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  1. I am sorry I have not been around much. With health problems and well real life issues becoming a burden I will probably have no time to play nor do anything with the website. Now from the way it looks, Dreada has passed on the server access to someone else which is fine with me. I am still hosting the website space and will continue doing so as long as I can afford it and I still find use for it. If in fact any of this does or seems that it may change in the future I will be sure to contact you all to let you know ahead of time. Until then enjoy the web space and use it at your own leisure. If you have any questions or problems......well I can't promise I will have time to answer the questions or work on the problems but my email address is [email protected] So enjoy the web space. Captain Reed OUT!
  2. No problems here. I had to take off any way. Had so business to attend to and I believe we accomplished quite a bit for what the session was worth. You have passed your navigating test along with targeting and engaging the enemy test. Now we will still have to hit the planet fall and ground based tests along with some more battle scenario tests to see how you do against different class vessels. So be prepared and try to get on the server with other people no matter if they are Wraith or not and do your own practicing. So carry on and contact with a few more dates and times of when you will be available for more training so that we can line something up before next weeks match.
  3. My GMT time is (-4) for Eastern time zone.
  4. Also about Cartmanbeeps problem. I have that same problem but I can usually just refresh the list a few times and then it will give me the scanned servers currently running. You can also close or exit the UC MP program and then restart it. And on a further note for the website question. I have not had much time to do a whole lot, but I believe I fixed the main page so it should resize correctly to any resolution. I have uploaded the credits page and have it formatted to what I think it should look like in terms of what you have been telling me so review and revise it as you see fit. I also have some of the other pages you sent me, but some of them don't have all the images with them. They even have links on them that don't do anything, but give a page not found or unable to display page error.
  5. I deleted a ton of PMs so you should be able to PM me now.
  6. Well notify me of a time and date and I will make damn certain that I try to make it there.
  7. Oooohhhhhh. That is why. Dreada didn't give you the updated link to the website. Hey Dreada I thought you gave Cartmanbeeps the URL to the new and improved website?
  8. If there is a problem with the forums then please contact me. I am the one currently hosting the entire site and phpBB2 boards. I currently have two setup on the site, one for public use and another for members only use. If in fact you are having a problem I must know the following: 1) Where exactly you went to reach the forums board you are trying to access. 2) I need you to copy and paste the exact error you are recieving when you go there. Now once you have done this I will go over a few things and see what is causing the problem for you. If I find no problem on my end then I will attempt to advise you in a few methods that might in fact fix the problem for you on your end. So please PM me the information I have just listed above so that I may get started immediately.
  9. I am sure dreada would let you join. Now I am not sure if he is on vacation or not, but he might be on a little later in the day to handle your request so be patient and standby.
  10. quote:Originally Posted by: Remo Williams The first fleet MP matches in the history of the BC series have been scheduled for Sunday the 22nd starting at 22:00 GMT. We will face each other with three teams of three hopefully if enough fleet members are available. This should be very fun commanders lets get the show on the road and see who can claim the bragging rights! LOL! So the question is ARE WE READY?
  11. Sounds great...Maybe we can put fear in them with the idea of putting those commanders in a detention hold for treason once CIOPS digs up a ton of reports on the number of attacks those Vesperons have made on galcom vessels (already attacked me 3 times since I started playing for no just reason). They seem to attack galcom ships more often then the enemy raiders or insurgents. So go get them CIOPS people .
  12. The date...July 29 2004. The time...20:27:00. All was quiet in and around Junae, a sector in which Strategic Commander Dreada and I (Commander Captain Reed) were patrolling until a sudden attack from an allied Terran Military vessel. Strategic Commander Dreada was engaged by allied Vesperon class battle cruiser which damaged Dreada's cruiser forcing him to attempt escape by entering the planet's, Junaes', atmosphere. With his systems damaged beyond repair he attempts a crash landing that would turn into his down fall. As he had placed his command craft into auto pilot the vessel plummeted to the planet's surface leaving nothing left but the debre and the graves of the crew onboard the lost cruiser GCV-Terra-Nova . With the loss of the GCV Terra-Nova becoming more clear to me I set a course to intercept and destroy the known spy and traitorous Vesperon class Terran Military vessel . With my partially damaged super carrier Aestrom Class, GCV-Athens, I was in pursuit and preparing for a difficult battle. With shields running at a max of 78% and nreactors at 74% with no go on cloak I continued to prepare what ever I had left to attack the the Vesperon . Once I came out of Hyper Space all Hell broke out. Shields were falling fast and the other ship gaining an upper hand. I had no choice but to attempt evasive maneuvers. With the new tactic allowing my command craft time to recharge shields above 50% I turned and opened up with everything I had, firing missles and the four main Ion guns. Down to my last three missles I decided that it was me or him so I fired those last three missles hoping for contact. With my fingers crossed and the sweat running down my brow they hit and made one of the most beutiful sites in any battle, the destruction of the enemy ship. With the ship burning and exploding brightly against the darkness of space . The Vesperon was destroyed 20:28:49.
  13. well my suggestion in this matter is make him an exception and allow him to check in when he can. And when I say check in when he can I mean almost each time he has a chance given the fact that he won't be checking in on request. For example: If J.Smith is capable of checking in at the end of the month, but can't check in say a month from now then he would check in when he can. But if he can check in again two weeks from now then that would help us to keep track of him and the times that he would be available. Or another idea would be that if he can tell us when he isn't going to be available. Then we don't have to keep wondering. So Dreada, you have a decision to make and I don't know if any way you go with this decision if it will be a good one. So good luck.
  14. We have a total of five members in the fleet, but two are temporary officers that were moved from prime fleet (highly appreciated, need all the help we can get). But even with the five we have it is quite the silent fleet. I know Dreada has been having some problems with his computer, but I don't know if he ever got his problems worked out or not. So Dreada if you got your computer fixed please respond by saying hi or something. Also those of you reviewing the Wraith Charter I had some minor things that I thought would be nice if it were added. If we are going to list the different vessels that we can command then I think instead of just listing some of the specs on certain vessel we should list all so that those people new to the fleet can make a proper assessment on what vessel they would like to use while under the Wraith's command (This only applies if Wraith strategic commander or the fleet commander isn't going to start giving a specific vessel to their commanders). Another thing I have noticed is a few minor typos which aren't anything to worry about unless someone wants to make a big deal out of it. Any ways I have only managed to make it half way through so far because I have been working on my pocket pc. Something is wrong with it. The screen is acting up on the thing. But the good thing is that I got all the files I wanted off it. PS. Can those people (and other members reviewing the charter or reading this post) please feel free to comment on this issue. Thank you, Captain Reed of the GCV-Athens
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