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  1. Oh I can find them. Just took me a minute to figure it out. That and for some reason whatever mission zone I've been in sticks... as in I can be in Antarctica, and a mission zone I blew to smitherines a few days ago, will be seen on tacops as '3000 km away' as an example. I guess I just remember where I've been. At least I won't get lost on a road trip!
  2. Lessee... as the usual goes. Register, and place the registration link in your sig. (So that it links you like mine does.) Second, use the search function and check that first. THEN ask a question. *snip* No one can help you if you don't explain exactly what it is you're doing in graphic detail. *snip* Please STOP doing this. If I get one more complaint about the way you respond to people or about any of your posts, your posting rights will be revoked for a month. [ 09-07-2004, 07:28 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  3. I deploy mines any time. I've got orbital deployment down now... so I can just send my shuttles out while I get to calmly hunting enemy ships in the local area. Then go off for five hours ignoring them. I just have to set up a point so I know where to find them... I wish they'd show up on global view of TACOPS. It can be a pain trying to track them down... luckly by shifting the plane in a closer zoom you can find them, then zero in and zoom out so you can set up waypoints.
  5. All you need is to pick up a few STOs. And bingo bango WAMMO! IT'S PAYDAY! IT depends completely on what you pick up. I tend to grab ODS, OTS, SDMs, and STOs. Maybe I just have more irish luck than you. (I'm half Irish... I get a lot of what I call weird luck...)
  6. At least I win... I find I'm good at this, even if UC NPC Autogen sends a fleet against me, I tend to come out unscratched. My fighters on the other hand... I think my pilots are getting tired of the cloaning process. EPISODE 234: The grand fleet battle in the heart of Cygnis X-1!
  7. Just cruise around... there's plenty to kill in the first hour. OR don't kill, just wait until you have the area clear and send a shuttle to pick out those cargo pods. You should have enough for full upgrades before you even need to refuel.
  8. Watch Those Who Hunt Elves. I have to deal with this every time I leave dock...
  9. Don't forget to set your engines to ten in logistics. That's where you get full speed. Although I liked the engines setting before the patch... Max thrust was at setting five, and setting to ten allowed DOUBLE speed.
  10. [RP] Near saratoga and the crippled and soon to be a hundred million degrees Deathstrike, a group of fighters suddenly popped out of hyperspace and took up escort positions for the four Mk III shuttles that followed a second later. Onboard the leading shuttle, I watched as we manuevered for a docking position with the Deathstrike. Why was I here? Because I wanted to... but also, because my sixth sense told me that returning and finding this situation was more than it looked at first. My combat officer had insisted I not go right into a potential suicide coffin. But I had just checked the chamber on my Thunderstar and left the bridge. My Thunderstar is a custom made weapon. It was a slightly largish hand gun, with much more punch than would be associated with it. It had been made by an expert technition a year ago. It combined standard powder charge ammo of most normal handguns, non-laser, and then coupled them with an extremely compact linear accellerator. The result was that a round that might have done a mere 400 MPS... was now launched downrange at an astounding 1500 MPS. It was a pistol that hit with the force of a fifty calibur sniping rifle. And I ALWAYS loaded the armor piercing anti-material rounds. The first intruder on my ship to enter my bridge discovered how useless marine ceramic armor was against the round... so did the man behind him. That incident had the rest of a group of ten surrendering right there. The weapon was by no means legal. But my superiors thought nothing of just ONE gun, as well as knew me well enough. They pretended the Thunderstar Lightning MC-12 didn't exist. The shuttle finally docked, and we lept into the sparks flying interior of the deathstrike. Two marines took up positions to shield me with their bodies. My goal was to make it to the bridge and convince the commander to abandon ship before we all had our atoms scattered across the cosmos. The tricky part was getting there in one peice. I hoped for the sake of all that was our time, that I wouldn't need to show Shingen how quickly one man could plow through a ship of marines. Time was running out, a quick scan or my portable tacops showed the Deathstrike's reactor was going critical, and the tempurature was begining to climb at exponential rates. IT had begun to chain react... in two minutes, nothing would even slow it, and from there, it would be about ten minutes before it melted the housing and sent us all straight to hell in blazing glory... [/RP]
  11. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! I toasted his candy arse! BOTH of them! One was a cloaked megaron that had been following me around... the other was a Mk II... I lured them in, and they both ate the death... Now there's a Garid on and intercept course as I type... He's gonna come out of jump into a firestorm....AND I toast him before he even finishes coming... And I'm on the acquired again... I wonder if there's another cloaked in the system.... *Flcker...* YEP. Another fool... I'll just wait. Lure him in, THEN POW! .... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Frig slabbit! Crash to Desktop. And I had him in the Main guns too. Oh well... I didn't lose more than just ten minutes of combat. [ 12-03-2004, 08:03 PM: Message edited by: Remo Williams ]
  12. I smell lots of time in drydock coming at you. I ripped a stormcarrier, two Aestroms, and a Warmonger to SHREDS yesterday. And then, of all things, I hyperjump clear of a battle zone, and just as I accellerate away, a Mk1 Decloaks on my rear launching fighters and missiles... But I was already gone. He payed for trying to ambush me, my fighters pounded on him before he had sense enough to cloak again. Now he's lurking around somewhere in the system cloaked. I know he's coming for me... it's just a matter of time before I locate and slag his @SS.
  13. All data is on your registration page. You can get server passwords there. Please link your registration info in your sig. Next, read the ENTIRE MANUAL, and the appendix. THEN search this forum with search function. Then, play around with the controls doing some of the good ol' TRIAL AND ERROR. After, and ONLY AFTER that, will you recieve help. Do you KNOW how many newbies a week would come asking the same questions OVER and OVER if SC didn't enforce the the HARSH policies?
  14. *Watching the landfall of the EYE as I type... * I told you guys it was going to lose much of its wallop. It went from cat 4 to cat 2. If you still have power and network SC, give as an update. If you've lost contact, give us a nice full AAR.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: quote:Originally posted by MIKE113: I like this for now.That rifle appears to be alot more Mattie Mattel than the M-16. ...snip... I agree 100%, they look like great new toys, but the M-16, even with it's "problems" is a great weapon. I sure liked mine, and the cleaning stuff you brought up is indeed true. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!! Anyway, I wouldn't mind having one of these as a personal weapon to add to my collection, just to have a high tech toy, but I would rather have a nice bolt action 30-06 at my side, then an assault rifle. Reliable as heck, ammunition easy to come by, and EASILY cleaned. Assault weapons are fun to have, fun to shoot, but are A: hard to clean B: can be easily jammed,C: are complicated with MANY moving parts, and D: fully automatic weapons are a waste of ammunition. One shot is really all you should need. An automatic weapon is basically to keep the enemies head down while your buddies make a move in thier direction. It is for cover, and every platoon should have at least 2 fully automatic weapons just for that purpose, but otherswise, give me a nice 30-06 bolt action rifle with mechanical or monocular sites and I am a happy camper. The 3 weapons that should be had by all are the following. 1: 30-06 or other bolt action rifle, stock etc made with carbon or lightweight material,with mechanical or monocular sites 2: a 12 gauge shotgun with various chokes, again made with composite or other lightweight material, and 3: A .32 caliber pistol or above, whatever the particular person is comfortable with. Those, as far as I am concerned are the must have weapons for anyone who might need to be in any type of defensive situation. The military likes their assault rifles, but a platoon armed with the above and 2 fully automatic .60 cals with the same training, could take out a platoon armed only with the m-16, in my opinion. I like the M-16 myself. In basic I got one that the upper and lower recievers wobbled around like it was about to fall apart... HOWEVER. I was stuck with my civilian glasses (2 years old)... zeroed my rifle, and I can hit the 300 meter target (As long as I can get into a comfortable prone...) And thee 300m target looks like a period sized (.) green dot to me. With a weapon that felt like it was going to rattle apart whenever I was just holding it... it sure ripped a new one for the unlucky target. And bolt action doesn't cut it if you miss that first shot. Not when I can make a follow up shot hit its mark. Of course, when the going gets tough, I plop my @ss down a mile and a half away with a Barret M-82 sniper rifle and see who I want to split in half first. No assault rifle in the world can help you when that fifty cal antimaterial round rips through the wall, your body armor, you, and the guy behind you.
  16. I've fallen for the Violon. It's got the speed of a cruiser, the force multiplying factor of a carrier. It's PTA's are well placed for good general coverage and one NASTY killzone. It may not be a cruiser in manuevering, but it comes close enoug for government work... I used to dogfight in the very first X-wing game, and later with XWA. I know how to use a simple reverse thrust hop to make all that manueverability go straight down the drain. Ships don't make the fighter. Knowing how to use what you have does. I just wish my main computer wouldn't kill my game with a popup every time I want to play in the online servers... Five minutes in POP, game dropped to desktop because some stupid POPUP interrupted me. Then trying to bring the video back up... BAM! CTD. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 Galcreds.
  17. [RP] Almost exactly the moment Shingen barked those orders... another flash signaled the jumpgate going hot. And out of it appeared... Galaxius? "I wish you had told me sooner that we didn't have any major damage to worry about?" I muttered to my CE. "Well sir." he began. "I did say the only problem was the collant system. Otherwise, a few scortches." "This is interesting," Tactical suddenly cut in. "What?" I snapped. I knew we had just left the system... but I didn't expect anything else to happen. "There's activity around the Deathstrike, seems emergency power is back online for them, they must have a miracle worker for an engineer. Tokuyama's dead in space... running on solar power only. There's another carrier right off Tokuyama, GCV Saratoga," Tactical blathered. "All stop, silent running, prepare to cloak at the drop of a hat," I ordered. On that order, all active sensor sweeps were ceased, comm traffic silenced, and engines cut off. We were emitting next to nothing, and only an active scan in our direction would pick us up. It was the next best thing to being cloaked. "Any other data on the Deathstrike?" I asked. "Damage of the Deathstrike is total. The ship is next to unsalvageable... and according to the last sweep, I was getting abnormal temperature readings in their reactor... I have the feeling their cooling system is destroyed and the shutdown sequence failed-" "GOOD GOD!" I snapped. "Deathstrike's going to do far worse than a simple damage core breach!" "Estimated temperature's rate of rising show the core will melt through its housing in roughly thirty minutes. After that, it will take out the ship, and anything withing a twenty kilometer radius." Tactical stated. "Why is that?" my less informed Medical Officer asked. "Because," I began. "Unlike a core breach, which is just damage breaking the core open and blowing the ship up... A Core MELTDOWN is the core going out of control, and building up several hundred times the energy of safe operational status and simply melting its way through the housing. When it does... it goes off like several bungor OTS weapons." My medical officer's jaw hit the floor. "We're staying right here... AWAY from the Deathstrike," I stated. "Put in a tightbeam commline and warn Saratoga of the threat... and launch some shuttles for the EVAC. Raiders or not, we got to get them off that thing!" "Why are you helping them sir?" my Tactical officer asked. "I have a certain respect for a hardened warrior,' I answered. "So I can't leave them to get blown to smitherines outside of combat." And the countdown began... [/RP]
  18. My experience shows EXP point loss does not occure when you sit parked on a planet. Since you aren't out in space where the Autothreat Gen runs... it doesn't seem to run.
  19. IT'S THE END! JUST GET OVER IT! THE WORLD IS OVER! However, I hear the next episode of The World picks up after a brief commercial break. It may be the end of The World, but the series goes on...
  20. Who thinks I should continue the insane adventure of ATC? I've got two posts here... I wonder what would happen if someone JOINED and tried to Rollplay against them...
  21. You know... if we had enough fans... that could actually work... But you'd need the really big high power fans rated with LOTS of horsepower. A few hundred JET ENGINES bolted to the ground wouldn't hurt either.
  22. No... Resnig's incompetence appears to be Genetic. In fact, he seems MORE dangerous after each batch...
  23. Odd, The eye appears to be collapsing... and there seems to be a lot of wind sheer on the northern side of the storm... The storm may well weaken before it makes it to florida. It's too strong to collapse right now, but from the looks, it may very possibly lose much of its punch... I wonder what the NWS has to say on some of that...
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