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  1. Muslims are not welcome anymore.. Support denmark,defend freedom,eh? Cruiser that was a great post.Its good to see some people thinking using their logic instead of emotions.
  2. quote:The main point you made about there being no objective way to distinguish between life and non-life is kind of strange because I don't think you have any difficulty picking out a corpse from a live person if you were to see them side by side.Yes,it changes from a form("living") that I cannot completely understand its working mechanisms(unpredictable) to a form(dead) that I can easily understand(predictable) The question is what happens when we completely understand working mechanisms of humans? Of course thats assuming its possible to completely analyze humans.So like you said its all about one's presuppositions on materialism. I think I have a better example: people who dont know much about gameprogramming are immersed in a game much easier than a game programmer.Why? Because its easier to give the illusion of reality to the first group(for example convincing them that characters in the game are living) than to the programmer,since the programmer can analyze working mechanisms of a game much better.You would need a more complex program to convince him than to convince regular player. Would that dog still seem different to a complex machine if you could predict its moves just like you can predict machine's ?
  3. quote:4. Some have said that evolution does not speak to human origins (life from non-life). That's only partly true. Darwin's theory, strictly speaking, does not. That has not stopped contemporary scientists from embracing an evolutionary model for producing the first life, and it is this which has been the most frequent sticking point for people of faith. The number of those who doubt evolution as a theory of change is far smaller than those who doubt its ability to transform raw chemistry into life. This is what ID is really critiquing, and I think that as such it's a good critique. What people mean by "life" has always been an interesting question for me.The way I see it, people tend to call complex mechanism(too complex to completely analyze-understand- at a time) "living". For example in the past people thought the earth was "living" because they couldnt explain earthquakes,thunders,winds etc. People eventually were able to analyze these(meaning they began to *understand*) and earth is considered "non-living" now. We understand how waves are happening and that makes it "non-living" but we cannot completely explain the complex reactions humans give to their environment(for now) and thats why humans are considered "living". So,IMO, theres no *objective* difference between "life" and "non-life". Just wanted to give my answer to that argument.
  4. Good work indeed. Welcome to SCID
  5. Thats interesting.Yesterday,when I posted that link,it said the item was available and would be shipped in 1-2 weeks. I guess someone indeed warned them about this.
  6. If you mean this UCAWA, you'll never get it.Because UCAWA wasnt published by dreamcatcher(contrary to what it says on that page).And you can only get (CD-ROM version) it from BMT Micro.So if you ordered your UCAWA from amazon then you should cancel it and order it from BMT Micro(SC just gave the link a few posts above). BTW someone should tell these guys to remove that misleading page (they are selling a non-existent item ).
  7. quote:People can read on their ownYep,you can count on that one.Anyone with a functioning brain(doesnt mean one that agrees with him) can understand what he says(he stated his opinion on this subject not in one post or a single thread but *consistently* on SEVERAL threads). quote:Go ahead, call me a liar, or as quoting you out of contextHe would be wrong if he said all these.There's a much simpler(and more accurate) explanation: you just cant understand what he says. To be able to use (manipulate,in this particular case stopping(reducing) terrorism) something one needs to understand how that thing works.To fix a broken electronic device you need to understand the working principles of it;unfortunately some people prefer to shake it or hit it and pray that it helps(this more often than not makes the condition of the device even worse).
  8. quote:Are you SUICIDAL? Sensitive to the religion of, either convert or DIE? I don't think so. ... Sensitive to the religion of zaniness and killers? Majority of people in Turkey are muslim.All my friends,relatives,etc know that Im atheist.No one ever told me to "convert or DIE". You decide whether being sensitive is good for your national interests or not,but if you choose not to be sensitive dont bother coming to Turkey to say USA is "misunderstood" by turkish people. It doesnt work that way.. [ 10-26-2005, 10:09 AM: Message edited by: Wolfheart ]
  9. quote:Anyhow, religious texts accepted as a viable explanation for all the marvels of our universe just replace one problem by another. Yes,exactly. Why are there animals?-Cause God created them. Why did God create animals?-Cause he has a grand plan. Why does god have(need?) a grand plan?? ... See,when we start asking questions,we should continue doing so..For some strange reason some people just cut it at one point and never go beyond.. Concerning Big-Bang:I always found the Big-Bang model in which there are infinite number of bangs(since infinity), the most consistent.I just cant see any reason at all for a "beginning of time" concept and I think its contradictory. I also have an objection to the concept of absolute emptiness,but I'll hold myself(too off-topic )..
  10. quote:You have to earn recognition and respect based on your actionsI absolutely agree with you here,I also agree that the firefighters deserve recognition. But this guy isnt a firefighter(he didnt take any training to handle such situations) yet he still tried to help.I think that also deserves recognition. quote: Would it have been anyone else, they wouldn't even get a line in that article for their attemptThats one of the problems of current societies.Im not so fond of this fact,either;but we shouldnt jump to the other extreme as a reaction to this(saying "celebrities have red skin and horns!!! They eat children!!!" doesnt help).
  11. LOL,thats taking "the end justifies the means" to a whole new level. There are things one cannot control or foresee at a given time.The affects of such things on human life are called "chance".Assuming this:"Kennedy and a friend tried to rescue the men using a 13-foot boat but rough waters forced them back. " is true,then the guy probably couldnt (at the time) know that rough water would make his rescue attempt impossible.He saw a chance and tried to help.He gave the drowning men a chance,thats the value of his failed attempt at rescuing them.The SAME actions would save lives in other circumstances.Thats the value..
  12. quote:Penalizing someone who is doing better than you. Taxes arent some kind of penalty.Its the price of living in a stable(content) society.It may have(lots of) problems in its execution but I think the concept itself is acceptable. That being said,I agree that just taxing rich people and giving money to the poor isnt an answer to the problems.Those people should be tought to catch fish(those money should be used to create more jobs and provide better education). And the "value" of rich people is just BS.Just because an athlete won the race that he has started a mile ahead of other competitors doesnt mean he has any more "value" than others. I think its not too far in history when the frenchmen showed what would happen when the unhappiness of the society got ignored.
  13. Commander T. C. McQueen is MIA(serving in real life german military).
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