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  1. The Longest Journey Merits a bow *bows*

    Surely one of the best adventures ever made... more so because i like the "tone" it has...

    Anyway, i fear if we continue we would go a tad off-topic, so returning on Freespace...

    There *are* some things Mr. Smart said wich left me a bit "strange"... when he said he would *never* do a cut-scene... do you remember the wonderful intro of Freespace 1? or the movie wich presented the player the GTVA-Colossus? It gave me the chills, really.

    But, in the end, every developer has his style, and he must have the opportunity to work "his way"... if Mr. Smart says "planetary missions and no cut-scenes", so be it, the *only* important thing, in the end, is that it becomes a good game, not if it has cockpits, or cut-scenes, or all-hell-break-lose. My opinion, of course.

    P.S.: i guess we could talk, somewhere else, about Gothic 1 or 2, i'm one of the few with a "reason" behind the "i don't like it" phrase.

  2. UHm... that's not real mature on their part...

    But... hey, let's not accuse the whole freespace community, i could also be defined as a freespace fan, but by no means would i harass someone even *before* he has done his work

    Moreover, i don't really understand all this hate for difficult games like UC or BC... there is Secret Weapons Over Normandy for casual flight sim gamers and Falcon 4.0 for the serious ones...

    I really, really don't understand all that hate... when i look at it it seems something like "They're too dumb to play these games so they, feeling humiliated by their inability to play UC/BC, have to say that it is a crappy game"

    Seems really like Esopo's tale... "the fox and the *thing used to make wine*"

  3. alt, wait, "normal cases" might be a clear answer for you, but not for me... here in italy, for some years now, we find games in *horrid* DVD-BOXES...

    USA edition boxes, instead, are usually in paper, with an opening cover...

    As i think i have stated, i would buy the american GOTY just for collectionism, thus i need to know exactly if it is worthy the price

    What do you mean, then, with "normal boxes"?

    Thanks again.

  4. Greetings,

    I would like to know the *exact* content of the USA version of Morrowind Goty (for PC, not for X-BOX)... i'm considering buying it, but first i would like to know what i will get...

    Does it contain the usa paper boxes of the main game and three expansions? does it contain all three manuals? what about the map?

    Are there just the CDs?

    I guess you've understood what i want to know...

    Thanks for your time. And for your answer.

  5. Uh? X-BOX? What is this fuss about the X-BOX? Wasn't another title being developed for that console? Freespace 3 is for PC, yes?

    [following logic]Wait, Mr. Smart clearly stated keyboard and mouse control for Freespace 3 (like the originals), so it can't be for X-BOX but for pc. [/following logic]

    Geez, you almost made me get an heart attack.

  6. well, i noticed that it is a tad faster than normal, but i found no difficulties whatsoever in intercepting ufos or sending promptly a task force on a terror site...

    would you try downloading "my" version of X-COM? It is the exact same as the one i use with no problems... perhaps you have yet another version wich isn't too optimized for modern systems? (Although it seems strange).


    This is the one... i hope it helps.

  7. No, not really... the windows version is already slowed down, what you need to do is go into che options screen in battle mode (click on the "?", it is one of the icons), and set a lower speed from there.

    Having a P4 2.8 i am *certain* the game is already slowed down, since it runs perfectly after i lower the speed from the options menu.

  8. quote:

    Originally posted by JUDGExKTF:


    Originally posted by Skree:

    This one's better.

    Hmm I tend to disagree, I think UFO: Alien Invasion is further in the development fase. Also I (personaly) think the artwork is better looking.

    Oh, well, the important thing, in the end, is that one of them get finished and is faithful to the original, wether "mine" or "yours"

    A group of people is also making a "clone" of Master of Magic wich is able to run on windows machines.

  9. Someone here said he couldn't play the series... i am uploading right now on my web space the "Freespace reference bible", it is a 4MB "and something" word document analyzing every single aspect of the Freespace Universe, including technologies, races, politics, religion and whatever.

    As a side note, this "bible" has not been written by "fanboys", but from Volition itself, so what is written here is "the truth".

    I am more than sure that Mr. Smart could recite this thing on memory, but maybe it will be useful to those (unlucky) fellas who never had a chance to play Freespace 1 or 2...

    By the way... i ask permission to "those in charge" if i may open a "second" thread, linking to the same bible posted at the end of this post, in order to keep any possible question about the freespace universe separate from this thread wich is, i think, for something else.

    *hoping to have been helpful, bows*


  10. Well... in my humble opinion the solar reactor is there just to help the nuclear reactor. For instance... having 80 units of power from solar energy and 100 units of power from the nuclear reactor the ship systems would first use the 80 solar power units, and only then the ones obtained with the... the... (how the hell is it called that substance wich fuel the Nuclear Reactor...? that one anyway). So, in the end, in the situation i used as an example, only 20 units of nuclear power are used if one has systems activated for 100 power units, thus using less radines(that is the name, right?).

  11. Greetings,

    It is in my intention to apply as a humble servant of Prime Fleet. Before that, however, i need to get out of the academy; somehow, no instructor was ever available to teach me whatsoever, i had some minor engagements with minor hostile assets, but by all means i barely know how to operate my Command Vessel.

    As such, i ask to everyone reading this note if there is someone kind enough to provide me with personal training, so that i could reach operational capabilities in the shortest time possible.

    In return, i offer my willingness to serve Prime Fleet with all the skill i will eventually develop, but only if i will be found worthy of such an honor.

    Waiting for an answer, i bow to you.

    (now my only concern is if this forum is not a roleplaying one... i could have very well presented myself as a gerk :asd: well... i hope it is clear, anyway.)

  12. quote:

    Originally posted by Freyar:

    Hoah! (Army equivalent to "Here Here!")

    Yeah, it's all about that. I feel that people never gave you a fair chance, and I still read reviews on your newer ones (like UC) and most of them have contained things about how they feel that it is stupid just becuase the SC/3000AD made it.

    This is sad, I wish you didn't start out bad. Anyways, I'm getting off topic. Let's hope he has learned his lesson.

    With that I now revoke my own right to continue posting on this thread unless another major development in this is released.

    It wasn't his fault. For the (little) i know the publisher of BC3K published the game way before it was finished... if you look around you will find that this fate is less unusual than one would expect. Just think of what i consider a tragedy for RPGs: Lionheart. It should have been a "Fallout in a fantasy world"... but then, suddenly, the publisher decided to make it a Diablo clone... the end result was a marvelously good rpg experience in the first part of the game, and an horrid, sick hack and slash thereafter until the end...

    I really do not understand why the publishers don't let the developers do their work... they are the expert in what they do, after all, the publishers need only to give money, and await for them to return when the title sells. And it WOULD sell if everything the developer had time to make everything he wanted to do.

    Anyway, as you said, you (and I) are going a bit off-topic... just to say that Mr. Smart didn't "start bad". He was made "starting bad" by some dumbasses.

    *bows, then retreats*

  13. quote:

    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    What did you miss? Its the second bullet point right there in the image.

    In fact


    an... uh... wait, "a 25 missions campaign"? Is that what you were referring to? In this case, i fear i am sorely wrong

    I had seen it, i was just roleplaying a little bit while writing. Sorry, it is a "style of writing" i adopt sometimes on forums, i'll avoid that in the future if it is a problem.