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  1. Well,its been some time after the incident so I cant be sure but they were ter/ear ter/mil. But From my further observations,I think Station and race/caste dont have anything to do with it,I have noticed that my shuttle-pilots have problem with delivering other support crafts(fighters,other shuttles-I havent tried Ocs) to stations(they tow but they dont deliver them).
  2. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: Have you incedentally fired to that craft? A friend can become an enemy if fired upon.... Im %90 sure They fired on me first(but anything might happen in the chaos of battle of course) quote:Remember you just can't trust a Raider. If only the PTA system(and insurgent command as they penalize me for killing allies-raider or not-) knew that too
  3. Is it normal to be attacked by blue or sometimes even green targets.Last day I was playing ter/ins and got attacked by ???/rai which were blue in tacscan.And in fact when I was playing efp career I remember being attacked by a green target(IIRC it was a raider too).When I ran to the nearest ins station the station fired at my pursuers(so it recognized them as enemy ) So why did those raiders attack me when we were supposed to be neutral(or allies ) and why the station can identify them as enemy while my tacscan says they're neutral. P.s I saw them firing at me via external camera, so It wasnt a cloaked ship. Next time, please create a thread with a descriptive subject or it will be deleted. [ 07-15-2004, 05:26 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  4. I have the same problem with deployment,and with some acm missions which according to my search in these forums no or very few people seem to have(I havent opened a detailed thread about this because if these issues were common they would be noticed easily so I thought this is another uncommon and irreproducable-like this deployment issue-problem but if Im wrong in making such assumptions just let me know ),I understand you cant help with things you cant reproduce but is there anything We can do?(I mean what could possibly be different between my system and the ones in which timing is Not an issue ) As I fear there might be such cases in other parts of the game that may hinder us to fully experiance the game. Thank you. [ 07-09-2004, 07:21 AM: Message edited by: Wolfheart ]
  5. Hello BC world,another lurker awakens and joins the ranks Now to continue the Bc noob tradition,Here's my little question: My shuttles dont respond to my order that tells them to deliver their towed objects(i.e.disabled ships) to New America in midae4(in fact after towing the ships they respond to none of my orders).I'm Ter/Ins Mil/Commander with a firestorm.I'm able to do this operation with other stations,so does New America not accept towed ships and if this is the case how will I tell shuttles to untow the ships(I've already lost a shuttle because of this). And last but not the least I want to thank 3000Ad for such an ambitious and great game and Dreamcatcher for delivering it in time(9 days from America to Turkey isnt bad imo) Now back to making the galaxy a less safe place
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