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  1. Derek dont beat me again but this might have relevance to the issue we're having here(Because since patch 2.00.21 amongst other things I have experienced this too) PS.I noticed one thing(I dont know if its relevant but..):Everyone reporting this problem is using non-US version of UC..
  2. quote:Thats because 2.00.00 is based on DirectX 8. All later patches are DirectX 9.not 2.00.00, 2.00.20.Im also having problems since patch 2.00.21 and the one described above is one of them(the other one was reported in a now deleted thread).New drivers and reinstalling dx 9.0c didnt help.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Evochron from the makers of Star Wraith. The whole game is 18 Mb Whats even more surprising is that the game is actually quite fun(at least in the first hour that the demo lets you play). Now thats a quality BUDGET title.I really wonder sometimes what exactly was DC thinking ..
  4. Ships reflecting space background effect is incredible !I also liked the new crew pics.You were right about the difference of graphics between UC and UCAWA being as night and day.Great demo
  5. Skydive,I think you're missing the point of ground combat;in BC you do not just fight as in the games you mentioned,you fight using your strategy,your tactics and with YOUR CREW.Its one thing to fight with nameless teammates and its whole another thing to fight with the crew you know and have gotten familiar with(through countless adventures,witnessing their foolish mistakes,then seeing the same pilots/marines saving your ass last minute etc..). @DarknessIncarnate:Try patrol waypoint order.
  6. x2,parkan2,space rangers2 are the ones I can remember and then there are some promising open source titles(vega strike being one of them).I dont mean they are BCs twin-brothers, they all have their unique styles seperating them from BC and each other but IMO they all cater to the same(more or less) audience(open-ended space sim fans) and as such they are direct competitors of BC series. So when I said "competitors" I meant competition in selling most games to the fans of this genre(getting the biggest pie as not all people (can)buy all of them so they have to decide on which one to buy) not competition in gameplay(as they are in fact very different games that are focusing on different things).
  7. Its not russian only.There is a parkan 2 thread if you want more info. And there seems to be lots of quality space sim/rts games coming in 2005/6(x2 the return,starshatter4.5,parkan2,starwolves,space rangers 2,..),a good portion of them being direct competitors to BC series,I think it can only benefit us gamers
  8. quote:Why take note of who killed you? To avenge yourself the next time? If you dont then it would be some firestorm that decided to attack you for some reason,if you do then you would be a galcom hero that died while fighting the evil gammulan.All about roleplaying really quote:So... about that shuttle..? Do I have to?Im so ashamed Well briefly, I ordered my shuttle(thousands of kilometers away)full of precious cargo to RTB while I was in the middle of a fight(a tough one) thinking the shuttle was fast enough to safely return ..Advanced,yeah sure
  9. Its always nice to read noob stories,they make you remember how you were back then (@myself:Stop bragging or I'll tell what happened to your shuttle last time when it followed your orders). Remember: 1)you are a commander so you should leave your ship last. 2)Always take a note of who killed you(race/caste) though you may not be able to do it in some stuations 3)Continue playing and sharing your stories.
  10. quote:must I have to go through a DJP to an enemy base to fight?yes quote:Is it the same for the rest of the UC universe?No. Just search the forums,youll see lots of battle stories which will answer your question much better.
  11. Remove all cargo in shuttles. If thats not the case then just load a previous save,I remember something like this happenning to me once,but never again.
  12. And certainly NO jokes or humorous material which would be considered inappropriate to anyone.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Frescas: On the other hand.... Maybe the question wasn't about George Bush at all... Therefore it's fake I thought that way,but JUDGExKTFs link confused me,that one looks real
  14. quote:Originally posted by joebeard: How can you even question if it's fake or real? Just look at the way the question is twice as bright as the rest of the white text! Still, the contestants got that classic look on her face hehehehaha and there are other clues(its certainly fake) but still funny
  15. Iirc,Sc already said that in an interview.There will be a special edition(containing Uc and its addon) released in 2005.
  16. quote: Scepticism about research is widespread in people who do not enjoy an academic technical background and therefore lack the sufficient education to understand the potential ramifications.No,scepticism is a philophical idea-which has a solid logical build up- and people can be sceptic while also following science-which is in fact just another philosophical idea.Dont confuse people who are sceptic because of their ignorance and people who are sceptic while still being able to understand science.The latter is also common amongst scientists who see science as a tool for practical needs,not a tool to find absolute truth(which is imo a ridiculous thought). quote: Cosmologists play with universe models who integrates up to 13 dimensions, where most humans have already problems to cope with 4. I believe this has nothing to do with the abstractness of the idea,imo difficulty in understanding science(be it maths,physics..) is because of a lack of common *language* between teacher and student which results in lots of misdefined concepts in students mind.I can even say the religious ideas which are given to them in early childhood causes a lot of the confusion. quote: Who is dumb ? The guy who attempt to understand without predjuging, or the one who arbitrarly decide that a given kind of knowledge isn't worth the effort ? The second attitude only make sense if there is the absolute certainty that this knowledge will not lead to other discoveries or not benefit to other research branches. Do you honestly believe that your level of understanding allows you to achieve such certainty ?Do you honestly believe a human can understand without prejudging? Isnt even the basic argument of science "what I feel(hear,see,...) is true" prejudging?
  17. why?? Is it because it doesnt fit in your all-knowing common sense?? I feel sorry for those men,working their whole life to find stuff which you can disprove by your common sense within secs.
  18. Everyone is defending their own beliefs,you may think diplomacy is "coexisting in harmony" and you should be happy to live in a democratic country.Those guys-believe it or not-have beliefs which are *as worthy as* yours.From my POV they have every right to defend their way of life(by whatever means necessary),as you have every right to invade for yours.If america manages to convert Iraq to diplomacy,its because america has a stronger army,NOT because diplomacy is a superior(I mean rationally) system than Iraqs one. European way of life is dominating the world not because its better(I mean better at making people happy) but because its stronger and more aggressive.
  19. Awesome..One should try this at least once in a lifetime.Just imagine it,you jump and then nothing else matters.I felt the adrenaline just by watching the video.Think how you would feel after you landed..
  20. quote:Originally posted by XOR: i dunno who did the techno but the other part is a metallica song but its a cover played by a band of 4 guys that play rock with cellos i forget the name of the band tho .... its badass i need to find their site again Apocalyptica..
  21. I feel pessimistic about democracy,it seems to me that its a system where quantity not quality counts.Majorities who make their decisions based on "common sense" rule,while quality ideas (like pro-choice) arent important. As I said I have problems digesting beginning of "..." kind of expressions.I find it difficult to understand why people think there should be a beginning to all.I cant imagine a barrier somewhere in the past(or future). There are some interesting pantheist philosphers(some say they arent,I dont agree) in turkish history,if you are ever interested in it the most famous one is "yunus emre".
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