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    Unable to select AE's career or race

    Done that, of course... probably it is different from the american edition, for i can't see the answer there: http://sssra.web.ctonet.it/Universal%20Combat.jpg In any case, i have found the answer through other means, so thanks anyway an... uh... wait, "a 25 missions campaign"? Is that what you were referring to? In this case, i fear i am sorely wrong, and even in this case thank you anyway. :-) I'll make a search on the forum, now, there is a question that came to my mind reading carefully all the statements on the back of the box, about the editor. EDIT: i found several topics. I won't ask questions of any kind. Thanks for everything.
  2. Skree

    Unable to select AE's career or race

    I do realize that by asking this i put myself into the position of appearing as "dumb", but as someone who died a long, long time ago said, "the road to wisdom passes through the kingdom of dumbness"; or something like that. Anyway... is this stamenent true? "There is only ONE campaign, and it is for a Terran Commander ONLY, there are NOT any campaigns for the marine career or the fighter pilot career". If it is, then thanks. But if it isn't, then how can I select the marine or fighter pilot campaigns? In any case, thanks for the appreciated support. *bows* [ 06-23-2004, 06:48 PM: Message edited by: Skree ]
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    UC Review - Computer Games

    quote:Originally posted by map: [i guess there's no way to get the reviewers to play enough that they become familiar with the interface]. I think it mostly depends on wich kind of magazine we are talking about. There are tons of website/paper magazines wich exists only to say something, no matter what, but there also exists magazines wich require their reviewers to actually finish a game and to be experts in a genre before allowing them to write something. Of course, in an open ended game such as UC, X2, Morrowind (just to name a few) the "play until the end" requirement becomes "play as long as you can". Just to break a spear defending a selected few who actually care for the work they do, and strive to provide the best service to their customers.