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  1. quote:Originally posted by Gordon: Actually you can type in "msconfig" via Start/Run You will then get a menu with tabs, one of the tabs is called startup, here you can just click off the items that you don't want loaded at startup. This is probably what you used in 98, XP has it as well. [ 01-22-2002: Message edited by: Gordon ] Your my hero
  2. I love Windows xp pro, just finished setting it up (fixed all my problems with my pc) One question for XP users, in 98 there is a system config tool that allows you to easily delete items that load on startup (realplayer icq etc) all those nice things, how do I do that in XP pro ?
  3. Thankyou for all the suggestions, my processor is a socket A Athlon tb 1000. I'm bored today keep going I'm running zonealarm but I have checked it happens whether or not ZA is on(first thing I checked). While playing with my motherboard I noticed another glitch my ami bios refuses to upgrade, even with mb switch and bios switch set to write enable I can not upgrade the bios to latest version (only one revision away f8 - f9). Here is my shared resource list. IRQ 5 AMD 756 PCI to USB Open Host Controller IRQ 5 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering IRQ 9 Creative SB Live! Value IRQ 9 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering IRQ 10 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100Mb TX Ethernet NIC (3C905-TX) IRQ 10 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering IRQ 11 NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 IRQ 11 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering IRQ 11 SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus IRQ 14 Primary Bus Master IDE controller IRQ 14 AMD-756 Bus Master IDE Controller V1.41 IRQ 15 Secondary Bus Master IDE controller IRQ 15 AMD-756 Bus Master IDE Controller V1.41 I've just ordered a new mb anyway ASUS A7M266 Socket A DDR Motherboard W/AUDIO so if problem still occurs i'll install that (Paola is getting my sdram )
  4. I am inbetween upgrading my pc, but I have a recuring error I would like to squash before I go xp pro and 40gb hd end of month. Firstly my system Gigabyte ga-71xe4 motherboard (updated to newest bios) 512mb sdram windows 98se fully updated Direct X 8.1 Geforce 2mx 32mb agp (detonator drivers newest official drivers) ASDL usb modem acatel. SB live 1024 3com 10/100 network card Hitachi dvd drive. Now for the problem, I noticed it months ago, started simply enough a couple of offline games mainly Klingon academy would crash my internet connection as in after I played I hadto reboot to get on the internet. It is getting much worse got to the point that any game using direct X crashes my connection (not disconnects but no dara going out for anything email explorer or games) only a reboot fixes it, can't even touch everquest or counterstrike, i go link dead as soon as game starts.(noticed big degradation since installing DX8.1) Run DXdiag no problems all certified all fine on all menu's. Interesting points, only happens on 3d games not on menu's ( can go all the way into Eq but as soon as first person view comes up disconnect) same with KA if I goto the menu then quit internet works fine but if I go into the game and blow a few feds up no go on the internet. Any ideas (have formatted hd and reinstalled win 98se) also hard drive when starting up is running scandisk everytime saying a drive may have bad sectors but it doesn't(have run a full surface scan) also before re-installing wn98se I fdisked and deleted/re-initialized partitions. I am wondering if I have a conflict somewhere, but........ I haven't installed anything new for 8 months (system tools also show no problems no conflicts) soundcard lan card and graphics card are all on seperate irq's. Wondering if the motherboard bios is corrupt in some way but it looks fine. Monday I get my new HD so will install xp pro but im just wondering if this problem isn't hd will it cross over .
  5. Tip for anyone wanting to buy xp pro or home, use EBAY, I just yesterday recieved my 3 copies of ebay with ms licences and all relevant documents (oem versions)the send generic hardware item with it cable or something, the price it worked out at the end because I bought a 40gb maxtor 7200 hd as well was Windows xp pro oem £75/$108 * 3 Maxtor 40gb £56/$80 Total = $404 plus $34 next day world wide shipping insured. I doubt anyone can beat that for 3 xp pro let alone hd too My tip to any new ebayers is read a sellers feeback it gives you an idea of who you are dealing with xp home is really cheap.
  6. Someone asked this is whats extra in xp pro(more than this but I don't have full list anymore) New visual design and complete digital media support Premier mobile support for the ability to work offline or access your computer remotely Greater security, including the ability to encrypt your files and folders Built-in support for high performance multiprocessor systems Designed to work with Microsoft Windows Servers and management solutions
  7. quote:Originally posted by Menchise: More bad news about WinXP. Once again, Microsoft's security record rears its ugly head. Exploits Discovered in Universal Plug and Play Implementation Sorry Menchise but I class that as anti microsoft scaremongering, with good firewall protection (zone alarm) and good recent virus protection there isn't much that can harm a pc, infact linux/unix hybrids have alot more flaws than windows unfortunatly. (I used to run a server). When you think of the windows software we use, we seem to forget what an amazing achievement it is, it hasto work on infinite hardware combinations, and run 24/7, you try running a game program for that long, yes its bugged but nothing else comes close. Thats why I don't complain when I purchase operating systems windows 95 lasted me 3 years of use every day, 98 did the same and now i'm buying 3 copies of xp pro (for the added win 2000 type stability but also the games compatibility of xp home) I dare any of you in this day and age of consumerism gone mad to find anything a game, a graphics card, a car, a pair of shoes that will last aslong as windows or even dos did and still perform(win 98/95 both improved with age and patches). [ 01-16-2002: Message edited by: Pyros ]
  8. OEM from america XP professional is $150 oem you just haveto look around. I also got a discount for ordering 3 licenses.
  9. Okay i'm forking out for 3 copies of XP professional at the end of the month *sob* Bedroom machine is now linked to mine and Paola's and is nominated as server for BCM multi games games wooo wooo!!
  10. I live with my disabled wife in the area of Stoke on trent, the police budget is cut every year, criminals are given more and more rights every year at the expense of law abiding citizens. The knee jerk reaction got so bad because of a few shootings and knife attacks (played on by the extremists) that now you can't even use a pistol in the uk even at a gun club and legally all im allowed to have in my house is a 3 inch blade. In the UK if I stand up to a burglar I am more likely to be sued than him, I am more likely to be put through the legal system as a criminal. An English mans home is no longer his castle. The laws against dangerous impliments in the UK only ONLY affect the law abiding comunity and not the criminals, there are gangs that hang around outside your house in certain areas of the UK who have no problem getting guns and knives (before I moved from bentilee a rough council estate I was offered a Browning hi-power for £50 with one clip). Stun guns aren't even legal in the uk, they say its to protect the citizens and especially ladies from getting mugged, well a couple of weeks ago a local girl was raped using a stun gun, guess the rapist wasn't up on the laws. When I go out to shop or visit my mother, I worry about my disabled wife, what happens if someone breaks in? A stun gun would be perfect protection. My mother works shifts late at night she goes out to catch a bus, i'd feel alot safer knowing she could defend herself. I am fully in favor of home defense and personal defence, you may say unarmed combat etc but when the criminals can carry Brownings/stun guns/machettes what good is that ? Against the law, I have a katana under my bed and an axe hidden away in the living room, anyone breaks into my house I will use them because my alternative is to call the police (one active police car patrolling the city of stoke on trent) after all they may not be at another emergency and only take 30 mins to get to me. Any ******* who breaks into my house threatens my wife dies, my wife has delt with cancer I will not let her haveto deal with a life of terror because of some political dweebs who live in there nice houses with security guards. [ 01-12-2002: Message edited by: Pyros ]
  11. Okay, its that time of year when I upgrade the house pc's. Hardware related upgrade will be taking all three to 512mb and two of them to 1ghz (mine is going to 1.4 because I can ). Now i'd like to know from experience not from phobia of a new ms op. What is XP like and what would be best for me home or professional?
  12. We have a cunning plan when it comes to hypno-disc
  13. What have people been occupying themselves with while waiting? I got the urge to build a robot to try and qualify for the 6th series of robot wars (end of 2002) will hopefully be ready to test Junk bot in the the live events sometime february. Upto now its pretty sad, drive motor is a modified bosch window wiper model from a ford sierra meant to run at 12v but currently a 36v charge is used (limited to 10 mins running time or meltdown occurs), calculated running speed is about 16 miles an hour which isn't bad for an estimated (with weapon)48kg bot, weapon is following the KIS (keep it simple) A 10kg chunk of ramming metal at the front. I am just waiting on two things finishing the ackermen car style front steer which is a complete [email protected] both electronicly and mechanically and the armor parts which will be based on a layered design inner plywood then sheet mild steel and an outer layer of chain link fencing (being only in the mid weight class I don't have the money or knowledge to go for kevlar/titanium and coatings). Dimensions atm are height=63cm, width=75cm length=84cm. On top of the armor Paola is probably going to design a paper mache look for the robot. Soooo if you see a bot called junkbot that looks like a walking scrap yard you know who it is, or if Paola gets her way on the design side it will be renamed Moocow bot and will look like a giant cows head
  14. Yeah Red I look at it this way my operating system usually lasts for 1-2 years max it costs £69 each I buy two one for mine one for my wife. Yes its expensive but you use it every day as you switch on your pc thats 1400 uses in 2 years costing 1p per day and we may ***** about microsoft but what other games supported software is there I'm not rich I save up for 6 months at a time to upgrade the pc's but I wouldn't pirate software (I used to but alot of the companies I loved the games went financially broke so I decided just like everything else I use it I pay for it)
  15. I am in Anarchy online Beta 4 and 256 is minimum (ok its still debug mode and unoptimized) FYA: MS have stated there will be NO upgrade path to XP from 98 only ME kinda bad but hehe i'll go for ME for now atleast.
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