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  1. Looks like your going to blow Eve out of the water with this game =) can't wait.
  2. Fallout 1&2 are *THE* best RPG's ever created IMO. I havent found one RPG that has made me lose so much sleep or was so much fun. Fallout 3 was okay I liked the feel they gave the game and VATS was a nice touch although i didnt use it much. I did find it dumb that they cut down the leveling system you should beable ot level beyond level 20.
  3. when attacking a star station in a ship that can cloak, cloak then hyper jump to the station you will stay cloaked and the station won't fire on you, then fire while cloaked, the station will eventually fire on you, but by the time it does it should be too late, turn your PTA systems off until ready to rape it, turn your main guns to 20% once the hull is below 10k this way you can control the burst better and not destroy it if you want to capture it, once it sets out a SOS signal try to dock you will be prompted to "take over station" hit yes or the 'y' button, congrats you just owned a station with little to no casualty's and advanced your race's holdings. be sure to continue to move with your cloaked ship and have enough cloak fuel to execute this, more then 3 minutes worth is recommended. The rest of the problems that can occure just ask. like radiation flooding.
  4. Oh okay i see what you mean i just dropped 3 drones and now i see, i see =\ A nice trick you can do as well is to fly to the supply stations near the stations you want to dock at doing this will get you within 3km of it and then all you gotta do is fly 3km's and bam your there to trade =) alot quicker then targeting the station and flying to it its self. when your in space and not going to be launching any fighters or SC's turn your launch control off that way if you get intruders they cant steal any of your ships all they can do is hide in them then your marines will pwn them.
  5. I like to fly around mine and find cargo pod's from recent battles if im not destroying the ship that is =P, when you hear "acquired" turn your shields on full blast the second you hear that, a fighter just dropped my shields from 30% to little or nothing damage 4% of my armour. \ Something i found out for the free version of UC, you can place one drone one a planet, then later (after its after 50%) you can place more, the other drones you place on the same planet as drone 1 will have the same amount of minerals as the first one. (don't know if this is a bug or not, but its neat). so both of my miners have 81% as of right now. I own UCCE but i didnt knwo the free version limited MP, however idon't play MP anyhow the SP is enough for me.
  6. Thank you I thought since the board was basically empty that ment the thread no longer existed. But i guess they archive them eh? Thanks for the fast response.
  7. Do some planets let your drones fill up quicker or slower? right now my drones fill up at about 1% per every 1-2 minutes. was wondering if there is a planet out there that lets you fill up faster/slower?
  8. The 32-bit mode is right there near the screen resolution in the options menu either though the game or though the main game screen.
  9. After capturing my 4th station i only get the medal for the capture not the XP. After you capture 3? does that mean i have to get to the 6th before i will get any XP?
  10. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: quote:Originally posted by BC_Vet: The problem with launching all your assets around a friendly station is that you might come back and find some of your craft SOS or destroyed. AI pilots will engage hostiles anywhere in the region if u leave them on default SAD orders. With pilots below 50 AI, I couldn't advise this tactic, it's cheaper just to shut off launch control, walk back to ur shuttle and then u won't have to worry about losing assets when u r out-of-system. How pray tell are you going to launch your shuttle with launch control powered down? That's right! You can't. I always attempted to circumvent the problem by landing the CC on a planetary body. Even that gives no guarantee of asset safety. Many times I returned to find a shuttle gone and sometimes a couple of fighter craft. The shuttle would be sitting on the ground not far from the CC....unrecoverable. So, I just accept the loss and replace the asset. If your command crew has gained sufficient AI then you can leave without worry because they will kill launch control at the first sign of an intruder. Makes it a wee bit tough to RTB, but you can do it. Dude he is talkin bout walking back to the CC after launch shutting off LC and then leaving the CC and walking your fat butt back to your SC =P i'v done that before itsj ust a pain in the butt to do. Now i just land on planet kill the engines, set all my marines to search put 2 marines in each SC i don't use and then put 1 pilot in each FC, its not full proof but it makes it alot harder for the enemy to steal anything, only lost 1 pilot that way =
  11. Hmmm thats a good idea never thought to have my units escort a star station =P
  12. Can you tell me where you park your CC to trade? i put mine on moon-02 of the lyris system
  13. Thats what i forgot to do is turn off launch control. Heh fond a few SC's out and about as well as 2 fighter craft....Yep i was pretty pissed when i docked back on to my CC and found that i had 98% of my hull left....
  14. Were do you guys leave your CC when you take a shuttle to go do some trade runs? I found if i leave mine on a planet resig makes it crash =(
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