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  1. I've always hated New Line Productions. These company's world is this -><- big and they want this <--> much of it. I hope they loose but I doubt it the system is setup to benefit big companies.
  2. BBC - Move agreed on legal DVD copying I thought this was interesting. BBC Quote - "This week, film companies in the UK joined forces for the first time to convince movie fans that buying pirate DVDs funds terrorism and drug dealing." They want to open it up making it legal to make copy's of movies for use on portable media devices in the US. Should be interesting if this will translate into the gaming industry in any way. I found it odd though that they said buying pirated DVD's funds drug dealing.. I guess if a organized crime syndicate was selling drugs and DVD's? Ohh and hello to everyone here, I just bought UC a couple weeks ago and I must say I enjoy it emensly.
  3. I'm Morgan from Canada. That's all I have to say.
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