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  1. quote:at the rate im going, it will take me hours ... At the rate you're going it will take all of us hours ...
  2. Is Derek Smart a real person ... and if he is, can someone tell me something about him please?
  3. Do you believe in Derek Smart? Being new to these forums (though I have now read almost all posts) and having, after a few failed attempts with Battlecruiser Tutorials, been successfully initiated to Universal Combat via the Tutorial, I am probably going to be quickly struck down by other members of the church, if not by the Supreme Commander himself for beginning this discussion. Nonetheless, I am curious why the Creator of the known universe should want to waste his valuable time conversing with us about our minor queries. Surely he (?He? ?They?) has/have better things to do? Whilst the SC may feel the loss of even one small sparrow of a cruiser - is our faith in (?his?) work not strong enough to manage without our needing to personify (?his?) magnificence in human form? Indeed is the picture that accompanies his messages a true likeness of our benefactor, or a mere icon? When I am outgunned and surrounded I (and every one of my treacherous crew) pray to an elderly gentleman with a long white beard flanked by angels. I will now recite ten pages of the Tutorial and six of the Manual in penance (and then return to see whether anyone else has personal information or historical anecdotes which will help convince me that SC is a human being - or, alternatively, whether there are other heresies/heretics on the forums ... if so I do not want to know their fate (I have enjoyed the forums and don't want to get banned) only whether there is any way to escape His wrath or resurrect my faith.
  4. quote:Last week, I near went nuts one day trying to keep watch on my Megaron while I was cooking supper. IÔÇÖm really paranoid, and had to check my ship every 30 seconds I like the idea of wireless headphones. I've only recently started - and have turned the speaker volume right up when my ship has been busy trying to get somewhere and I've had other things to do. I nearly broke my toe when the siren called me back from the kitchen last weekend. But I comforted myself with the thought of the pain that the crew must have suffered as they hurried back to their posts. Perhaps one day my life will be as exciting as the charged particles rushing around my computer.
  5. quote: The tutorial references the US manual. If I spent time making it reference any other manual, then I have to do it for all non-US printings of the manual. Don't have time for that. I provided a single manual manuscript to Dreamcatcher and they laid it out in different territories based on their printing, layout etc. I have no control over that. Sorry. Fair enough. The tutorial is great, it opens the door to the world you have created without revealing too much of what lies beyond. Having played a million and one computer games over the past twenty years (including previous battlecruiser demos that were completely beyond me), the scope of this game is phenomenal and the fact that everything is not "presented on a plate" and that a little more effort is required to learn what to do increases the enjoyment.
  6. Like everyone else I must congratulate you on the level of support provided. I have just completed the tutorial and experienced similar problems as other people - but put them down to the fact that I wasn't as rigorous in following directions as others appear to have been. I worked around the problems, but it is reassuring to note that others had similar problems and to have seen your response to these - thanks. My query concerns the page number references in the tutorial pdf, which don't link with the page numbers in my version of the manual. I have bought the game in a DVD plastic box - is there another printing with different page numbers in the US? - if so is there any way to get hold of a pdf of the US version of the manual? great game... I 've died very rapidly, three times, in my attempts to play free form games, but am still very enthusiastic!
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