really need to change the threat prosecution matrix? Before I could easily take a station and now it is like instant gibbage whenever I attack an enemy station.
  2. Fine, Don't believe me then. I am telling the truth though. I take it you never had any siblings because you don't seem to know how they can get into your stuff. My brother is 16 so he knows how to do things on the computer and he played MY game. I really am sorry for bothering you though about this since he screwed it up. He also told me how he used the quicksave. He said that he pressed control Q to quit like you can do in some games. He didn't know that that is the quicksave command. PS. Thank you VERY much for getting rid of that in the 2.00.11 patch.
  3. "You should have checked that since I think that that is impossible to get by taking normal damage." -sorry, should say could instead of should. Anyway, My problem has been resolved. It turns out that my brother played MY game, Loaded MY savegame and then used a QUICKSAVE! I did not know of this and I didn't notice that he had played. I used the resume button to load the game as usual so my game was corrupted. Sorry for bothering you SC. Now, I have someone to
  4. The hull/armor status should have been at zero since I tried to repair it. You should have checked that since I think that that is impossible to get by taking normal damage. You should also have checked in the logistics repair screen to see that components repaired to 100% are shown as gray like they are damaged. You could also have tried to repair the armor and found out that the game wouldn't let you, in a station or not. Lastly you could have tried to repair a system back to 100%, and it should have shown up as gray, like it was still damaged but repairs have stopped, even though you didn't stop them. If none of these problems occured, Then it must be my installation. If it is my installation, then I am deeply sorry for troubling you. If you didn't see any of these problems, can you please tell me so that I may reinstall the game? Also, I thought that the operation was abnormal because of this: First I got into a combat situation. My shields went down and my hull/armor took minor damage(down to about 98%). I then told my engineers to repair the armor. After a while the game told me that repairs were complete. When I looked at the logistics repair screen later, the armor status line was gray and at 100%, Like repairs had stopped at 100% and it was still damaged. I told my engineers to repair it again, thinking that it had very minor damages left. A few seconds later it said that repairs were complete. Immediately after it said that the hull/armor has been destroyed. Both hull and armor meters on the left then showed 0. I was not hit by anything in that time. I had my shields up also and I did not run into anything either. So somehow my hull/armor was destroyed soon after telling my engineers to repair it when it was at 100% status, which you normally can't do. [ 06-13-2004, 07:48 PM: Message edited by: Zoltan89 ]
  5. The savegame has been sent. The email subject is "repair issues" and the profile name is "profile_repair_issues" (I know, I am not very creative). The armor has already been repaired with the problem listed above. I just found out that it only seems to have the problem with the hull/armor about it getting destroyed after repairing it. The other systems still show up as gray when they are at 100% until you repair them again. Also after the hull/armor has been destroyed by the way listed above I cannot repair it or replace it. You could try to repair another system up to 100% and then it might turn gray like it was still damaged. Ps. Ignore the profile name. That is just my nickname which I picked up a long time ago and I just stick with it.
  6. I am running UC with the 2.00.10 patch. In the savegame that I have (no quicksaves used) a few components were damaged (one being the hull/armor). When I repaired the armor, the logistics screen showed that the armor was at 100% but the system was shown in gray, like it was damaged. I then told my engineers to repair it. One minute later it the game said, "Hull/armor has been repaired". Immediately after saying that it said, "Hull/armor has been destroyed". I looked at the status on the left and both hull and armor meters showed 0. When I went back into the repair screen the component was red and showed 0%. I tried to repair it with no sucess. The ship acts like normal except when you hit something, even a cargo pod, the ship immediately blows up. It does the same thing with any other components that were repaired to 100% and then told to be repaired again. It does not do this with any other save games. Any suggestions?
  7. I get it now. Thanks SC. By the way, Very nice specs on your computer! I wish I had one that powerfull. Ps. You forgot to say if your graphics card is PCI or AGP. Also, I think that your game is
  8. so you are supposed to take internal systems damage the moment that the shields go down and you get hit once?
  9. I noticed that in the tutorial it says that a space ships hull and internal systems will not take damage until the shields are down and the armor has been destroyed (pg 5). When I am playing, the moment that my shields go down and I get hit my internal systems and hull takes damage, regardless of my armor meter. Is this a problem with the tutorial, or the game and if it is a bug can you please fix it? Ps. I have the 2.00.10 patch installed
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