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  1. Hey SC, as a side note, I noted something about FCs getting repaired at stations. Even when I have ALL REQUIRED PARTS. FCs don't want to stay in the repairs scheduled mode when docked at stations. They keep trying to jump to suspended. Say for instance, I order repairs on ten different FC systems, one engineer each. Then I drop to the main logistics screen and wait. After one or two syseng's clear up and finish a task, I would go back to the FC to assign more repairs on other systems, or add some sysengs to an in progress repair that's taking longer than I want, only now, still in progress repairs suddenly suspend themselves without me ever adjusting it. They just show up as SUSPENDED the moment I bring the FC back up. I'm talking about home stations like GHQ, when I have all the parts needed myself. *Sighs* I wish flight engineers could also fix fighters. You'd think they'd know those things inside and out enough to help repairs. *Shuffles off to spend another two hours repairing what got torn up in a thirty second engagement.*
  2. Well, one looks to be some kind of filter, another for a format I don't know, another I don't know, and the last one looks like a codec for displaying Subtitles. Either way, I'm sure he'll tell us.
  3. I try to AVOID having to fix things... it always means downtime I could be spending nuking the NPCs. Just the other day, I had a Terran Insurgent Stormcarrier drop out of Hyperjump on top of me while I was monitering TAC OPS to watch my fighters engaged in combat. When I clicked back to bridge view to check something, the huge form of a Stormcarrier was just finishing the HJ transition right in my face. Unfortunately the fool had his belly to me and my main guns were lined up with him. Essentially he jumped right into position to have his T crossed and I ripped him apart before he could even move. As of yet, I have not taken any damage WHATSOEVER in a firefight. I always go ship to ship with decoupled guns. With fighters, I just keep moving and try to keep them inside the PTA killzone. Only my fighters and my shuttles have been torn up. I've lost three fighters, one to theft because I didn't know there were intruders on board without Resnig to let me know, (the SAS flashing just doesn't catch my attention.) I've recovered SEVERAL fighters that were all but scrap after getting shredded by capital ships. And I've even saved a shuttle that got AMBUSHED by a cloaked enemy stormcarrier when it was on a cargosweep. The shuttle of course, had several destroyed to ZERO systems, a reactor of 4%, and strangly, HULL/ARMOR of 92%. What the hell? Did the PTA blast go right through the viewport? Biggest firefight, A battlecruiser Mk1, and a MkII, and their fighter compliments. I ate them ALIVE and asked for seconds. When in combat, if the enemy is above or below you, ALWAYS YAW, not pitch. If you pitch, your reletive position to them just dosn't change much, it just presents a different side for them to hit. By yawing, your movement change is much more drastic, and you dodge more shots. Do the opposite when they're along side you, pitch instead of yaw. I think I'm going to go and memorize the couple/decouple hotkey so I can switch between hard turning, and mobile main weapons in the heat of combat. Even if you're a flying brick of a warship, pilot like a fighter, and chances are you'll come out of scrapes a little less worse for wear. Always watch out, keep moving, and never go head to head with ANYTHING. Especially with fighters, they're too small to fire at with the main guns. At twenty K out, just dive and put them in the PTA killzone... they'll be dead before they can get into their main gun range. "SCOTTY! I NEED WARP SPEED NOW!" "ACH! I CANNA' DO IT C'PAN! THE TOILETS HAVE BACKED UP INTO T'E WARP DRIVE AUND IT'LL TAK' A BITTA' TIME TO UNCLOG 'DEM!" "How long before you can fix it?" "WELL, I TRIED SHOVING a WEENER INTO DA WARP DRIVE, BUT IT DINNA' DO A BITTA GOOD. BY THE BY MIGHT YOU HAVE A WEE BITTA' MUSTARD UP ON THE BRIDGE?"
  4. [RP] "Tow you? Too risky..." Hess stated. That would leave us both vunerable. It was true, in the Diligent's current state, it wasn't even safe to put the ship in a tractor beam. And since they seemed to be carrying a hot item, lowering the shields of the hastings could be dangerous. "Put two marine's into a shuttle and send them over to Genesis," Hess stated to Resnig, who was currently inspecting one of the assault rifles he had. "RESNIG!" Resnig jumped, and the rifle went off... Hess looked slightly over his shoulder at the hole in the bulkhead behind him. "I thought I told you to take the ammo clip out of that thing before you inspected it," Hess admonished. "Slipped my mind sir," Resnig responded, quickly shoving the rifle under his seat, it went off again, the round narrowly missing Kara's right hand. She yelped as her panel sparked. "It's called a SAFETY," Hess stated, rubbing his forehead. "Anyway, put two marines in a shuttle and send them to genesis. We need repair parts for Diligent." "YES SIR," Resnig responded. He was reliable and loyal, but none too bright. A few minutes later, two marines in a shuttle made the short hyperjump to genisis. Four fighters and one Violon fanned out and began running a patrol around Diligent... There was a slight wave of static on the sensors, and Hess frowned. "Someone's out there," he muttered. "And I'm afraid he's up to something..." [/RP]
  5. What's REALLY scary, I thought the SAME thing.
  6. My battery died for my car yesterday... I left my lights on... which wasn't THE MOST intelligent thing I ever did. But sitting in my car, my mind brought up... "Low Power Status."
  7. (( Yeah, you have the scientfic process down. It's been about three years since I've even discussed it. So I just bullsh*tted my way through it. Still, I got the point across.)) Will SC ever tell us? Or is he going to wait a little more? Or do I have to hire someone to break down the code for UC and see what the SR does?
  8. QUICKLY! BEFORE THEY FIND YOU! REGISTER! REGISTER AND PUT A LINK TO THE REGISTRATION INFO IN YOUR SIGNATURE! THERE IS NO HOPE IF YOU DON'T! THEY ARE COMING! THEY ARE COMINNNNNNG!!!!! (For the correct info, head to: Universal Combat Technical Support section, and check the links at the top such as the one that says stuff about a correct signature. It will have all the links you need. If for some reason, when you register and the CD Key is already in use, EMAIL Cat using the link the registration page will provide you with for technical support, and have PROOF of purchase ready. *IE: Photo of game and manual, or photo of reciept* ) *Suddenly, penguines with chainsaws riding snowboards bust into the thread...* OH MY GAWD! THEY ARE HERE! EVERYONE RUN!
  9. [RP] Almost the moment the Hastings picked up the emergency distress call, the klaxon goes off, alerting Commander Hess to the appearance of a Warmonger in the system, as well as several Raider Fighters. The warmonger jumps, ETA to the Diligent, roughly under three minutes, but the fighters will get there in thirty seconds. HESS: How fast can we get to them? LANNA: We have a ninty second jump time sir. We'll never intercept those fighters. HESS: Scramble our fighters on orders to DEFEND THAT SHIP! In seconds, four combat-ready fighters catapulted from the rear runnerdecks of the Violon, from there, they oriented towards Diligent, and jumped. HESS: Open a comm channel Sandy... SANDY: Channel open. HESS: This is the GCV HASTINGS. DILIGENT, JUST SIT TIGHT, WE WILL BE THERE IN 90 SECONDS. "Jump Paramiters Computed." "HYPERDRIVE ACTIVATED" "Inputing NAV coordinets." "Engaging Hyperdrive Profile." The timer began its countdown even as the raiders cleared hyperspace at the end of the jump. The warmonger was still minutes away. Something couldn't be right. HESS: Kara, what kind of fighters are those? KARA: Those are L Fighters. A heavier attack craft. HESS: The other ship's a Warmonger right? KARA: Yes Sir, a WARMONGER couldn't carry those, it's not a carrier. HESS: I'm afraid there may be something lurking out there somewhere. [/RP] Anyone gonna take the roll of raider? Or are we just gonna call that one NPC?
  10. Try alligning so that you DON'T get power from the panels... I bet the power goes through the floor, which in turn shows that no power is coming from some 'batteries' somewhere.
  11. Alright, second post, but the one to get the ball rolling. Scenerio One: Shakedown cruise. The mission for the Hastings is for it to make a successful trip out to Luna (THE MOON!), and back to GALCOM HQ. Unfortunately, things aren't always that simple in space... AS IT STANDS: The hasings has made a successful hyperjump out to the Luna Jumpgate. No events so far, as no one wants to get involved with TITAN, REGAL, and EMPEROR sitting up near the Pluto Jumpgate. In the EARTH AREA, no static pops show any signs of cloaked vessel activity, as all know the TITAN would pick them up if they hung out in the system cloaked. Hastings approaches the Jumpgate, commander Hess listens to the diagnostics from Kendric as they prepare to jump to the Luna sector. The ship enters the gigantic cone shape of the jumpgate, and soon they reach the stablized fluxpoint, and everything seems to stretch to infinity, before almost instantly snapping back to normal... Hastings has jumped to Luna... (Alright, first part ready, who will appear first? Friend, foe? Ally? Fiend? Or will some light frieghter just drop Hess a line? The choice is yours.) BEGIN HASTINGS EXPERIMENT!
  12. It's time for a rather interesting style of RP... The way this will work will be like this: The RP will decide how a written work of fiction procedes. This written work will be created in segments after each section of the RP is completed, and then posted as another thread. (I will of course, be doing the actual writing of the fiction part, but all participants receive the credit for the work.) The RP will center around the actions of the Violon Carrier, HASTINGS, and the escapades of its commander. The written work will be essentially a coherent meshing of the combined posts of the RPing into something fit for reading, and thussly, if the action IS confirmed as having happened, I will NOT ignore it. However, there are certain rules to the RPing itself. 1rst and foremost. No matter how much you guys wanna trash it, the HASTINGS "MUST" come out alive... What good is a story if the centerpiece dies in the first chapter. You can get the hastings torn to smitherines if you want, but it must at least LIMP away with the command staff alive (If critically injured, so be it.), all other crew are fair game, but all crew with NAMES, must survive. The staff of the Hastings will of course, be the actual UC crew members, (Yep, Resnig.) Therefor, all other ships must have different crew. (Cloning may be on the rise, but I seriously doubt they'd actually CLONE Resnig...While he's still alive)so come up with some crew members. All ships and vehicles that join the RP MUST start somewhere, no 'I decloak suddenly and blast you from the rear' so to speak. You must post ALL actions you perform so that others know. This may give away tactics, but I can ensure that if SC would do the honors, we can have this fairly monitered and all participants involved will perform fairly. Participants may control two CCs actively at any given point, so if/when one of them gets destroyed in combat, they don't have to be left out. Play nicely, I'll be controling the actions of Hastings, so I'll try to think about the gameplay physics as much as possible during combat situations. You may choose any race or caste at your disposal, and furthermore, you aren't bound by the 'ENEMY KILL IT' type of politics of the game itself, but can, be your own commander. For example, you can be a terran raider that only preys on, perhaps Gammulan Merchants, and thus, not be WANTED by GALCOM, and thus further, be on neutral terms with GALCOM instead of instantly enemy. You ARE who you play yourself as. Each segment will be based upon a scenario of the HASTINGS, and thus theming would work well if you try to play along with the theme of things... Finally, unless the ship you are in is in the same area as either Hastings, or another ship, don't say much of what is happening. Just keep it sketchy, no need for someone to describe a massive ALL OUT ASSAULT on Obsidia when the actual events of HASTINGS are taking place near pluto. However, small notes on major events could effect the flow of the story, so don't be TOO quiet, let us know how things are doing out there in the galaxy, please don't go on a massive starstation destroying rampage... Next up, the the main ship HASTINGS :Violon Class Heavy Carrier Experimental Loadout, containing all factory upgrades right out of the shipyard. No Artifacts, all crew at fifty percent. (average) Weapons loadout, 300 Questor missiles. Craft mission, Seccure the spacelanes from all hostiles that wish to prey on friendly or neutral cargo traffic. Commander: Mathew Hess CREW: Default UC crew Second Main craft, GCV POLARION Megaron class Heavy Carrier, default game start loadout. (This ship mostly acts as a light escort for the HASTINGS, and will be commanded by Hess' friend...) Commander: Bill Shanty Crew, to be named as we go... I'm taking Ideas. SPECIAL GALCOM SHIPS: GCV TITAN Aestrom Class Super Carrier, super deadly loadout, all artifacts onboard and all crew at one hundred percent AI. The ship is commanded by fleet commander Derrek Smart (SC gets a CAMEO! With his permission of course! If you don't want me to use that name SC, I will change it.) and is the Flagship of the Terran Military forces. The commander is extremely cunning and the TITAN is feared even by the strongest of enemy forces. A suggestion for RP players is that if you're an opponent, and the TITAN shows up, RUN. GCV Regal Aestrom Class Ship, full loadout upgrades, is the ESCORT for the TITAN. They emphisize on fighter combat. I'll take names for its commander later. GCV: Emperor Battlecruiser Mk II, second escort for the TITAN, has dangerous ship to ship engagement tactics, is mildly upgraded. Acts as a missile toting escort, and hauls a LARGE supply of missile weapons. Together these three ships make up the Special GALCOM ship group... essentially, these guys will smack anyone around, and engagements with the Hastings try to happen when they aren't lurking in the area. These ships will come to the rescue if the situation is getting horrid and players aren't supporting Hastings well enough, but as things go, I'll see how this goes. Sorry if these rules are a bit long, but this is a LARGE experiment. Let's have some FUN shal we?
  13. No, that theory can be crashed wookie. I did a test by shutting down the MRC and the SR and alligned the solar panels to face the sun. Got all the power they generated as according to logistics. Solar panels produce power, they produce right there in photoelectric cells. Modern Satellites work on Solar Panels, and you never hear anything about SOLAR REACTORS. IF the SR actually has a real purpose in the game anymore, it's a side system of some kind. But if you can allign and get the power you need from the panels, why would you need an SR, unless it does something for storing that power for when you don't have MRC and Solar Panels readily available... and I've not seen evidence of it doing anything. So I stick with either my Theory One, or my Theory Two. Theory. Hypothosis. Experiment. Results. Answer. Conclusion. Repeat until satisfied.
  14. This happens to me too, I don't even HAVE a joystick connected when playing. Sometimes the target just clears. For instance, out near a wormhole, and watching a ship in the system... look away, look back, no target selected, didn't even have hands on my DESK. The target was still very much alive and moving, I just had to reset it. This also happens to me when I'm monitering my shuttlecraft... I'll be watching it as it's running about doing a cargosweep, and I'll suddenly lose the target. As for the target switching with the EMD, I noted that too, but I assumed it was that when you activate the EMD, the targeting system puts a priority out on the object that launched on you so you could 'handle' it. "The game does NOT do that." -Supreme Commander has Spoken "Well, it's NOT SUPPOSED TO, but it is doing so..." -Me Which key would clear the CMD of a target? I could narrow something down... and I don't feel like manual or hotkey fishing. (CMD: Combat Multiview Display, not the OFFICIAL name for the stuff, but I like using the term.)
  15. I tested the SR. I shut down the primary with the SR both up and down... I saw no difference... However, I have one last EXPERIMENTATION to try...
  16. Beam Resnig into the central pacific... and leave him... let the SHARKS have their fun. He will either drown and get eaten by the sharks, or if he can somehow breathe under water, he will eventually STARVE to death. What's nice is you can just bring up PERSCAN every once in a while and check his AGONY-O-METER (Fatigue Factor)
  17. I have two theories... 1: The power setting allows up tp ten units power allocation starting at FIVE. Since it appears to do NOTHING. Perhaps this might be why; Solar reactor recieves priority allocation when you go into a low or critical power status, allocating units here would prevent them from getting userped somewhere else, thus effectively RESSERVING them. 2: SC used his old BC engine for the game it seems. Maybe perhaps the solar reactor DOES NOTHING... and since he had more than enough on his hands to program as it was, he just DIDN'T BOTHER with something that wasn't effecting gameplay. ((This theory almost sounds like I'm speaking blasphemy... You may TAR and Feather... TIGERCLONE.)) TGCLN: I WILL RULE THE- ANGRY MOB: ROAR!!! TGCLN: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  18. Also, check MSI for your most up to date drivers. I noted one thing about my MSI card is that the drivers that came with it were nit-picky and so a web update to optimize them might be a good thing. (Web updates always pop up out of the blue when you think you have everything up to date.) After drivers, check for 'the stupid stuff' You know, moniter and hardware settings, disks in drive, or lack thereof... *Wracks brain...* Program doesn't even begin loading... WHAT was that kind of error? I had it with other games... ARGH! I managed to fix it after some work... What was it? *INCOMING MESSAGE FOR KHAN.* RECORDED VOICE OF WILLIAM SHATNER "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! -haaaaaaaaaaan -haaaaaaaan......." *END MESSAGE*
  19. "...PRAISE ALLAH!!!!" "Welcome to the wonderful world of Al Quaeda! Now with three locations in Kabul..." *Image of bombed out dessert cave.* "Jalahabad..." *Another cave, with more eyes staring out...* "And now in KANDAHAR! Just past the black angus on rout 3, just below the *Unintel*pass... Ample parking available..." "PRAISE ALLAH!!!!" That video? www.mondominishows.com It's the Like News third clip.
  20. I can see a link between Mihoshi and Universal Combat... They must have both had the same training class for shuttle flying... as Marines crash shuttles into the ground at top speed as much as she does... only she seems to survive alot more... As a side thought, Marines with Higher AI can locate enemies faster when searching, and have higher survivability in a fight yes?
  21. Ah good, now Supreme Commander won't hang you from the Yardarm 'till dead. Better safe than sorry. (I may be blunt, but I DID do you a favor.) Until next colony drop... Tigerclaw signing off. (Wing commander? WTH?)
  22. Remind me to drop a gundam colony on you later... right now, I have intruders to attend to... *rushes away.* *Background sounds.* "So you want to take me on!? BRING IT! Come on! Those lasers TICKLE! Here, let me show you some REAL power FIREBALL! *KABOOM!!!!* HAH! You weak intruders! Can't even take one spell! Have your Aestrom try this on to size..." *Sound of an airlock opening can be heard, and amidst the blast of escaping air, a voice chants...* "Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows, buried in the stream of time, is where your power grows, I pledge myself to conquer, all the foes who stand, BEFORE the mighty gift, bestowed in MY unworthy hands. Let the FOOLS who stand before me be DESTROYED by the POWER YOU AND I POSSESS! DRAGON SLAVE!" *A large explosion rocks the camera...* [TRANSMISSION TERMINATED DUE TO EMP]
  23. Even worse, he got his spaceballs quote wrong! It just so happens I know the whole damn scene! "I SAID ACROSS HER NOSE NOT UP IT!" "Sorry sir, doing my best!" "Who made this man a gunner?" "I DID SIR! ... HE'S MY COUSIN!" "WHO'S THIS?" "HE'S AN ******* SIR." "I KNOW THAT! What's his name?" "That is his name sir, ******* MAJOR, *******." "And his cousin?" "He's an ******* too sir, Gunner's Mate First Class Philip *******." "...How many *******s we got on this ship anyhow?" **EVERYONE ELSE: "YO!"** "... ... ... I knew it, I'm surrounded by *******s..." *"Clank..."* "KEEP FIRING *******S!"
  24. Not even a month, registration was a week ago tomarrow. I happen to READ things. (Such as the READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING bit...) I have THE POWER. I can MERGE with any forum society with just a little watching and reading. (You don't spend six years on the internet to learn to be a newb OVER AND OVER. Instead, you learn how to BYPASS newbism and make it straight to Actually Understands What's Going On stage.) I noted how brutally serious SC's posts were concerning the infractions of his RULES OF MIGHT... or whatever you want to call them, regulations or whatnot. On the flipside, if I don't know what I'm talking about, I try to keep with what I DO KNOW, and for everything else, I've got a brutally powerful imagination, and the typing skills to use it. (Check out UC after action reports for single player, I came up with that battle off the top of my head in only an hour, but I used the dynamics I knew worked, and a LITTLE creative ingenuity... I doubt I spelled that last word right, but it's almost one AM.) You should see me in RANT MODE. Without even SPEAKING, I can work myself into an all out BOILING RAGE just by going over what I'm typing in my head, and what starts out as a few sentences can turn into an essay. I'm nutters that way... but I'm Tigerclaw, what can you expect? Just keep the Snowboard Riding, Chainsaw Toting Penguines away! KEEP THEM AWAY! Back on topic, I think the best feature of UC is not any ONE feature, but having SO MANY features incorporated into one game. No other game have I played that gives you the FREEDOM to play HOW YOU WANT, for AS LONG AS YOU WANT.
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