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  1. Yes you are right, but the most thing that interests us now not what solar reactor actually does but what is the difference to have solar reactor settings on 10 instead of on 5. It's enough to generate enough energy even with SR on 5 but why we have control over it till 10? That's what is the question, nobody could find any difference. There is no need for it since we have all we need using only half of what it can do.
  2. By the way, so many of us playing UC, did anyone make any movie so far? This game offers lots of different scenes... Anyone made any movie, got any link to check them? I mean movie like a real nice movie with some cool added music, some cool event recorded or something...
  3. I don't think Derek is SO evil... Do as I do, don't care about Solar reactor that much and you will be fine .
  4. Battery, galaxians... so far it was only 2 theories and none of them make sense. Well battery does, but what for it is? It doesn't affect systems of the ship whatsoever. Solar reactor saves radine? Well sooner or later you run out of it anyway and you have to dock to buy more. So far solar reactor is pretty useful device.. to keep discussion alive on this board . I can't find any other reason for it to be so vitally useful.
  5. I've ran search in UC Tech support section and found 7 threads including yours about joysticks. I don't use joystick myself though.
  6. By the logic when you increase power of it the output of solar reactor should increase too. But there wasn't any real aknowledgment for that. And people also say that too much is not always too good. Wasn't any acknowledgment for that either. So I guess thread is starting all over .
  7. I just turn always my solar batteries towards the sun. How it helps, I actually don't give a damn . I know one thing that with having plates towards the sun you get lots of additional power points. But I have enough even without them. Is there any ETA on when this thread will end? We getting old and fat.
  8. Fortunately it's not the last game from 3000AD but from what I've heard on forums Derek said that he is going to get back to original BCG and make games on original line. There won't be another Universal Combatkind game, it is not very good news, but maybe Derek will come up with something even better. Next projext UC:E2E promises to be pretty but much smaller than UC and there is no other UCs in plans. I might be wrong though. No other announcements out there for games except E2E and XBOX game. But I guess E2E will hold us for a while. After that EQ2 will be out and I will probably forget about other games for a couple monthes . Yeah plus HL2, Doom III, enough of games for the rest of the year and till the middle of next one .
  9. I was always thinking that what we can't get from real life we try to acquire in games. I was always looking mostly up than down, was wondering about space and stuff. Was actually on the path to become a pilot, then things didn't work out and I had to stop dreaming and start leaving real life. That's how I ended up being IT tech. I was always looking for game that could replace what I've lost in the past and so far I have to play few games to feel comforted . But so far UC is the most comforting game. I want something better for sure, something that would let you jump into realms of virtual reality. I wonder when gaming industry will step in that area of next generation games. Judging on how fast and advancing technology progresses probably in a few years we will have first real VR games.
  10. http://rr.pc.ign.com/rr/007/007440.html This is wierdest review I've ever read. So does this guy like the game or not? I think how he said in the end it doesn't really matter graphics, music or anything else even if it's 7.5 score. Gameplay is 10, with both hands I agree. My overview would end up somewhere around 8.5 or even 9.5. Graphics can be tweaked with your Video card "force". Music can be added manually, I think.. Not sure about this one though . And for the end if you don't like the way things look on the planet, well don't focus on deep planet ops, man there are realy millions of possibilities in this game. As this man said it's not the game actually, game ends sooner or later... Go try to finish Unreal Combat . As further it goes as more I like UC. Some people just can't "bear" all the complexity and the scope of it. Looking forward for UC:E2E and even after it's out I will miss original UC, but how fortunately I'll still have it. Unreal Combat is created to live in it, not to play . Live on... P.S. This guy's overall score is 9.4. Subject changed. Damn n00bs. Can't get anything right. [ 06-30-2004, 09:07 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  11. You have to register the game properly. If you won't you may recall not very positive feedback amongst people who have created these rules. 3000AD forums are different from "other" and public forums. There are rules you have to follow at least if you want to communicate with people on 3000AD forums. So I suggest you better go here: http://www.3000ad.com/register/ and register the game with the key you have. If it's a valid key and you have a problem with it, someone will might help you after your succesful registration.
  12. Noone is blaming you, but if you need help with the CD-key you have to post in related forum.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Swjay: I did buy it, i bought it at bestbuy for 20 bucks same time i bought my joystick, wanna see a picture of the box up against the forum with my username as the logged in one? If you realy did buy your game your CD-key is located on the back of the manual. And if it's not working then the only person who can help you is Supreme Cmdr. This forum is for discussing the game. Please post about your problem in customer service related forum.
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