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  2. ARGGGG!!!! MI PAROT WANTS TO SELL YE SOME TACOS! Bring all ye loot and and ye mates and head on down ter' Taco Bell. Then 'erder 'll that hearty Taco food ness. Or else ye'll be walkin' the Plank! Ther sharks'll send ye to meet davy jones!
  3. For instance, having the F10 view on a ship, and then it jumps regions? That makes sense for the second area I entered... Well, and the first now that I read the 'very far away'. YOu got any quick codes that clear out the buffer SC? ...Oh and, totally random, I'm reading my shuttle repairs on my other computer here... and just now... the Engineering Assignments. The completion time for one of the assignments had a (P) after the time. Nothing relates to it in the manual. And it didn't seem to effect anything but... what was that? Anyway... I reboot my computer... and I'm back to the grind... I just got my "Weak and poor" fighters ground into Hambugga' "to feed the RITCH!" And five intruders REALLY beat up on my marines... killed two.... after the first one died, I sent the whole ship's marine compliment to toastify them. They held themselves down in Weapons Pod 2 for fifteen minutes.
  4. quote:Originally posted by street: quote:I know you're in Texas... but where street? a little off topic...but Dallas/FW area. Is that pic, an example of some commander: not sure which way to go, so he is trying to go in all directions, at once? NAh, to me it looks like the light from the reactor exploding is breaking through the hull and sending particle streams of into space... a moment later such a thing would explode in a violent flash... I've got a demo of freespace two somewhere... but I could imagine how nifty it would look if ship explosions were beefed up to make you almost FEEL them, even if you have a crappinated sound system. You know... little things. Once a bunch of little things are done... they add up. BURN LRT!!!! BURRRN!!!!
  5. I'd like to thank commander Chavik for his expert forum engineering. And then I'd like to blame resnig for hiding that particular instruction set from me.
  6. Or not... 'The time for you to edit your post has elapsed.' How am I supposed to fix that, if it won't let me?
  7. I guess I better fix it them, and build a SC shrine so he doesn't drop another stormcarrier on me.
  8. In this case, it could be. But I suspect that it's also location based. The drones are deployed in a hilly area... Ever since that, I started deploying in dessert areas where it's flat.
  9. I could EASILY run the particle trails... but the jet-like images look cooler to me. I know you're in Texas... but where street?
  10. REACTOR HOUSING PENETRATED!!! AUTO-EJECTION SYSTEM FAILURE! REACTOR SHUTDOWN FAILED! "KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!" (I came across this oddity while playing... All the engine trails coming incorrectly from that LRT-10 actually look kind of cool. I think having those randomly pop up sporadicly right before a ship explodes would look cool.... I've been in continuous combat in the Treas region for an hour, and I've had a lot of weird engine trails in weird places... I think my computer just needs a reset.) [ 09-08-2004, 05:59 PM: Message edited by: Cmdr Chavik ]
  11. Wait... that's not -1.5... That's -1.$ WTH?! *Turns to investigate...*
  12. Is it safe for me to bring this thread back to life to explain the latest drone problem? Or should I just go ahead and let that stormcarrier get dropped on me now?
  13. ALL ME BABY!!! *My ego procedes to grow to godzilla sized proportions and stomp around Tokyo...* But seriously, they were addressing me. Now back to business... I'm hunting down this appearant mine drone problem VIA search but no beans. I believe I posted a detailed thread about the drones... but since that got obliterated with tbe RANDOM weapon, either the problem was fixed (After the warping fix from deemed unimportant. Or you just didn't like the fact that I thought the problem coming back again after the first fix and decided it wasn't a good enough reason to create a new thread. (And after seeing the thread vanish, I decided to NOT bring it back... as I would most likely have a stormcarrier dropped on me for the trouble.) Only trying to help, don't smite me! *Builds a Supreme Commander Shrine*
  14. It really doesn't matter to me. Easy way, hard way. They're both easy. And the difference between ten seconds and two seconds doesn't really mean anything to me with mining drones. Funny thing is... I keep saying 'I can already do that, I'm just daydreaming...' yet I keep getting 'told' how to do it. I still need to address a drone loss problem with one of my games... When a drone at a range of 70 k suddenly reads as R -1.5... that's a bad thing right? I've even saved the screen shot. A second later it dissappears. Now THAT is an addressed issue. If I remember correctly, that was addressed, and according to the VCF, SC fixed it by implementing a warp. I'm gonna go post hunting now. "HEYYEAH! I'M THE ONE THAT YOU WANTED!!! HEYYEAH!!! I'M THE SUPERBEAST!!!!"
  15. To Dreadx: Shift the viewing plane, I zoom in, then use the mouse to drag the camera angle around, then I spot the drones, and click to zoom. To SC: You don't have to be incompetent to forget where the hell you landed the drones on a planet that has over a million mapped square kilometers. Not after five hours. And by chance you do, clicking on a spot will not always zoom to the correct area...But that point's moot, and niether here nor there. Don't call it incompetance until I CAN'T find the drones at all. To Cruis: That info was usefull, except I found the alternate way to do it. The zoom menu I have pretty much ignored. (I'm visual spatial, I click images and maps before I hunt through menus.)
  16. NOTE: Good show Malace. I applaud your creative escape. [RP] "Hey two," Four asked over the comline. "Am I seeing things, or for a second there, did you see a shuttle hyperjump from right out of the docking bay before it went up in a fireball?" The pilot of FC Two checked his data, on the scope was one craft, with a small signature. "I think you saw it happen," he stated back. On the screen, the small signature reached a jumpgate and vanished. "But it doesn't matter now they're gone. Anyone know what we just trashed?" "Data comes back as the Vampire," One stated. "The craft was stolen exactly thirty minutes ago. Right out of the shipyard." "Talk about Grand Theft Starship," Four stated. "That must be a new record for shortest command carreer ever." "Don't worry," One came back. "The Warmonger was inssured. They wouldn't have gotten far with that thing without support anyway. As it turns out, there were no missiles, and about a hundred units of reactor fuel onboard. The thing was still being painted when it was launched unauthorized." "What I don't get," Two stated. "Is why they took a stolen cruiser, and jumped to MARS! I mean, there IS a Galcom Military Station here as well as at earth." "Lack of knowledge of stellar cartography," Three cut in. "Inexperience in what is out here got the best of them, and the worst of Galaxius. Obviously they had never been off planet before. They pulled in FAR too close to the Tokuyama and Deathstrike, allowing the damaged ships to block a good portion of the sensor systems. They were totally un-prepared for us to pull the Sygmind Popup manuever on them." "Cut the chatter Three," One's copilot stated. "We're better off in lurk mode. No need to have a running commentary on flight tactics. We got them because they didn't know we were here. So maintain comm silence for the moment and watch out for any more surprises that might come our way." "Roger that," Three replied. [/RP] Anyone starting to like these pilots? They're some funny characters... I should isolate their characters a little more and make them into some funny guys...
  17. As ammusing as it is, it's getting old. Whatever the hell it does, doesn't seem to make a visable impact on anything I do in the game. Heck, for all I know, setting it to ten uses more power, but maybe makes the NR run more efficiently on radine supplies. I wouldn't notice, as I don't constantly watch my radine use. OR maybe the thing charges up the HJ using some of your main NR power instead of making you use the normal amount of Radine a jump. I don't know, I'm throwing stones in the dark. I just know it is solar, being powered by the sun or something about the sun, and REACTOR as in reacts with something. COME ON MAN! Imagine what crazy things we can pull off once we KNOW.
  18. *blink blink* Okaaaaay... I already know how to do all that, but thanks anyway. I was thinking more along the lines of deploying them on a planet, then forgetting where the hell I deployed them, and relocating them from orbit VIA tacops... which I had ALSO figured out. (Before I even posted, which was when I wrote the part about simply shifting the tacops viewing plane to look around for them.) IT would just be easier to see where on the planet they are if they appeared on the global map like the CC would on Tacops when you go into planetfall. But we can't have everything.
  19. SC, quite frankly I think you try too hard sometimes man. Let's see if I can translate. If I may say, SC is saying that many of your posts, you don't have extensive knowledge of what you are talking about, and that you haven't done research to back it. I'm just shooting in the dark... but that's what I gather. SC, go sit in your huge and highly relaxing plush command chair and look pretty (intimidating) for the media! THAT'S AN ORDER!!! *grin*
  20. My last post was an exchange in verbal code. Hess just stated something to someone out there he knows. But he still suspected more trouble. I'm just waiting for someone to RP the trouble.
  21. *Scoff* Rocket science? Easy stuff. Liquid hyrdogen, mix with liquid oxygen... ignite and direct out of a nozzel to apply thrust... BAM! Rocket Science! Subspace Mechanics! Now THAT, is hard! That and Plot Mechanics. Just remember the first law of basic Plot Mechanics and you can apply it to almost anything... First Law of Plot Mechanics: THERE IS NO PLOT!
  22. *Sigh.* Tactical, Launch, assign two FEs to ready the four craft, maximum fifteen minute prep time. Make sure there isn't damage to the FC's reactors. Make sure the power allocation to the Central Charging unit is up and online. And then wait for a while. As in, a real fifteen minutes. Double check the manual, while you're waiting.
  23. [RP] "GOD DAMMIT!!!!" The CE on duty for Galaxius snarled. "I just got the cooling system fully repaired and they go and blow holes in it again. Tactical! What the hell is going on up there!?" The tactical officer pulled himself up off the ground and ran to the comline, engaging the cloak as he jumped up. "A terran Military Warmonger came through the jumpgate... I thought it was fine until they ripped into us with disruptor fire!!! I'm gonna give Tigerclaw a call!" === "WHAT?!" I snarled. "The package! HOW'S THE PACKAGE?!" "-ackage -ppears to -e ok-y." The Tactical officer replied. "Th-y ma-aged to hit the -ooling system -gain. -on't kn-w ho- they keep d-ing t-at." "Fine," I stated. Then I adjusted my com. "Alpha flight, this is Darkness Rising. We have a HobGoblin on approach, your instructions are to... TRASH THE MOFO with EXTREME disreguard for overkill!" --- "Did I hear the commander right?" Alpha one stated. "Yep," the copilot said. "Someone's got a ship they shouldn't have... now we gotta go bust it up." "They seem to be ignoring us as of late." Alpha three's copilot stated. "I know," the pilot said. "We barely get any screen time in these roll plays." "Then let's teach them why they shouldn't ignore fighters!" Two's pilot continued. "How fast can you zortch a Warmonger?" "Faster than you!" Four grinned over the com. "Alright guys, let's focus," One commanded. "Inverted V formation, and take vector one six seven point five five." The fighters had been hidden from the Warmonger by the sensor shadows of both the nearby ships, and the Fluxfield's distortions. Against a normally crewed Warmonger, fighters weren't the best choice to pull off an attack. However, this wasn't a very experienced crew and were also highly understaffed, and they never expected the fighters to already be in flight. When the four small, well armed, and lethal FCs came up and over the Deathstrike on a direct course for the Warmonger, there was very little time for the ship to react before a swarm of missiles smacked through the shields and the laser fire damaged the main guns. The fighters shot past, staying close to the hull as they split around it to prevent the PTA system from tracking them. The warmonger turned to engage them, however, they were too fast to keep them in the PTA zone at such close range. Laser fire pitted the hull of the cruiser, damaging the ship more and more as each shot penetraited the armor. At a loss for anything better to do, the Warmonger began to move clear, going for a vector to jump as soon as the Hyperdrive would recharge. "He's going to jump!" One shouted. "Don't let him have a clear vector!" "I'll be f*cked with an ugly stick if he goes ANYWHERE!" an enraged voice shouted. Suddenly, directly ahead of the Warmonger, the Galaxius decloaked. Instinctively the Warmonger's commander went for the main guns... which sparked slightly, but otherwise did nothing. A large bead of sweat appeared on the side of the cruiser. "Oh, now you can't shoot eh?" the voice shouted into the comlines. "WELL TAKE THIS!!!!!!" The Galaxius' still healthy main guns blazed to life, ripping white hot energy into the Warmonger. Although a superior warship, and generally in better shape than Galaxius, the Warmonger was doomed. "He's breaking up!" Four shouted. "Get clear!" One ordered. The Galaxius had ceased firing, but explosions continued to rock the warmonger... for thirty seconds it pitched around belching blasts into space. Then it ejected a cargo pod. A second later a single point of light collessed near the rear, and then the Warmonger vaporized as it exploded into a white hot ball of radiation. The cargo pod was caught in the blast, and sent flying. "WOW!" One stated. "I thought Galaxius was dissabled. How'd you get her-" "Simple," Unknown voice stated. "I bypassed the damaged coolant system and juri-rigged the reactor to be cooled by something just as effective. Jell-O has its uses." "After that," Tactioal cut in. "The Chief Engineer here decided to hijack our ship, jump in close, and sneak up on that Warmonger, despite the fact that our shields are offline, we have fifty percent armor, and the missile launch systems are malfunctioning." "NO ONE MESSES UP MY BABY!" The CE snarled over the com. "You can court martial me later, but I wanted his HEAD!!!" --- "What's in that Cargo Pod?" Tactical asked. Behind him, the CE, Mark, was smacking a very large crescent wrench in his hands like a cop would with a nightstick. "There appears to be fifteen human life signs in it." One came back. "I'm not surprised. Those pods are build to survive some tough stuff, but they won't last long, that thing will freeze with them in it within' the hour." "I'LL KILL THEM!!!!" Mark snarled as he tried to smash the viewscreen with his wrench. Two marines had to restrain him to prevent further damage from being done. "Just fix the ship mark," Tactical sighed. "I know you get get us back to fully operational within' an hour. How's it look to you guys out there?" "Well," One came back. "The ship's in good shape except for one section where the Warmonger's guns ripped a verticle line of damage across the hull. Almost cut the ship in half, but the bulkheads look to be in tact. The superstructure's not compromised, so the ship will handle flight stresses just fine." "Good," Tactical nodded. "I'll inform the commander... and then we'll see about those pesky ship thieves in the cargo pod." Of all the times in his career for the ship to get jumped... The Tactical Officer could only sigh. "This just isn't my day," he muttered. [/RP] Do people always ignore the fighters?
  24. I KNOW! It's for the lighting system onboard. When it's off, it's dark so your crew take longer to get places. That could be why Resnig constantly trips over consoles! Setting it to ten makes the ship daytime bright inside, while five is dim, and off is... well... is that a *THUD!* Bulkhead... Ouch.
  25. Military uniforms have your BDUs, which come in some standard sizes, and then your Class As... which are custom tailored. Chances are commanders will wear the Class As quite a bit.
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