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  1. More than just one guy... you got to edit the code into your signature. The code should be a link URL code, or at least, the web-page address of your registration page. The one that shows your computer specs. At a bare minimum, copy the URL of that page, and paste it in your signature. At least then they could go to it, and you'd be Identified correctly as 'registered'. *Looks at question slog, and falls over with X_x for a face.* And do something about that grammar. No spaces, no capitalizations in MANY many places... Generally just a block of words that are making my head spin. Until then, I cannot answer because my brain just fried.
  2. So SC, can you tell me why the AI have this annoying habbit of going silent for an hour straight, only to pop up and attack when I'm: A: On DOCK approach B: On planet approach C: On jumpgate approach? I'll be Ten K from target vector when suddenly an all out firefight starts up and I have to turn around and intercept swarms of fighters, a cap ship or two... and all while muttering obsceneties about how annoying it is to have to TURN AROUND and never get out of a system. My latest endevour has been trying to explore... but I can't get anywhere for having to turn around and kill off enemies. I'll never make Centris at this rate... Obsidia's completely out of the question.
  3. She's still too slow. Slow doesn't protect as well as swift intercept can. Survivability is higher, but the LRT won't last very long if you can't get there in time. Even if your fighters can get there in time, that doesn't mean the LRT will last. No matter how tough, what good are you if you can't defend friendlies? A major battle I got into involved two Battlecruisers and some MRTs. The MRTs got eaten alive, but I got there and engaged the Battlecruiers (Mk I and Mk III) in a large firefight. Violon has some durability. I kept the shields up, and quickly mopped the floor with my high speed and manueverability. Funny thing is, I never noticed the second Battlecruiser on scene until AFTER I took out the first. I need to check the controls and see if we have a system that cycles through enemy capital ships... Then I can just program it in to voice control and cycle through the big enemies when I need to. In the end, two friendly flaming MRTs limped away and made it safely out of system. The firefight was followed by a period where the NPC autothreat generator didn't create any threats for quite some time... up until I was on DOCK approach with a local station. Is it just me, or does the NPC ALWAYS show up when you're heading off to do something OTHER than patrol around jump gates looking for them?
  4. [RP] "Status report." I stated. "Records show they used everything they had just to take out our shields." I put my hand to my chin. 'Shingen' nice shooting. "All systems back online," my Chief engineer reported. "Turns out a stray hit took out the main cooling system to the reactor, that's what activated the autoshudown and emergency SOS signal." "Fighter status?" I asked. "We left them a nasty present," one pilot came over the comm. "Thing they always seem to forget about foolishly engaging a carrier with their battle damage, is four fully armed and hardy fighters." another seemed to chuckle. I had to smile at their antics. "What did we give them?" I asked. "Oh just a little something I cooked up," the Pilot stated. "What happens when you put six missiles into their hull, but they don't detonate?" "Something nasty," I chuckled. "I just happen to have the remote detonator right here," the Pilot beamed over the com. "Send Shingen my reguards," I stated. "Rodger," There was a flash in the distance, and everything picked up the explosion near the jump gate. "Several explosions have just been detected from the Deathstrike," Tactical reported. I brought up the Tacops, and there the Tokuyama and Deathstrike were, and they floated right into the jumpgate... and were gone. "I don't think the deathstrike was ready for that last one," Tactical stated. "They won't be harrassing anyone anytime soon," I stated. "What could you get on them?" "Their reactor failed, auxilary power critical, hull about to crumble around them, armor all but paint chips... Sir I'm surprised they could take our shields down with the weapons their way they were. A fighter could fly right down the main gun tube and take what they could dish out." "It was those jury-rigged probes they had. The mine blasts did most of the damage. In fact, only the mines and missiles actually DID anything," I informed. "Their PTA's just burned my paintjob in the state they were in. Dammit, I just had this thing waxed too." I turned to helm. "Set a course for GHQ, we'll drop by, get some of the heavier damage dealt with, and head out. What's the status of the Package?" "Secure sir," Tactical responded. "The Package is still deliverable." I smiled. Our mission was still a go. GALAXIUS hopped to the earth jump-point, and was gone. It matters not night or day, some how, some way, it's time to play. Roll your dice but listen to what I say. No matter how thrilling, crime does not pay. Watch your back, and run when you see. The chase continues, no escape from me. Kill the rich and trick the poor. Win a little, beg for more. The game is on, we're through the door. Your luck won't last, against the Art Of War. [/RP] What is the package? IS shingen and crew okay? Where is Resnig? WHO CARES?! Find out in the NEXT EXCITING EPISODE! Of Dragon BARF Z!!!!! [ 08-31-2004, 01:33 PM: Message edited by: Shingen ]
  5. I blame resnig for failure to communicate...
  6. Rendered means drawn by the graphics engine. As SC puts it. If you draw the moon with full out polygons and render it as an object existing within an area in the same way you would render a ship, but TO SCALE... the result would reduce your graphics card to a slag heap... We're not talking thousands of polygons, but BILLIONS. Then make earth the SAME WAY. That's easy to do as long as you keep the planet's ground terrain and other object datas on the surface, in a seperate 'sector'... but if they were to exist At the same level as say the battlecruiser Mk II next to you in a fight... You smell something? OH MY GAWD THE GRAPHICS CARD JUST FRIED!
  7. Hmmm... Hey SC, I wonder if there's a way we could reduplicate true scale and still be able to TRICK the graphics engine so we don't overload it. *Postulates.* Perhaps if we make a master scale that of a a planets and moons... and base things off of their ranges. For instance, if you get to within' say orbital range of a planet... I'll go at 30,000 Km, or 26,000 miles, you can scan the surface, but nothing is rendered unless you focus on it using the TacOps computer... I would say, that even with the scaling, you achieve keeping overload on the processing power to a minimum by maintaining the 'active zone' AKA wherever the player is focused at the time. EI, in space, on surface of planet in X sector. Because of the scale of distances involved between celestial bodies... you can design a sector system that can punch out anything not close enough to be seen. Say for instance, you have the solar system. Get yourself a grid, and scale the ranges of planets. Then you scale the distances a sector would need before planet X becomes a pointless dot in the background. Do this for the LARGEST PLANET combined with the furthest moon. Then increase the size a little for leeway, and call it a sector. Anywhere withing this sector range related direcctly to the ship you're in would be the active zone. AKA, not the planet or a fixed place of space. But a maximum detectable range from a ship which the computer can process data about such things as the AI of opponents in relation to you, or other 'nearby' objects. I would calls this Primary Active. Anything in this range is rendered with detail according to range and as an AI algorythm of some kind going. Anything outside this range goes into secondary active, IE, depending on the situation, certain rules can be established that alter the conditions of objects for a few ajoining sectors. (Example: Primary Active range, you get full AI on a transport and a raider, and you can watch them go into combat, in secondary, this would be reduced to AI and Transport seen, periodic updates of both status, and then lack of one to be seen.) Outside of this, we'd have Passive Zones, IE, basic information about major objects, such as stations, planets, moons. It wouldn't update on minor ship activities. Ah hell, you've got my brain working now. I'll think about this while I'm at work, write up a report for you, and PM it to you. but I'll engineer a system for you that can employ true scale, and not blow the processors to hell in a handbasket!
  8. Plot an approach vector to something you fly a straight line to in space with no obstructions? Why would I do something as time consuming as that? I'll just point my nose at it, fly close, then stop when I'm close enough. Plotting a COURSE or vector is for flying to something far away, or hard to see. COMMANDER: "Plot a course 133.5!" PILOT: "You mean fly to that cargo pod five clicks away sir?" COMMANDER: "Erm... YEAH! THAT!" PILOT: ~_~; "And he's our commander?" ------ COMMANDER: Set a course five seven eight mark one. NAV: Sir, that's GALCOM HQ, I don't think I need to worry about plotting a course for something that's taking up the whole viewscreen. Maybe the AI need a short range flight code. All due respect Supreme Commander SIR. If the shuttles have to have waypoints set beyond a certain distance, then we have a problem. To avoid this bug, (It's a BUG, the shuttles can't fly correctly if they don't have their correct approach vector. They can't attain their approach vector inside a certain range. An untrained ninny can fly a shuttle better than AI who can't calculate an approach vector. If you don't like BUG, I have, Glitch, loophole, limitation, and error. I don't care HOW much you yell at me SC. If something is not working right, it's bugged. But if we want to argue, I'll do the civil thing, and we can have a nice go-round with each other VIA PM. That way dissruption stays to a minimum.) why not implement something like making it so you CAN'T set a waypoint within the range (10 K was it?) of the previous point. Or some kind of distance marker so you KNOW how far out you're looking. (It's allways guesswork.) Might I also suggest making the AI who can't create a vector have some kind of error correct, like flying out some other way and then replotting from there if they can't maintain some kind of range closing or some kind of failsafe that can get the shuttle out of it on its own. Now that I've finished my blasphemous post... I shall erect an SC SHRINE! *Builds a Supreme Commander Shrine in the thread to (HOPEFULLY) avoid the wrath of the UC God.*
  9. *The following is how my computer interperets what I read alloud in the post above.* I know it's normal for three years and now materialize to forward by downtown redevelopment somebody and another one is waiting for the average this fighter's plus the fires that were engaged in the army to add the viewers will answer was responsible for was behind the audience in the ten blacks. So rather read and use the time to turn/a... I'm a lot of hard sing a song focusing mainly on the intact carrier and wonders why come out hyperspace missions to settle storm of missiles NTT a fire raven your fighters to open please enough information from the journey military prison jumps into the right. And so do their venom was time to visit the violence along with America and the we had an abortion is destroying for this able to keep away from still standing by owner Mike Shuster those were some of the same object and add to the morning when you very active in to *That was the paragraph starting with 'I know it's not over.' You think I need to train my computer's voice regocnition just a bit more?* TACTICAL ANNALLYSIS: Enemy forces detected the approach of your craft and redesignated their priorities to assess your threat. Engagement by multiple fighters is dangerous but the PTA system has a way to handle said threat. Use of the W key for continuous afterburning combined with knowing the correct manuever can drop hits taken dramaticly. Once you locate the PTA's killzone, you learn to keep fighters in that general area, and you must focus on taking one enemy at a time. Implimentation of a good voice command program can increase combat flexibility, enabling you to occupy your hands with flight manuevers, and using your voice to access critical combat systems, could prove useful. (I took out a Station's entire compliment of fightercraft in less than ten minutes.) Intermittant jamming is quite effective, but I noted I can drop the jamming, get a solid lock, fire, and re-jam so they can't return fire. Further annalysis shows you could have engaged your opponents head on instead of running and come out on top. Fighters make wide sweeping runs on large ships. and thussly the most dangerous part of the attack run is the closing manuever, when they train their guns on you. Data shows that tight perpendicular weaving (If they're above or below, you YAW back and forth while afterburning, if they're on the sides, you pitch up and down.) throws off enemy attacks. This erratic manuevering throws off the target leading tracker so wildly that most opponents can't get a clean shot. Rolling during manuevers means you have to watch and adjust the weave but you roll to put them inside the PTA killzone. There's also dogfighting... seems insane in a Warmonger, but you put your nose at them in a dogfight, and they close too fast with you to go into 'Gundown' mode. And normally you can get a brief moment of missile lock with a target. But only when they've engaged you at close range already. Normally, if you're doing a head to head closing manuever, a batch of Fatals with your jammer on until you close in real nice like can be their ruination. (Jammer on, fatals don't lock, won't fire at the edge of maximum lock range, instead, you can drop in to point blank and drop the jamming, thus you unleash: THE SWARM!!!!) Annalysis of the second part of your battle AFTER jumping to earth cannot be completed due to lack of data. Congradulations commander... although flawed, you survived a nightmarish situation for most new captains... Fighter assault.
  10. Please hold while I locate my gundam colony, you know, the one I DROP on people... If you see it, let me know, you can't miss it. It's a twenty kilometer long, five kilometer wide, technologically advanced orbiting cylindrical habitat... *Builds a SC shrine in the thread. Then sends up offerings in apology to SC for anyone even THINKING the person who CREATED UC and such could ever POSSIBLY be a Gammulan spy. Then Colony-Drops Imploder.*
  11. "If we go, 'by the book', hours will seem like days. We will have engine power back online, in three days." -Spock Don't you know encrypted speak? This one's just encrypted the OTHER way around. "If we go, 'by the book' Months will seem like days... SC will post in a few days."
  12. I don't club... I nuke. *Pauses...* That would be interesting... a space to space missile weapon with Nuclear level blast energy. (Solar Flare) Launched from a distance (One hundred to two hundred K, too close for jump, too far for any other engagement.) with the Tac-Ops computer. And of course, the other fun one, Hyperjumping cruise missiles for launching at opponents from cross-system. They'd be the most advanced and EXPENSIVE weapons in the game next to the RANDOM. Their weakness should be SLOW in non jump, and poorly armored. And they could only jam when not in the jump... Restrictions should be like, need such-and-such crew members on station with X amount of AI level before you can arm and launch them. Can anyone test that out with GBS III? That would be an interesting type of weapon. I LOVE stategic weapons. As of yet, only OTS weapons are really in the realm of Strategic. Everything else is tactical. *Builds a SC shrine to appologize for the lapse in praise. Then bows.* "HAAAAAAAAIL IL PALLAZZO!... er... DEREK SMARRRRT!" *Turns on Excel Saga. One of many Anime Derek should subject himself to in order to increase his IP... or Insanity Points.*
  14. We know that stuff. Well, at least, I know that stuff. However the gameplay principle of the radar is what we're discussing. Oh and, go get registered and put the registration info in your sig. Utherwise SC will hang you from the yardarm 'till dead.
  15. *Looks at SC.* *Gets many lackies to chant...* DOOOO IT! DOOOO IT! DOOOO IT! DOOOO IT! We mustn't forget BULLSH*T BUSTER 6.0b anti-Bullware software package. And of course, SC's favorite: Rubbish Remover fast acting forum filter so any attempt they make at posting rubbish here in his forum gets deleted prior to posting, saving SC and the moderators untold amounts of cleanup time.
  16. I would have to dissagree. The fighters I have on my Violon don't do much good when they're beat up. And the PTA's on a sunflash chew them up something awful. From the amount of total annihilation I sent to a Warmonger I went head to head with, and the resulting debree... I don't think those guns were self defense. I still say the Violon looks like a Delta Airlines Tristar aircraft... or more accurately, it looks like a CONCORD. Delta-ish wings... angled nose...
  17. [RP] "Fighters to escort the Diligent," Hess ordered Kara. "Let's see if we can lure whomever's still out here into the open." Diligent made its jump. The fighters shot out ahead and came out of jump right near the earth gate. "That's odd," Sandy stated. "I picked up the strangest transmission burst... I couldn't pinpoint it." "And?" Hess questioned. "It's a text message, it says 'Do not Meddle in the affairs of dragons'." "Reply with 'For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup'." Hess stated. Same frequency and burst. "Sir?" Hess smiled knowingly.
  18. I cross the T, and they're PERFECT grilled. MMMMmmm... T-Bone Stormcarrier.
  19. I eat stormcarriers for BREAKFAST. *Munches on titanium II.* My Violon has them for a light snack. I got tired of the Megaron's slow @$$ed hyperjumps. By the time I ever got anywhere... The battle was over and I was mopping up cargo pods.
  20. Words of wisdom from one Draxel. "Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are CRUNCHY and taste GOOD with Ketchup." On a totally unrelated note, but somehow back on topic with the posts... Anyone know the BEST sweetspot on a Violon? It looks from placement of the PTA turrets on the hull to be above or below the ship.
  21. I managed to figure out the XMLs in about two minutes, and added my own inclusions to it. It's actually QUITE a good voice system. I added 'FIRE'. To launch a missile with spacebar. I also added 'manual' as a command that does the ALT key for jumping to mouse control and back again in a hurry. Cockpit was changed to 'bridge' for faster saying. Hyperdrive, changed to hyperjump. I've also added FULL STOP command, which is the same as hitting the Zero key. I modified raise shields to 'shields up' and 'shields down' Those commands are just more natural to bark. I even added RANDOM JUMP, which cycles through the target list fifteen times, then does shift 9 command. I think I'm going to add the Clear Target right after the end of that command so enemies can't figure out WHERE you're going, and make a jump TO that location. (Even if they CAN intercept.) This is fantastic. If you wanted, you could link a myriad of key commands to one word. Hey BopRox... the simplest commands are the best. If you manage to catch me on AIM, I can send my version of the XML for you. (AIM: Atigerclaw03 ) Or you can email me. But MAN, I feel like a commander now. I gave it a test run, and I ZORTCHED my enemies with three times the speed. I even went head to head, and weaved around the enemy fire, snapping the decoupled weapons back and forth like a helldemon. Now all I need are verbal commands for ship commands in the command menu. I can see it now... *Jumps into a flashback, only its not the past.* "Command, Fighters, All, launch, intercept." Or "Command, Fighters, All, command, return to base" *Jumps back to the present.* *Droolz with extra Z added!*
  22. *Rubs forehead...* Oy vey... I schedule ten chores to repair. Wait for one to finish, then send him on to help with another already in progress chore. I know the station only assigns ten engineers. Let's say I assign five engineers to two tasks. (Ten total, five each.) I can go to another screen, and when I bring the FC itself back up, (I want to look at the system percentage.) both tasks have simply suspended. Repairs to the CC will complete, and I can check up on them as many times as I want. But the moment I try checking on an FC, they suspend themselves. Let me see if I can 'show' you what I'm doing. Say, FC1 has damage throughout its systems, and I want to perform general repairs. In Starstation, logistics. Hit Crafts, then FC, then 1. Assign one engineer to each of the first ten systems. (Select system, click repair, up arrow the engineers once, click the next system, repair... etc. Up to the tenth.) Then click on maybe tradcom, do some trading. Come back to logistics, click crafts... see engineers assigned to several tasks. Wait a while, a few tasks complete. Click FC, 1. All tasks that didn't finish now on SUSPENDED. Go and take off the engineers from the tasks and assign them all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat. As long as I just leave it alone, they finish. But say I want to assign some freed up engineers to more tasks... I have to go and do a total reassign of the whole group. Do you get what I mean now?
  23. EDIT: Pardon, I put Luna instead of Mars... [rp] TIME: Unknown Place: Mars, Sol. GCV Galaxius "Break away from Martian Gravity successful," the navigations officer stated. "We're clear for a hyperjump on your mark. Suddenly I heard the combat alert klaxon blair to life. "What the hell?" I snapped. "Several large ships have engaged in a melee at bearing 310 mark 12. The tactical officer replied. "At least one confirmed raider and several galcom ships are engaged in a massive firefight. "Scramble the fighters, but keep them close to us," I ordered. "What's the firefight like out there?" "Several fighters have engaged one raider and multiple hulks are detected. There's an unknown making an intercept hyperjump to the current location of the raider in combat... Confirming the first raider as UCV-DEATHSTRIKE. Unknown looks to be, UCV-Tokuyama." "Shingen..." I muttered. "We meet at last..." "They're jumping, trajectory shows they're heading for the... flux point? Sir that flux leads invariably directly into a black hole." Tactical stated. "What's he planning? Do they know we're here yet?" I asked. "Seems not sir," came the reply. "Good," I stated. "Tsun Tzu teaches it is always better to give the enemy as little as possible to work with. Cloak us, and prepare to intercept the Tokuyama. Order the fighters to move out to the deathstrike, but keep a good distance away." "Cloaking device online." "Use the end of the Heavy cruiser's jump point for our vector," I added. "Not the Deathstrike or the Tokuyama, no telling what deathstrike dropped before it jumped, and I don't want to jump in that close to the Tokuyama where they would see the jump signature." Moments later, the fighters made a vector jump out to the fluxfield, but immediately turned and scattered. Galaxius made its jump, in 90 seconds, it would drop out of jump fifteen K from the Tokuyama. I was right to target the end point for the Heavy cruiser's jump point. A fighter from the station arrived late, choosing to follow to the spot where the Deathstrike had last been... it came out of jump right into mines and got ripped to shreds. The heavy cruiser's jump point however, was twenty three K aft of that position. The Tokuyama came out of jump, ten seconds ahead of the cruiser, and they began engaging each other in a firefight. The smaller ship quickly dropped in on its tail. "Emerging, from hyperspace." We dropped in slightly off the original point, eighteen K instead of fifteen. But I wasn't going to let it bother me. "Manual control to me," I ordered. I quickly punched in and hauled the nose of my Violon around. Most commanders treated anything bigger than a Generis like a slow moving turd. On the other hand, I was always in the thought that if it could fly under its own power, it could move like a fighter. We closed to Ten K, I kept the throttle to max and kept my ship's nose pointed at the leading marker, maximum closing speed... seven K... I switched the main guns to decouple and prepared to drop the cloak. Five K, there was a brief burst of static from the cloak, but their EMD was on, hiding it. At three K, the heavy cruiser, shields buckling, pulled hard up attempting to avoid certain destructing by dodging the enemy fire. The Tokuyama chased it right on the tail. I was presented with a sight any commander in a close range engagement knew as 'crossing the T' ... the one position no commander EVER wanted to find himself on the recieving end of. "BEGIN TRANSMITTING!" All at once, subspace was flooded with music, an old Earth song by the long dead Red Hot Chili Peppers, called Higher Ground jammed all communications traffic, and I dropped the cloak as the electric guitar kicked in. I let loose with the main gun at full power. Deadly ion bursts ripped out across the now mere two kilometers between me and the wide belly of the target in front of me. I raked the guns back and forth, the shields collapsed in seconds, and several shots smashed right through the hull. At this range it was impossible to miss. Several more of my main gun's shots slammed into the hull, and then an explosion of decompressing gasses greeted a hull integrity breach. My next shot punched right through the ship, passing through it and ripping a hole into the void. I saw the lights on the vessel go out. We were still closing at high speed, so I quickly recoupled the guns and took the Galaxius across the aft of the Tokuyama... Then the ship shuddered from something. "What happened?" I asked. "Tokuyama has ejected their reactor core," the tactical officer stated. "It seems the main cannons did the job." "Order fighters to leave the deathstrike alone, and prepare to render emergency medical assistance to the crew of the Tokuyama." "Sir?" "I'm a warrior, not a barbarian," I stated. "I don't have to reduce that ship to ash to win." "The Heavy Cruiser's thanking us for the assistance," the comm's officer stated. "How'd they get around our jamming?" I asked... My communications specialist merely held up a Nokia 3000. I then turned to the Tacops computer... it was time to sit back and watch what move DEATHSTRIKE had up its sleeve. "Keep me informed if anyone pops up in the system and tries to sneak about," I ordered. "I don't want the same thing we did to Tokuyama to come bite us in the @$$." Galaxius began flying in a happhazzard pattern around the dissabled Tokuyama... Higher Ground played on. [/RP] Yeah, a bit heavy handed. But when you cross the T in UC, it's over as far as your opponent is concerned. I've eaten AI alive when I cross their T... since AI seem to be stupid and turn to present their belly when you get to about two K or closer. Combine that with Decoupled guns so I can track when one tries to fly out of my firing cone... Well, maybe now you guys can continue this little RP. [ 08-23-2004, 01:12 AM: Message edited by: Shingen ]
  24. [RP] Hess watched his moniter cautiously. Even as the Starlight decloaked. He knew better than to lower his guard. The same event had happened before. People had been on alert for a cloaked vessel when a friendly had dropped his cloak due to high radiation levels. The Insurgent ship that was also in the system cloaked had jumped both vessels with their guards down, from behind, with a tractor beam on and shields lowered. Hess remembered the screams of 'core breach in progess!' and the howling of terror as the otherwise simple Battlecruiser Mk1 had smashed missiles into one ship, and ripped the other apart with main weapon fire. Hess remembered everything up until one moment. After that, all he could remember was a blur of rage and fury. At the time, he had only been a pilot. But he watched his friends die from a cheap shot. No one had ever seen one single pilot out fly four enemy fighters, an active PTA system, and destroy a Battlecruiser Mk1 and its fighter compliment. No one ever saw that. But the system computer on his small fightercraft had five confirmed kills from that engagement. Hess snapped back to reality and continued scanning the scopes, even as the Starlight opened a comm channel to the Diligent... [/RP] Hess is one helluva pilot. He can make a Violon move in ways no man thought possible. Hess has that instinct that keeps the good pilots alive. He can sense trouble, and can come out from horrendus odds with a massive snarl and huge explosions.
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