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  1. Ah... I collected a few cargo pods and taught those fighters a lesson for jacking with commercial traffic. As for other things, I'm docked at GHQ letting my crew rest... Where was I?? Oh yes... I have my computer, and then my laptop. If I want to check data, I can bring it all up on my laptop even during the biggest firefight. However I prefer to study during a layover at a station... (When the crew has FF in the 30s, and HF in the 600s, all around, I just take a break.)
  2. I have a different solution. I have two computers. The one I'm writing this post from, and the one I'm watching out for some cloaked jerk launching fighters... SHIT! They're jumping 3 LRTs!
  3. I don't maintain a perfect five star rating for being non-silly. Silly, plus well placed humour. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! *Grabs a surf board* Surf's up! BRING ON THE STORM SUGRE!
  4. I can see it now... KENDRIC: Beaach house, has been destroyed. ROOF, is damaged. Living room, is flooded.
  5. *Looking at Destroyer's quote... and the lack of registration in the sig.* "Even an IDIOT can make something big! My ideal is compact and high powered." -Washu, No need for Tenchi volume one. How can we trust you? *Leary eyed look.* Tell us about your solar reactor, but first, REGISTER. And fix your sig so you have it. Otherwise... bad things may happen.
  6. Tigerclaw combat report. MISSION: Engage and destroy all forces in the Lennen Region, then capture Pixan. 04/05/3030 03:12 3:12 Orders recieved. probe launched from Lyrius region. 3:13 Pilots assigned to fighters and preperation begun... Estimated launch readiness 3:27 3:14 Acquired by enemies enrout to jump point... Someone blabbed our plan 3:16 Intercepting fighters destroyed. Proceding to jump point. 3:20 In the Lennen region. 3:22 In rout to Pyron ODS in lennen, to draw ships out of the station. 3:23 Arrived from hyperjump cloaked. 3:25 Pyron destroyed. 3:26 Engaged by two Zodiacs... both destroyed in eight seconds. 3:27 Fighters on standby. 3:28 Acquired by Firestorm Engagement certain . 3:30 Firestorm Jumping... ETA 3 minutes. .3:31 S24 Raven ENGAGING 3:32 Raven destroyed 3:33 Firestorm arriving 3:34 Firestorm launching fighters... engagement short. Firestorm's shields were damaged ahead of time. Cross the T with Firestorm, Firestorm eats main gun fire and goes up in a fireball. Never hit by Firestorm main cannon fire. 3:36 It's quiet... still near the Pyron's last position. 3:37 Pixan dispatches fighters to handle LRT, launching own fighters to intercept, also preparing to launch shuttle to capture cargo pod in the area. 3:39 Enemy fighters destroyed. 3:40 Two cargo pods collected, shuttle returning to ship. 3:41 Fighters ordered to close escort of Titan. 3:43 Station appears not to be dispatching ships... prepairing to attack directly. Fighters recalled. 3:45 Cloaking and prepairing to jump... CLOAK called off, fighters that were returning to Pixan now turning and engaging CC. Fighters destroyed... continuing plan... 3:47 Arriving at Pixan Cloaked, closing and engaging with main weapons. 3:49 Pixan taking heavy damage... going to turrets only to pound the station 3:51 Cloaking nearing dangerous radiation levels, attack continuing. ... Station emitting SOS signal. 3:52 Station CAPTURED 3:53 Reporting mission success to GALCOM HQ. Rout between Actis IV and earth secured. Pixan was not well defended, the station's ODS being attacked did not signal more craft to engage. Even when sitting a mere two thousand kilometers from the station, no reinforcements were dispatched to engage the TITAN. The station fell with no losses to my crew or any damage to my ship. However one fighter did finally manage to take out the probe. Many raiders were arrested upon the capture of the station.
  7. Because you can still rotate the ship, even with engines down...
  8. Now go locate the forum rules and readmes... register the game, fix your signature. And call it a day because you jumped through some hoops. -Tigerclaw Another day, another colony drop.
  9. Well, I'm in a PM conversation with him... turns out he IS leaving his cloak on ALL THE TIME. Which is, I might say, a good tactic, except for the whole glow in the dark part. LOOK MA! You can see my skeleton!
  10. Can he still Private Message SC? If he has any questions, I'd still like to be able to answer them. He seems to lack a grasp of english the rest of us have. (In short, Leave him to ME. I'll handle him. *EVIL CACKLE!*)
  11. Deleted post means there is probably another post somewhere... use the search function. As for the station, I hammer away until the armor's chewed up, then rotate and let some PTA's eat on the station until it goes into SOS. It's gotta go into SOS before you can CAPture it. Maybe you should just EMAIL me with all your questions before SC has a konniption fit, and goes on a massive post deleting spree and member obliterating spree. SC: *Is not himself.* AHAHAHAHAAAA!!! DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!! PURGE! CRUSH KILL DESTROY! MAIM! HACK SLASH TRASH SMASH!!!!!!!! TIGERCLAW: *As king Aurther from Monty Python* "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" Resnig: What's this do? WASHU: "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" "KABOOOM!!!!!" WASHU: "He's as bad as Mihoshi..."
  12. Remember that your crew run off your Ship Account. As Resnig is part of your crew, he's more than likely to make the bill even HIGHER if there's no one there to moniter him. I simply recruited master Ferrous Chef Sasami Masaki to do the cooking. She gets a handsome salery for her work. As for anything else... Some intruders beamed aboard yesterday, into the Library, I was like... 'We have a LIBRARY?' Well, at least now I can go and read some books.
  13. I prefer the spoils of combat. You never know what goodies an Insurgent Aestrom's gonna drop when you rip into it with weapons fire. I started a new game on my laptop while I was out of the house today... I say, controls on my laptop are ten times harder to use. I don't even have a scroll lock button... at least, I couldn't FIND the damn thing. As for my main game... Something's jacked with my save game I've had gone three days into. I tried to do a copy transfer of my savegames from the main to the laptop so I could play... and that didn't work... but when I tried to play last night... my whole character and his savegame didn't even turn UP in the selector... but the save file is still there... (I even opened it up with wordpad, and even READ the character's name IN the file. AND his shipname.) I was doing so WELL too... Well armed, well funded, starting the artifact hunt. WHY ME?!?!?!? Unless someone knows how to UNJACK a JACKED savegame... I guess Captain Harlock and the ARCADIA are lost.
  14. 'Shoot the shit' ? The saying depends solely on the american you are talking to. We span an entire continent PLUS some. Depending on who you meet, you could get one O dem thar rednecks... or the foo who wanna cap yo' @ss sucka! Or even the l337 who want to speak in nothing but l337 b3c4u53 7h3y 7h1nk 7h3y r0x0rz! Don't worry, you'll be upgraded from resnig (Who causes mayham wherever he is...) to Marine... (Who crash shuttles into the ground on a regular basis, but is otherwise okay to be around.) Soon enough.
  15. I think the one to ask... is the one WHO DEVELOPED THE TECHNIQUE! *Turns dramatically and points at Enigma!* YOU TEACH US GREAT KNOWLEDGE! WE GAIN GREAT SKILL! TEACH NOW! -Tigerclaw Training never ends.
  16. We discussed this before... SC NEVER sleeps. His mind is detatched from his body while it rests and brought back to his desk to continue the crusade...
  17. *COUGH!* Take a look at the crew section of your Appendix file...
  18. He says the 'step up' method doesn't appear to be working, but rather resetting straight to the original AI level. How hard is that to understand?
  19. Think about the transit times... 120... or TWO MINUTES. SLOW? Two minutes and THREE minutes transit time. "Ten minutes? This'll be over in TWO minutes GET ON IT!" -The commander in Top Gun, hearing the repairs on the catapults will take several minutes. Welcome to the wild world of HJ time. It doesn't matter how powerful you are, it's how effective you are at using what you have. Don't worry folks. I can train a resnig into a SC. I have that POWER.
  20. *TRANSLATION:* Thanks man. That should help me a lot. I have killed MORE crew and crashed so many ships, tat I am surprised they even let me have another one. *Grins* In the appendix, it doesn't say too much about the EXP Loss/Gain for the gammulans. (Spelling bad, still learning English.) I don't really want to be a Terran Military because I like to attack things before they attack me. But I like the ship with the good armor and shields. I think it is 3500 arm 3500 shield, any ideas for race/class? *END TRANSLATION* Don't forget to look at the HJ transit time, HJ recharge time, number of PTA turrets, and sublight engine speed. It helps to have a good balance, otherwise you're flying a slow moving fortress DOOM. I like actually getting to places... ON TIME.
  21. He means no NPC autogeneration. It means that mode won't create random hostiles that will attack you. It's great for learning the controls. BEWARE, that stations an preset hostile areas will still be EVIL to you. The instructions for any mission you select ARE in the MISCON.
  22. BIG COMPUTERIZED VOICE: WARNING! VIOLATION OF POSTED FORUM FULES OR READMES CAN SUBJECT OFFENDER TO INSTANT PROFILE DELETION AND/OR TOTAL AND COMPLTE SITEBANNING FROM THE 3000AD WEBSITE. STEP "AWAY" FROM THE BATTLECRUISER. Anywho, instead of asking a million billion questions of us King, go and start up a game and WATCH what happens when you do things. It's called trial and error. Read the manual, several times, read the appendix, then search the forums for any questions you may or may not have about the game. THEN if you don't find something, ask. Take the time to type more legibly. Ya' be goin' like a banshee! OH, and street... I'm half Irish. *DUN DUN DUN!!!!* Explains much doesn't it?
  23. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Admiral Tigerclaw: If you disengage the shields, you are subject to a surprize attack. Your shields being down has nothing to do with being attacked. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was being monitered for perfection in every statement. What I meant was 'If you lower your shields, you are subject to [more likely be taking damage in] a surprise attack.' Funny thing is... I actually went on the attack one time, and FORGOT to raise my shields... I took out four fighters before I realized I had my shields down. Never took a hit either.
  24. Actually, shields DO burn fueld when notrecharging. I left them on mining overnight, and when I came back, my fuel was down in the red for the shields. If you disengage the shields, you are subject to a surprize attack. HOWEVER, if you are diligent, you won't ever BE in a surprise attack, because you will note it coming. (You'll see your enemies on sensors, or pick up the cloak interference of a cloaked enemy... SHIELDS UP!) You don't even need AP turned on to waypoint egress to a planet, just shift + F9 when you are near the planet and have a waypoint selected. You'll egress in close to the point.
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