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  1. Toggle. Controls the preloading of all 3D model assets during game start, resume etc. This increases loading times as well as memory but the tradeoff is smoother gameplay when a scene with lots of models is rendered. See note above about using DXT compressed textures. Still.. doesn't make known how much memory and therefore I had no idea of the consequences.. not that it matters anymore, just stating the reasoning behind the mistake. Sorry.
  2. Thanks JCMan... hehe, Just wasn't looking hard enough
  3. quote:NOTE: if using PRELOAD 3D MODELS you must have DXT compression turned on, otherwise only models will be preloaded and not their textures. This is due to the amount of memory (almost 1GB) which will be loaded during model preloading and which will cause an initial memory spike as the uncompressed textures are loaded.It talks about a memory spike. Yet no warning of the consequences of not meeting the requirements.. So, I just tried it to see if it would work because If it added "smoother gameplay" I was all for it, hehe.
  4. How do you turn Preloading off? I don't see it in the UCconfig File.. I turned it on (even after reading the config PDF file) but I didn't realize that I needed a crap load of ram for it to work.. I raised my Windows Page file to 2 Gigs to try and fix it so it wouldn't CTD in the middle of loading but it didn't work.. I've uninstalled -> Reinstalled once (but didn't restart in-between), I've downloaded both patches and installed them correctly (Shouldn't be the issue)..I can't get into the Game to fix it from there so I was just wondering where the switch is
  5. Yeah, I know.. I'm about to leave for a year and will not be able to play BC, the reason for the post was actually to check to see if you had any kind of quick fix or something I wasn't aware of. I am on a 56k so the patch d/l would take more time than I have. As I said though I just wanted to see if you had a quick fix cuz I was seeing how far I could get before I had to leave and my save-games kept freezing up. So, thank you for the effort and hope your success continues.
  6. oh yeah, just noticed while checking on my post that I've left out some information... I'm using the original BCM, initial release (patched to 1.8). I got this game as soon as it came out at EBgames.. and i'm just starting back to playing it
  7. Also, I would just like to thank you Mr. Smart (Smart indeed ) for your great series of games. I've loved them ever since I played the first BC3000 ad game . Even though I just got your UC game and can't run it cuz my Vid Card sux. It was the last one the nearest EB had, so I had to grab it anyway . Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and God bless.
  8. this is a paste of my shortcut path: "C:Program Files3000ADBattlecruiser Millenniumbcm.exe" -x0 just in case it is wrong. I tried to run the save game and it still hung up. Sorry for not checking the FAQ.
  9. Hey, 1st post here , I'm having a problem with some saved games. When I save it (usually In-Flight via ctrl-alt-s, or if i'm in a fight and save via "save game & exit") and then go back to resume, It will hang.. Thanks
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