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  1. Hello fellow commanders, This is Wolfheart reporting,Im honored to be in service of earthcom forces. Waiting for approval of my registiration at vanguard fleet forums.
  2. Yes that happens in BCMG and UC too.IIRC SCs comment on this was "stuff happens,deal with it". I think that happens less frequently when shuttles are piloted by real pilots(not marines!) and when the pilots AI is higher.
  3. hmm,yes I think you're right,when I think about it I dont remember DF&BA skills increasing either.But when pilots' AI increase they certainly get better(both at space and planets) so no need to panic
  4. Here are some interesting articles that also has answers to some of your questions: The Myth and the Math Give the Man a Chance Now ItÔÇÖs IsraelÔÇÖs Turn to Prove Partnership I would recommend people to visit this site for some interesting articles from both sides.
  5. Oh yeah they threat palestinians really well why are they complaining Death in a Cemetery,Birzeit university The Effects of IsraelÔÇÖs Operation Defensive Shield on Palestinian Children Living in the West Bank,Birzeit university excerpt: "On 23 April,[3] Ameen Ziad Thawabte, 14, from the village of Beit Fajjar near Hebron, was returning from school with a small group of children his age at approximately 1:00 p.m. An Israeli jeep passed nearby and fired a single shot that killed Ameen. There were no clashes or confrontations with soldiers in the area at the time and there was no curfew on the village. The Israeli army claimed that the children were close to a settlement. However, the nearest settlement, Mijdal Oz, is located three kilometers from the place where Ameen was shot. The Israeli occupation force regularly left mines in commonly used Palestinian areas before their withdrawal and 11 children were affected, seven of them have died. On 23 April, Asad Orsan lost four limbs, Saed al-Wahshi, 12, suffered severe burns and shrapnel over his entire body, and on 17 May, Ameer Nashrati, 12, was injured while playing in the rubble. "
  6. I wasnt talking about terror attacks,I was talking about the attitudes of avarage jews and arabs against each other in the area.And do you really,honestly think that all Sharon did is self-defence and that he's not cruel or unfair against arabs(again Im not talking about terrorists)? And check again,there are jewish terrorists blowing arabs who havent done anything..Surely the numbers are vastly different,but there ARE jewish terrorists.
  7. quote:Arab societies have not gone through an industrial revolution of their own or their own age of enlightment.yes,and the conflict there is just postponing the inevitable.Generations wasted..
  8. Hey guys cant we talk about this without going to extremes?I mean people either talk about how arabs hate jews and act unfair or how jews hate arabs and act cruelly..Isnt it obvious that such shit is coming from both sides? And the title is misleading,the article doesnt say ANYTHING about muslims attitude towards jews,it just shows the level of prejudice reached in middle east..
  9. quote:These are things that I learned in School, open any history book? You know, it's pretty funny, the other day my Son was asking me why he needed to learn "all this stuff that some dead guys did" and this is a perfect example. If you don't know the history of the area, then why are you posting on this subject? Interesting,None of the history books I have read ever mentioned that "Palestine as a political structure has NEVER existed, palestinians as a people NEVER existed either, they were actually JEWS, and they were called that as a putdown.".It may be true or not but its obvious that theres not consensus about this..And it may be told that way to you in school but that doesnt mean anything to me.. quote:You've GOT to be kidding me right? These are your sources? Did I say they are??I just said they were an interesting reading about this issue from Arab side..Obviously you missed that part.. quote:Just like the disinformation your Terrorists friends at Al-Nakba are trying to feed to us now.My terrorist friends eh?LOL Anyway my point wasnt about justifying palestines assaults to civilians,or something like that..I was simply trying to express my *initial* thoughts about this issue which are best summed up like this: "One of the Israeli participants summed up my feelings when he said, "Guys, can't we just agree that the situation sucks for both sides and move on?"
  10. quote:Problem is, who is it that they were taking land from? What historical evidence could you give me that the Palestinians even owned this land. Keep in mind that one of the disputed areas is called Judea, Jews are called Jews because they were from Judea. Keep in mind that the Jews were driven away from this land by the Roman Empire and the Palestinians settled there both during the rule of the Romans and later during the Rule of the Byzantine EmpireAnswer to:Palestinians never had either a country, nor any distinct culture or language of their own ex: "The right which the Arabs in Palestine have is one due to the inhabitants of any country . . . because they live here, and not because they are Arabs . . . The Arab inhabitants of Palestine should enjoy all the rights of citizens and all political rights, not only as individuals, but as a national community, just like the Jews." "It is not fair nor just to suppress the political, economic, and civil rights of others just because they never had a state, distinct language, and distinct culture in their history." Its worth reading Darkling(even if just to better understand them).I know they arent historical evidence,but Nomad already answered this on first page..And you or Jaguar havent shown any historic evidence about your claims.. Here are some more interesting reads: Answer to:Most Palestinians want to destroy Israel and deep in their hearts they want to drive all Israeli Jews into the sea..... Answer to:The Arabs rejected the 1947 U.N. partition of Palestine, and consequently attacked the Jewish state, and lost the 1948 war......
  11. quote:You're dreaming...LOL and the Turkey Greece thing, that is a total PIPE dream. I've lived in Turkey, the animosity between those countries is totally out of control, and always will be. It's just the way it is. Its just "the way it is" for people who refuse to think on the subject.Those who cannot see the dynamics tend to explain things using statics.. The animosity is out of control because *each* side refuses to see each other,Turks have a imaginary greek character and so does the greeks.They are fighting(and hating) those characters NOT each other.When looked from outside things may seem the same but there ARE changes,today I can talk about things about greece in public that I couldnt 10 years before.Theres internet,movies,books,phones,TV;with these and more nationalists can only hide the real greece for so long. quote:But seriously this is a war and we are not in the end game yet. I didnt say we are.. quote:I, like you, believe diplomacy is always preferable to violence, Wolfheart. But how can you negotiate with terrorists? I'm not saying that all Palestinians are terrorists, mind you - indeed the vast majority are not. Yet they let Hamas and Islamic Jihad do all of their "negotiating" for them through death and terror. Even now, Hamas vows to continue killing innocent Israel's. If they can not rein them in, then Israel will answer in kind; with force. And rightfully so. I say, kill the terrorists and let the negotiating begin. Terrorism..You know whatever you think try to see events through BOTH sides eyes before drawing conclusions.. Is ÔÇÿTerrorismÔÇÖ Being Defined by the ÔÇÿTerrorists?ÔÇÖ excerpt: "LetÔÇÖs return to last weekÔÇÖs comment from the college professor who said, ÔÇ£Whoever defines the situation controls itÔÇØ. Netanyahu and his Israeli and pro-Israeli friends have been controlling the Western response to ÔÇ£terrorismÔÇÖÔÇØ for a long time." Human Price of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine excerpt:" The PNIC report mentioned that the number of killed children aged less than 18 years reached 742. 261 females, 344 security members and 817 students and teachers were also killed during the years of the Intifada." "As for the killed in extrajudicial executions perpetrated by Israeli undercover units and warplanes, the number had risen to 324, as that of those died due to delays at checkpoints mounted to 130 men, women, children and elderly." "The Israeli occupation troop violations against the journalists reached 724 attacks, as the shelling of residential buildings has been 31473 times since October 10, 2001until October 31, 2004, the PNIC made clear."
  12. Now this is what is needed NOT trying to kill each other until theres no one left so that you win by default.Its inevitable ,considering the ease of communication today, that eventually people will see each other as humans and politics will HAVE TO follow.This is the exact same thing that will happen in the Turkey-Greece relationship in time. You cant kill ideas by armies..
  13. Genocide as the Solution to "Terrorism" in the Occupied Territories Just came accross this while googling for "The English Godfather of Palestinian Terrorism". Excerpt: "Things have worsened since then, and observers from abroad now report regularly (mainly on e-mail and outside the mainstream media) on how Israelis want more forcible action against the "terrorists," widely refer to the Palestinians with angry contempt as "animals," and how the police treat Palestinians with the same spirit as the German Waffen SS treated Jews. U.S. Jewish visitor Rebecca Elswit, recently watching the Jewish crowd crying "death to the Arabs" as the police dragged terrified and bleeding Arab children to paddy wagons, broke down and screamed at the police as they twisted the arm of one child till it broke. She was assured by one religious woman, however, that these were just "animals" ("Who Are These People? My People?," July 31, 2001). " Here's another one I found interesting in here : "Doomed path Sir- This letter is to let you know that not all Americans are deeply in love with Israel or feel that Israel can do no wrong. I am a Catholic, not an Arab or an anti-Semite. I wrote to our president and the Californian senators asking them this simple questions: "How do we Americans benefit from all the assistance we are giving Israel? What is Israel doing for us?" I got no reply to the questions. Israel has tremendous political power, seems to control our politicians. A joke currently making the rounds says: "We can eliminate suicide bombers by giving the Palestinians tanks, helicopter gunships, cruise missiles and F-16s. Then they would kill in a civilised manner -- like the Israelis do." Sharon has wiped out all hope for a dialogue. He can send tanks and aeroplanes, but he cannot solve the issue nor give the Israeli people peace and security. The Roman Empire existed by the imposition of military power, and Israel is following the same path: conquer, colonise, subjugate. Rudy Haig San Jose, California USA " [ 08-21-2005, 01:40 PM: Message edited by: Wolfheart ]
  14. I remember seeing such an issue when digging old bcm threads,SC said it wasnt affecting gameplay so it remained to this version.Actually I didnt even notice this(I read those threads before getting the game) and totally forgot about it since then. While they may not be the same(I havent played UCAWA yet) problem,I had a frequent crash problem in UC that I was able to solve by a)setting virtual memory management to windows controlled(it was set to a higher value manually before) b)setting sound acceleration to BASIC. Thought it might help..
  15. quote:This "Void of Sovereignty" claim is rejected on the ground that no such void or suspension existed, because during the Mandate period, the community of citizens of Palestine held sovereignty subject to Great Britain's administration. Palestinians carried Palestine citizenship and were represented by a UN's recognized organization (Arab Higher Committee). In fact, under the British Administration, Palestinian legislative, executive, and judicial bodies existed. This Palestinian entity, that had the indicia of a national State, enjoyed the right to sovereignty by virtue of its inalienable right to self determination.So how do you say "squatters",when these people lived there so long? These people were THERE before Israel came to the land,KNOWN and REPRESENTED. I would like to know what you base your claims on? And "freaks of nature"?You know that such a statement came from another man too,he also thought that those "freaks of nature" should be killed to stop..Whats even more funny is that I would expect sckid to be sensitive to such statement after all that happened to his people in the past..But I guess one can "ignore" such things easily when it serves him,right? Wow..Interesting times indeed..
  16. quote:There is NOTHING illegal about Israel's presence, as it was done to debilitate the enemies' ability to launch further attacksWe totally agree here,they have the right to go beyond their borders to prevent terror attacks until the attacks stop BUT they dont have the right to use terror attacks as an excuse to claim land to fulfill a dream of theirs(which seems to have existed *before* any terror attack happened). Yes,you have the right to kill or capture a thief(to be sent to prison) that has broken into your house,you have the right to go and capture the thief in HIS house if neccesary BUT you dont have the right to use this as an excuse to *settle* in HIS house(in which not only the thief lives) that you wanted to have *before* the theft happened.Laws dont (and shouldnt) care that some book of yours says the house is yours. quote:Here is the reason the Palestinian 'cause' cannot be taken seriously.I dont agree.Being wrong in one aspect doesnt automagically mean you're wrong in ALL aspects.Just like being under attack of terrorists doesnt automagically mean you have the right to do anything.
  17. quote:Did Israel intend to take those lands before she was attacked? No. I have been reading a lot about this issue lately and Im not that sure about the above statement of yours.Not that I have drawn conclusions or anything but Im just not that sure about this.. quote:Regardless of the uncertainty of these allegations that had not been proven or accepted a lawful war in origin could not go on being lawful to whatever lengths it might be pursued. Assumingly the "self defense" claim is right [although it is debated]; the conclusion that title to territory may be obtained by "defensive conquest" is a defective conclusion. According to article 2(4) of the Charter, a State exercising national defense may go beyond its national boundaries to repel an attack, but it may not go beyond its territories to acquire territories. Such legal conclusions are repugnant to the principle of "imminent threat and proportionality." Being a territory taken during hostilities, East Jerusalem, as well as the whole West Bank, according to international law criteria, is under belligerent occupation. So let me explain my initial analogy:going beyond your boundaries to repel an attack is self-defense,BUT going beyond your boundaries to acquire land is robbing the thief(and his family). And @ sckid1108 :Thanks for the response,Im reading it right now.
  18. quote:I am of the opinion that any land lost due to Islamic agression through Israel totally and righteously kicking their butts is now Israel's by right. Isnt this similar to saying "being robbed by a thief gives you the right to rob him AND his relatives" who havent actually done anything to you?? quote:I'm thinking that any land the Israelis gained is theirs by default.So you say possesing the power to do something gives you the right to do it by default.Ok than if we expand on this logic and we can say the terrorists were right to attack you because they had the power to do it,right?
  19. quote:Some understanding from the Jewish perspective would really help him. I dont know about Rev. Majdi Siryani but I would like to see the events in your perspective.But unfortunately ANY ANNE BAYEFSKY article dont do it.I have looked at a few sites read some articles(like this ) but these articles gave me the impression that she's basically saying that we should forget all other aspects of the Israel-palestinian issue and instead focus on terror attacks..But having never read any of her articles before,its highly probable that Im wrong. So I would like you to point me any article that explains the problem(But NOT partially please) from the beginning in YOUR perspective (and in detail),by ANNE BAYEFSKY or someone else.
  20. quote:On a side note though, You could say that God was on Israel's side during the several wars, when they beat the crap out of all their Arab Neighbors and seized additional land, or you could say that they were VERY lucky. Throughout Israel's history they seem to have gotten VERY lucky in wars against much more powerfull enemy's. I guess it's all just dumb luck and God had nothing to do with it right. Thats a classic,nothing out of ordinary.Each side thinks they are the good guys and that god protects them etc. Im sure Arabs have such stories too. And werent you saying that killing innocents is wrong regardless of the reasons,now you are telling me that its(the one that god ordered) justified [ 08-19-2005, 09:50 AM: Message edited by: Wolfheart ]
  21. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: quote:Originally posted by Wolfheart: quote:It's been a while since I've read the Bible but I remember a passage where God had commanded the Isralies to destroy the Philistines (from whom the Palestines have decended) along with thier valuables, but in thier infinite wisdom, they decided instead to only conquer and subjugate them and take the spoils of warI fail to see which part of this makes the land "rightfully theirs" *now* Sorry, forgot to take your lack of faith into account, the POINT was that if the Isralies would have done what God commanded them to do, instead of doing what THEY wanted to do, then they wouldn't be in this mess right now. As it stands, they both have a claim to the land. If they would have done what God told them to do, they wouldn't have this problem, because there wouldn't be any Palestinians. Ok I see..You basically say its their land because some book says God wants so..I think I like remos explanation better(even if I dont agree that think its good a enough reason for the "mess" happening there,which seems to continue for a long time..).Anyway this is a dead end so lets follow the other ongoing discussion(which is more informative and seems to be going somewhere). BTW is it just me or is there a contradiction in both believing a God that promotes genocide (which includes "innocents") and thinking that terrorism is wrong. (if that passage is from bible)
  22. First of all thanks for the answer,Im somewhat uninformed about this issue so its good to know each sides arguments and their reasons.But there's still one point I wonder how you explain which is about the practical results of this idea,Nomad already mentioned it so Ill quote him: "If we start to consider land property according to religious claims made more than 2000 years ago, we may very well start wars in every corner of the globe." Edit.Well I just wondered another thing,since you use a highly subjective version of the word "belong",you probably understand palastinians claim on the land(since they use another subjective version) and understand the "resistance",right?
  23. quote:It's been a while since I've read the Bible but I remember a passage where God had commanded the Isralies to destroy the Philistines (from whom the Palestines have decended) along with thier valuables, but in thier infinite wisdom, they decided instead to only conquer and subjugate them and take the spoils of warI fail to see which part of this makes the land "rightfully theirs" *now*
  24. quote:Giving away Israeli land which is rightfully theirs to the Palestinians is not the answers IMO. Gaza never did belong to the Palestinians they may have squaded on it claiming it as their own for the last 2000 years, but that land belongs to Israel.Care to explain how is that land "rightfully" theirs? This statement piqued my interest,I would like to know more about it.I hope it is more than a "biblical claim".
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