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  1. Cary, As a fellow n00b who has had his posts deleted, moved, and criticized, I have the following comments. i) Your post was most likely deleted for the reasons stated above. 1) You didn't register. 2) You didn't include your system profile in your sig. You may have registered, but you still haven't fixed you sig. If you don't fix that ASAP, this posting may soon be deleted. ii) You have made a second blunder when restating your question in your reply above. By reasking your question in your reply, you have now posted off-topic in the wrong forum. My experience tells me that you should have thanked ShoHashi and Street in your reply, but then reposted you question in the appropriate forum; in this case the Universal Combat forum. iii) At the risk of continuing your blunder above, I will make a few comments on your problem. I am not aware of HTOL. I am aware of VTOL and FTOL. They are described on pp. 55-56 of the US manual under the heading "Flying". And yes, VTOL applies to all spacecraft as well. Your CC will use VTOL. In the case of the Megaron (used in the ACM) until you pass 50 m/s you will remain in VTOL mode. This means that if you go from 0 to 49 m/s and let off on the gas you will automatically return to a halt. As for the specifics of the two examples you gave: I cannot comment on #1 as I have not yet tried that mission. Concerning #2, did you slow to a speed below 40 m/s or so? If you did, then you passed the FTOL-to-VTOL threshold and automatically transistioned to VTOL mode; and would eventually come to a halt. If you need further help on this issue, I would 1) fix your sig (find link in ShoHashi's and Street's replies). 2) don't be surprised if the thread we are in now gets deleted or moved for the reasons I mentioned. 3) attempt to reproduce your "problem" again and pay attention to the specific speeds when the transitions occur. 4) repost you question, yet again, in the proper forum (Game Discussions | Universal Combat) after you reproduce. 5) expect to be harassed to no end. Remember boot camp? Semper Fi.
  2. I was on duty last night when Ensign Shraydder stopped by the bridge. He asked if I had a few minutes to chat. I wasnÔÇÖt doing much and I remembered some personnel report mentioning he was sent to some ÔÇ£Field Expedient System EngineeringÔÇØ conference held at some experimental repair station on Pluto. I wanted to ask him if it was worth the Radine traveling there. It turns out that was exactly what he wanted to chat about. He said he didnÔÇÖt learn much from the talks because it was mostly pie-in-the-sky ÔÇ£forward thinkingÔÇØ crap from the Science Institute Think-Tankers. ÔÇ£It all looks good on paper,ÔÇØ he said, ÔÇ£but this was about Field Expedient measures. These guys spend all day in a lab. They donÔÇÖt know jack about the field.ÔÇØ The good news was that he got a lot of good information after hours talking to some of the other system engineers. He particularly liked one tidbit he picked up from a guy the other engineers called ÔÇ£ShiftyÔÇØ. Shifty was tasked with getting the amount of time cut to a minimum that a ship had to stay docked during repairs. After some wheeling and dealing he was able to get around that SOP that requires engineers to finish repairs on one of the shipÔÇÖs systems before they can get the parts for the next repair. He talked to some clerk after a few beers and found out the parts depot doesnÔÇÖt actually process the paperwork until the night shift. So what he did was send in one of his SEs to go get parts and head back to the CC and begin repairs. Then he sends another to get parts for a second job, and a third SE for a third job, etc. But after the tenth SE returns with the parts, he tells the first SE to stop what he is doing and go get parts for the eleventh job, and so on down the line. Since all the paperwork was sitting in some in-basket they didn't realize we couldn't possibly have finished the earlier repairs. He does this until he has gotten the parts for all of the jobs he needs. Then they leave port and do the repairs while traveling because at that point all they need is labor since they have gotten all the parts from the station. I told him to have the Chief do that next time we docked. He did and it looks like it worked. We got all the parts we needed for free from the stationÔÇÖs parts warehouse and did the repairs while traveling to our next station. The repairs took just as long, but we didnÔÇÖt have to spend all our time docked at the station. IÔÇÖm not sure if it will work every time, but from now on, that is our SOP. Why donÔÇÖt you guys try it and see if you get the same results.
  3. As a green newbie, my vote normally only counts as half a vote. But since your question is directed directly at newbies, as a newbie my vote actually counts for a full three fourths! So I put my 3/4 vote to you taking the time to putting that info together and I promise to read it 10 or 12 times. Your time would help many a newbie at least survive a few minutes longer per campaign.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Shingen: You seem to have forgotten the most important one: Training!Am I missing something? Can you tell the fighters to go practice/train? Or do you just mean use them and they will get better with experience?
  5. As always, good info here. However, I would like to repeat one of my earlier questions that wasn't directly addressed. Are all hyperjumps detectable? (As some kind of disturbance in the time-space continuum, or whatever) And via passive means or only active?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Enigma: Tinjaw, the Supreme Cmdr is the man who made UC, he can say, post or do as he pleases on his forum. if you want to stay here long dont insult him Enigma, I am well aware of who the SC is, but, hey, I didn't vote for him. I was trying to lighten the mood with a little humor and I do agree with his decision to move the thread. But having said that, let's move on or else this thread will be deleted for moving of topic. quote:Originally posted by Wolfheart: And last,you may want to search the forum for anything in your head How to make AI escort the right way Saw that one, but it didn't really address the issue. It just suggests micromanaging, but doesn't say how. (I already knew one should try timing the jumps together). quote:Fighter pilots and other fleet craft taking suicidal initiative Some good info there. Don't know how I missed that one when I searched yesterday. quote:Cannot stop AI escorts from attacking starstations. Don't know how I missed that one either. So, there, that shows the SC made even another mistake. He should have deleted my thread as redundant instead of moving it. I am excited now. With this new info I might last more than two jumps. I'm off to reload my latest save and try these tips out. Thanx everyone for your help. edit: ------- I just realized that in the big picture this thread hasn't added any new info just rehashed old info. So, to give this thread some value let me summarize what the other threads said. [*]Make use of TacOps and the HOLD feature. [*]Specify DEFEND over ESCORT when appropriate. (Using ESC|F1 from the TOM allows the AI to choose between the two.) [*]The escorts are doing what they are told (i.e. protecting you from hostile forces in the region.) [*]Use some micromanaging to keep all their jumps timed toghether. [ 08-01-2004, 10:02 AM: Message edited by: Tinjaw ]
  7. Thanks for the tips Shingen. I'll give those a try.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: *moved* Did you actually READ the description for the thread where you originally posted this? Yes I did... Tips, Tricks & Techniques Have a gameplay tip or technique? Share it or be assimilated! Looking for a gameplay tip? This is the right place to look. and, BTW, the word you were looking for while you were slobering all over your keyboard during your dressing me down was "Forum", not thread. If you are gonna dot my i's please cross your t's.
  9. I am looking for some help on how to keep the other fleet ships under my command near my CC. I command the ships to escort me and they alway go off at attack the regions ODS and get destroyed. I can't seem to find the proper order, or combination of orders to give them to stop them from doing that. I don't want then to attack the ODS. I want them to stay nearby me and defend my CC. Any ideas?
  10. quote:Originally posted by Zane Marlowe: Hey TinJaw, PM me your email address so I can send you a draft of a printer-friendly manual that I've been working on but have not as yet finished. It's about halfway done I think and it's in word document form with a table of contents, section and page breaks, etc. (i.e., it's a well-formatted doc.) I might be able to save you some time. ZM out. Thanx. It's no secret. [email protected]
  11. quote:Originally posted by namotus: hey tinjaw if ya want some help i'll help ya out i'd be willing to setup a dhtml css conversion to html - html printer friendlySorry, been busy at work (5:30a.m.-11:45p.m. the other day). Email me direct at [email protected] as yes, I would like some help.
  12. quote:Originally posted by king_cam: huh doesnt work for me says that the program is not a sys32 valide something??? oh well Did you save it as an .exe file? Can somebody else confirm or deny this? I guess I can make the zip available as well. But can somebody first confirm this exe is a problem.
  13. There was nothing set in via the navitron. So I set a course to the next system in hopes that it will clear the problem. We'll see what happens when I arrive. ----------- OK. Setting a course to the next system via the navatron and letting the autopilot take me there seems to have cleared the problem. I don't remember setting a course via the navitron. If I did, it was completely by accident and I was totally unaware that I did so. Well, now this campaign is toast. I am out of everything and just about everything I have left is damaged. Time to start a new campaign. Thanks for the help. [ 07-25-2004, 07:15 PM: Message edited by: Tinjaw ]
  14. I target an enemy ship. I CTRL+F to designate the flight path to the target. I CTRL+A to activate autopilot and my flight path changes to a wormhole. I also tried designating a friendly probe (the one the enemy interceptor is attacking) and had the same results. Why is activating the autopilot changing the flight path? (I have a saved game). ---------------- It is worse than I thought. I can't get the autopilot to do anything except head for the wormhole. I tried setting waypoint, telling the CC to halt and then resume waypoints, etc. I am just going to let it take me to the wormhole and see what happens then. ---------------- When I emerged on the other side of the wormhole the FP was set to the local star station. I gave halt orders. Then resume waypoints and it turned around and headed to the waypoint. Then I gave halt orders and the CC halted. However shift + x won't clear the waypoints. ----------------- I was able to clear the waypoints via the tacops computer. (which is where I set them). Never did get shift + x to clear them. ------------------ Set the flight path to go back through the worm hole and continue on. After I go through the worm hole the problem repeats itself. Everytime I activate the autopilot it automatically sets the FP to go back through the worm hole. I give up. I am frustrated to no end. I saved the game and I guess I am going to have to start all over again from scratch. This sucks. [ 07-25-2004, 06:32 PM: Message edited by: Tinjaw ]
  15. OK. I got a copy of the "old" PDF file and when I opened it I was surprised that it was just the HTML imported into Adobe Acrobat as a website. There was no special formatting to make it printer-friendly. Since was that was all you folks were expecting from my I did the same. The file is available in the download section of my personal website. (note - free registration required to keep down my bandwidth usage and shutdown direct linkers) Now for the bonus I had already fully intended to reformat the PDF to be printer-friendly. I am working on that version now and will post it as well when I am finished. That version will take some time as I can only devote some time to it every now and then. I may post partials as I get them completed.
  16. Thank you for the reply. I assumed most of what you both posted and was looking for clarification/confirmation - which your posting provided. I also assme that the A.I. will tend to put scouts around jump points for just such a purpose. I am interested in such information because , as a newbie commander, I am attempting to avoid combat in many situations. I don't have enough minerals to fly around cloaked all the time and assumed using only passive sensors would help. Any other tips? Are all hyperjumps detectable via passive means?
  17. As a token of my appreciation I will take the HTML version and "printify" :-) it. This may take a week or so as I don't get much free time for such projects. I will then post it on my website in PDF format. If you approve of it after you download and check it out, I would gladly have you host it on 3000ad.com and save me the bandwith if it proves popular. Is the manual appendix in 2.00.11 the most current data available? I believe that is what I have.
  18. quote:Radar range is greater than your weapons launch range. The tracking and locked indications have little to do with how far your radar can detect and display a target ... and a lot to do with the effective range of your missiles.I understand that tracking, locking, and effective ranges are less than maximum ranges (just like in the real world or combat flight simulators). But let's look at an example. The maximum radar range for a Megaron carrier is 150 km. But when playing a brand new ACM campaign game I can see ships at distances greater than 10,000 km. And enemy ships will be launched to attack me when there are no enemy ships within 1,000 km of me, so how was I detected?
  19. I am grateful that the manual appendix is available, however it appears to only be available in HTML format with the update. My problem is that I can't Alt-Tab out of a game to read the manual appendix as the game will hang. So, has anybody reformated the info to be printer friendly? In it's current form stuff ends up spanning multiple pages in an unreadable manner when printed from a web browser (Not to mention needing to print out web pages manually one at a time.)
  20. I am a newcomer to this game so please be gentle. :-) I looked at the manual appendix at the maximum radar ranges and they don't seem all that far relative to the size of the space covered in the game. It seems that I detect ships much farther than my radar should allow. And the flip side to that is that I am detected by other craft when I should be out of their radar range. What am I missing? How come I can't sneak around like I think I should be able to?
  21. I too get stuck with the HS @ 50 problem. I save the game at that point. Then I load the save game and everything works fine. Will I run into this problem in the regular campaign games? Has this problem be identified and patched in 2.00.12?
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