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  1. Sounds like the 'remember' effect I've seen... Whenever I go to a planet... Any major base or city I've been to seems to get 'remembered' and it loads up fully every time I enter the planet, reguardless of WHERE on the planet. When I pan my camera view past those points, I get a brief lag for it to load those FAR away buildings. It's easiest to spot when I run TACOPS in planet observation mode. It hasn't been a major problem for me, as I haven't been to more than two bases on a planet in any given game I've played... But I can see why your FPS might go right down the tube. However I did note it seemed to 'remember' the bases even for the one time I OTSed a base. For someone who OTSed an entire planet's worth of bases... the number of objects remembered must be a nightmare.
  2. I wonder if I should try and hook myself up a dish, jury rig an amplifier and upconverter, and see if I can't get myself an X-Band frequency signal up to one of the military comsats. The trouble of course, would be finding a downlink end so I could tap into the internet. The other part of course, would be the whole... MILITARY... part. They would most likely backhack me, trace my location, and send MPs to arrest me. I don't think my one signal would need a Mux or Demux... After all, I'm not splicing fifty computers into one uplink signal or anything. Anyone got a thirty foot parabolic dish?
  3. [RP] 1:50 Deathstrike, Subdeck, forward end of ship... "-ppears you're a little safer -or the time being." Tactical stated over my com unit. "The reactor was about to go into point of no return overload when it started to cool again." "I heard near legends of the Deathstrike's Chief engineer... I did think this bucket was doomed, but from what I hear, he's pulled a miracle from his Kandorian ass." I replied. "Any instructions sir?" Tactical asked. "Want to evac now that the reactor is stable again?" "No," I replied. "I came this far, I'm not turning back... Not until I've had a chat with Shingen and find out what the hell is going on. Something just isn't right about all this. Have the fighters keep their eyes on the Deathstrike. If their engines so much as look warm, send a few laser blasts down the exhaust nozzles. But keep the Deathstrike in THIS area!" "Understood sir," Tactical responded. With that, I closed the comline and motioned to my marines pulling defensive perimeter to fall back to our group. There were only seven of us, six marines, and then me. Docking our shuttle on a hatch instead of any bays was a more reasonable course of action, given the situation. Now we stalked along the partially lit S-Deck. However, even badly damaged, this ship was far from dead. The Kandorian marine couldn't be missed as he rounded a corner and spotted us. However, assault rifles and shotguns don't take aim nearly as fast as one hand gun does. The lightning fast armor piercing round fired from my custom gun shattered his shotgun before he could haul it around for a shot. Surprised, and stunned, he backed up a few steps as if deciding on another weapon he might have had. I wouldn't let him do that, he would be too useful. "Go for another and the next shot will pass through your throat and take your head off!" I warned. He seemed to contemplate it, then decided not to chance it, giving value to a further extended life span. His hands slowely went into the air, showing he wasn't armed with anything else. I lowered my weapon to a half raised position as two of my marines quickly frisked him for his side arms and grenades. After that, I walked up to the large Kandorian. "Take me to Shingen," I instructed the marine, and then I added- "Please." Being polite can get a person far, even among mortal enemies. [/RP]
  4. That narrows it down to me, you and Stone. However that still leaves us with a broad set of theories that remain to be tested. Among things we know... We know that the SR works with non-military components onboard. This leaves I would guess, life support, power, and engines as the most LOGICAL allocation systems. Next, we know the SR doesn't do anything OBVIOUS to the naked eye besides take up power. Third, we know it USES power to do whatever it does. Fourth, Mother allocates it as a priority item in Low and critical power status situations. Fifth, from observation, we know it doesn't take the place of the NR core as far as powering engines directly. And it can run without the engines, or the NR for that matter. So what are we left with?
  5. POSSIBLE THEORY: This may not have been tested by anyone yet. The solar reactor may produce power for engines when the Main is online, but out of fuel. Theoretically, it shuts down at that point, however, I cannot test it at this point. (Gotta go to WORK here soon, or I'd be having some... EXPERIMENTS! *Lightling crashes and thunder booms.*) Anyone got time for a test experiment?
  6. Is not rubbish. Is my card. However upon looking, I do note one thing. It's 440 not 6400...
  7. *Hands cyress8 a five point sticker.* "Yay! Five points!"
  8. I had one come out of Hyperjump so close to me, I ordered all my marines to the airlocks and had them throw grenades out at it. Then there was another time I came out of jump and intercepted the beast harrassing some commercial traffic. I put its main guns towards me. However the violon I was using easily weaved AROUND the main cannon fire until I chewed him up and reduced him to SLAG. No matter your firepower, if you can't hit a target, it's a waste.
  9. Maybe we should show them what a REAL nuke blast looks like... I'm not talking those pittly little test nukes... I mean the REAL country busters. I'm sure we've got a two-hundred megaton H-bomb sitting around collecting dust somewhere. "Did you see that!?" "I did, up until my retina burned up... someone pass the visine."
  10. Ar... Mi parrot like that er one it deed. HOIST THER MISSIN' MAST! SWAB THER POOP DECK! We be herntin ther royal ships chock full O LOOT! ARRRRRRARARARARAAR!!!!!
  11. I tested the 'efficiency of gathering' theory myself. I rotated ship to optimal angle just a while ago to test. it. Max was 92 power for the angle I was at. I rolled left, and rolled right, testing how far I could roll and maintain this max. With SR at both full and zero, I maintained no extended areas of 92. I also test if the SR powered the 'thrusters' that rotated the ship. As when it goes into dissabled, in a game where a station had raped me... I lost attitude control. No effect with engines totally offline, reactor shut down, and SR on or off. My fuel efficiency theory may still stand. Try this experiment. Take note of your fuel level. Leave the SR off and rotate to a good light collecting angle. Idle the engines for either ten, or if you're willing, thirty minutes. Check the amount of fuel used for the allotted time. Repeat process with SR on. Compair fuel total consumptions and give us a possible rate difference. Repeat at worse angles with no light on the SPs.
  12. See second Observation. I can roll my ship any which way I want... what the SP produces, is the power the SR puts out, reguardless of the slider settings, race, caste, sex, color, time in game, or AI level of Resnig. The only thing that changes is current power usage, and that goes up, because I've allocated power to something that's supposed to be CREATING power... Which I just don't understand. IF you have spotted something, don't sit there giving us wild hints, tell us in crisp clear english. ...Now, I just got an idea, so I'm gonna go test it.
  13. "The ship has an auxillary solar reactor which converts solar power retrieved by the solar panels to raw power. When the ship is close to a solar source, and propperly alligned (by rotating the ship and watching the reactor bars in the ITD), the solar panel automatically converts this to power. This power is then added to the total power available to the ship. The status of the solar panels and distance from the source, determines the amount of solar energy extracted." -Universal Combat: Page 40 Logistics, Power. FACT: The auxilary power system is the Solar Reactor. Power is gathered by the solar panels. SR converts sunlight from SPs to power. Observation: There is a power slider for the Solar Reactor. Percieved: The solar reactor output, input, or byproduct can be adjusted by the slider. Observation: Solar panel power is converted no matter what power setting the slider is at. No observed byproducts. FACT: This page says nothing about the solar reactor settings slider. In that segment. Theory: The Solar Reactor power adjustment slider DOESN'T DO ANYTHING but take up power. "-you can allocate power to the solar reactor one unit at a time-" -Universal Combat Page 41: Logistics, Power Implied: Adjustment of Solar Reactor power settings. Possible outcomes: 1: Power slider does nothing, and is recycled code SC was too hard pressed for time to edit out or remove. 2: Power slider does something, but is not documented in the manual, and not immediately noticed when observed. 3: Power slider does exactly what is observed, that being, TAKE UP POWER. 4: Resnig installed the slider to jack with our brains.
  14. I prefer to pound on them until the shots start to REALLY beat through the armor, then I just pitch around and PTA it at full for a little while... sure, my radiation from my cloak almost reaches a hundred, but it hasn't yet.... And besides... you've got enough money for radiation cleanup kits... always keep a decent amount on board.
  15. *scratches hair* Has UC been out for a year and a half? Sorry I couldn't help. I gave you the only sound info I knew. How bad were the AI in server four? Worse than Single Player?
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