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  1. I thinking following important instructions and adding your system registration to your sig before the Agents get to you is a VERY important feature. To locate, head to the UC tech support forum and read all the pinned *IMPORTANT* kind of posts... the kind that say 'READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!' It's seeming to start to apply for all of this forum. Agent one: We have him... Agent two: It's the anomaly... A1: Delete him... A2: ...immerdiately. A1: ...before he violates... A2: ...Anymore rules. They found you! You can't kill them! Only run!
  2. Asside from the obvious, (that being, I'm confused.) WTF does the Blue Danube have to do with Delta Airlines, PTAs, and a package of peanuts?
  3. Even if a human's intelligence wasn't supreme, I think they'd be able to make the simple task of flying between point A and B reguardless of obstacles. Do you drive your car in circles because there's a tree branch in the road and you can't figure out how to drive around it? That's niether here nor there. I don't need my shuttlecraft flying themselves like a missile into the ground because they got confused... So I now park my ship in nice flat areas and do that, it seems to work.
  4. "This ain't like dustin' crops boy! Without the proper calculations you could fly right through a star, or bounce your ship right off a supernova and that'd end your trop REAL QUICK now wouldn't it?!" -Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope. **You mean that quote?** Star Wars hyperspace physics has nothing to do whatsoever with UC physics. The first thing you'd note is that a planet would be a rather painful thing to fly into with a star wars hyperdrive... as you'd be DEAD. Yet UC hyperdrive seems to let you pass through it unharmed. I also noted that UC is not the Foundation series... The chances of flying into a star are slim to none, given the ratio of empty space to stars in the galaxy. And even then, it probably isn't a problem with an intra system hop that doesn't even excede the speed of light anyway. (Please don't get me started! I can switch into RANT mode and rip you a new one with comparisons, examples, footnotes, and technobabble if I get carried away. It's not a pretty picture! ESCAPE WHILE YOU CAN! FOR THE LOVE OF SC! RUN WHILE YOU'RE STILL SANE!!!!)
  5. I note that if you BABYSIT the craft it returns to normal flight after a moment... by babysitting, you hop to TACOPS, and center on the offending craft. Unfortunately, you have to moniter the craft ALL THE WAY BACK to dock. But I can't seem to avoid having the shuttle Act a FOOL! Oh and, don't launch shuttles while on planets when they have even the slightest damage that puts their engines in the yellow... they take off, right into the unforgiving ground. (I launched a shuttle earlier, and it nose dived upon launch... When I went back to the save game I found out I should have checked its status, I launched a shuttle with most systems destroyed, and a none existant engine... no wonder he didn't fly. I launched shuttle one with similar results, only his engine was at sixty.)
  6. This is where the term OVERKILL comes in, you fire every friggin' missile at your disposal into his face, then pilot the ship like a fighter, even if it can't move like one. IT was A FIREFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! The idea is NOT to go head to head with the punk if you can help it. They tend to make Menchi Cutlets out of you. If you HAVE to go head on, dive and start yawing around if your shields get hammered too much. If you can get in close, and cross his T, he's F*CKED. (Essentially, you cross his T by putting your nose to his side, which essentially is your main guns can pound away, and all he's got are the PTAs.) I love crossing the T, and then I also love unleashing F.A.T.A.L. HELL on an enemy. I almost cackle with glee when I see the looks on their faces as a swarm of Questors comes flying at them.
  7. You could call it 'CRASH' but I prefer to think of it as the transfer of momentum from shuttle to planetary surface, while compressing the shuttle into a more compact and higher entropy model. Of course, this does little good for the guy on board, as he gets reduced to a higher entropy version of himself as well... I lamens terms: "He gets splattered right messily all over the inside." None of which achieves the goal of retrieving that mining drone and gathering the minerals it contains. (I also note this weird event you described, but I only see it happen with my Shuttle MK1s... I think it might have something to do with craft pathfinding.)
  8. Resnig and Better, somehow I feel that doesn't work in the same sentence together. I'm afraid no amount of killing will improve Resnig. His fault rests not with his AI level, but with something deeper. It's like the Mihosi Effect. No matter how smart she gets, Mihoshi will always crash her shuttle into the lake at mach five upon returning home from a patrol (Thusly flooding the Masaki household YET AGAIN.) MIHOSHI: *SOB* Washu-chan, I broke my shuttle... could you please fix it again? Somehow I think Resnig is related to Mihoshi.
  9. When I figure out how to make the waypoint appear in a completely random spot in open space when the add waypoint coupled with SETPOS button for the command craft option is dissabled in Tacops, I'll get back to you on that. (Actually, what I meant was, punch a button, and you just fly forward in hyperspace until A: you turn it off, B: you run outta fuel like a dumb@$$ and get stuck in middle O nowhere Sol.)
  10. The UC's modified Killzone (Sweetspot) for the PTA system seems to be about directly above, to 45 degrees ahead, where it seems to fire either five, or possibly even SEVEN of the ten PTA turrets at one time. And the Violon, I noted it likes top, bottom, and the sides at ninty degrees. Although its coverage DOES provide almost complete sphereical defense. And has anyone else ever thought the Violon looks like a Delta Airlines Tristar Airliner? Every time I leave a station and get that Third person perspective of the ship flying by, I feel like grabbing a pack of peanuts...
  11. Ah but with mining, I can drop what I'm doing for eight hours and come back to a nice PHAT load O money. It doesn't hurt that the ON STATION-NESS of all the characters helps their AI go up as well. Of course, my fighter's are all but scrap heaps right now. And I find an odd thing that while docked at stations, they keep getting their repairs set to ON HOLD. (I can FORCE them past the on hold, but it gets ANNOYING.) With only one fighter capable of sorties... Those things are staying GROUNDED to the docking bay. Sending one fighter ANYWHERE is asking for trouble. Sending two up against a capital ship is wreckless, and sending all four against anything with good PTA coverage is a risk. (I'm sure glad after that Sunflash killed two fighers, I popped up in his face with a full tube of missiles and IODs to get revenge, he ate superheated plasma real quick.) For the time being, I'm sticking to mining as first income source, trading as the secondary, and selling off whatever salvage I pick up as the tirtiary. (Some OTS, STO, and SAM, weapons sold real well.) I just bought some trellis after returning to GALCOM HQ for some repairs, rearms and general musings at what I would call my HOMEBASE. I got as far as a few K out from the wormhole to polaris, but at the last moment I was engaged by enemy forces that roamed that sector, and after dispatching them, had some cargo pods to grab. Sent my shuttles out to grab each pod (No Cargosweep orders, there was one pod in close to the enemy station.), and suddenly I lose contact with shuttle one... 'HUH?' Needless to say, I cloaked my @$$ then and there. A minute later, a Firestorm decloaks right near my shuttle. I proceded to reduce him to spacedebree. And then played tag with fighters for ten minutes, killing one, after another, after another... After dissabling most, the Station (I'm in Lnnis... or however you spell that, wormhole to Polaris heading from earth/sol ...) sent out shuttles to grab them up, one got away, but the second must have had a stupid pilot, he didn't know how to stop flying in circles,and bought two Questors up his pipe, and a third to VAPE him. And then I just stalked near the dissabled fighter they seemed so interested in towing back to the station, taking out a few more fighters and shuttles before jumping cross system to take out an insurgent LRT.... and of course, even more fighters and escort ships. So instead of going to Polaris over to Actis IV to check out the potential mining there, I ended up with a couple cargo pods of juicy goods, two dead marines, and a slightly damaged CC. (Head to Head with a ship, and I wasn't watching my shields when a fighter made a strafing run.) Back in the Jupiter region, I was chased down, by... something. Don't remember, because I was watching my TV, and only noticed I was being attacked at all when I noted a 'beep beep beep beep' noise coming from my headphones... The kind you get with a missile chasing you down. One second of EMD and a few turns and a killer blast of decoupled main guns on my chaser, and I was back to finishing the last ten K to the earth jumpgate. I noted one manuever however for avoiding main gun fire from enemies, DIVE, and then yaw back and forth, which makes your course the most wild. (As you move the most from his perspective...) Net result of today's profit run? I found wraith (never looked it up), made a TOADLOAD of cash (TOADLOAD... heh, I played BATTLETOADS once upon a time...) and blew the unholy smeg out of anyone who got in my way. You'd be surprised how well a FC and SC reactor sell for... three of those had me able to buy more fighters... but I degress. I still need to locade the PAD! I WANT THAT PAD! I MUST HAVE THE POWER! GO MY MINIONS! FIND IT! *Sends out the HOUNDS*
  12. Done this before... I just stay at the dock. I don't go out 'looking for trouble' with a ship under repairs, and you can use the dock time to take EVERYONE off duty to freshen up for you next order of business. (I wish the dock gave you more than TEN sysengineers though. Supercarriers give you TWENTY. You'd think a station would assign you more if you needed them.) Just watch some TV while your ship undergoes repairs.
  13. You should have seen some of the conversations I had at EB Games yesterday concerning the game. Heh. Poor sods. They can't HANDLE the UNIVERSAL COMBAT! Ah... Tres Bien... ANYWHO. UC rocks. The only thing I would ever think of changing about it is the hyperdrive navigation system. Instead of a ballistic timer hyperdrive that allows only selected points, I'd of course, use a hyperdrive you can freeform use whenever you need. Of course, it would have speed limitations, but would make more sense when you want to do a short hop to a close battle, and it would ACTUALLY take LESS time than the hop across the system. This would also open up such things as RANDOM JUMP (MMMmmm... See my signature) and freeform hyperjump strategies. Of course, that won't happen. To change out the hyperdrive system would require no less than coding in the hyperdrive, ships, reactor fuel use coding, AI, and even missions. Coding work like that would be a mess. Like Stellar Frontier modding, (Which used DAT files simplified so players could easily make servers) change one thing, you have to go through every piece of the game linked to it and change that to make sure it's compatable and functions correctly. And by the time you're done with just one tiny edit, you've realized you spent twelve hours on it. It won't happen. (Unless SC decides to be a GOD and do it as a mod patch or something. You never know...) *Random jumps out of the thread to escape the Five Warmongers and Seven Aestroms jumping to his position.* "Catch me if you can figure out where I'm going!" *Returns to realspace right next to the starstation...* "!!!! PH SH- EMERGENCY ESCAPE!!!!" *Random Jumps again, right into a group of raiders...* "WHAT THE HELL!? GET US OUT OF HERE!" *And again, into a crossfire between some GALCOM and some INSURGENT...* "IS SEINA YAMADA ON BOARD?!" *Jumps away, right into a fleet of Raiders numbering in the hundreds...* "WTF?!?!?!?!!?? THIS RECCURING JUMP TO HOSTILES BIT IS GETTING OLD!"
  14. Thing is, I'm usually going back and forth to OTHER things when this happens. Usually, I'm Enrout to planet or station when ALL HELL breaks loose. And This always seems to occure right after recalling my fighters from a finished sortie. Megaron's don't make jumps very timely... So I'm switching to the Violon now. It's got halfway decent PTA coverage, higher top speeds, faster hyperdrive... but less defense power... (Though some shield upgrades can take care of THAT.) From the looks of the PTA positions. (I go with where I can see the green of the PTA turrets as their maximum firing cones.) They have equal four/four defense for top and bottom, two/two on each side, one in back, possibly two, and one in front. Therefor, the best Killzones for the PTA's would be the top and the bottom... (Although the Megaron has the NASTY PTA defense above forward.) And as for the appendix where I found the NAV links, unless they're updated with this download, they're inaccurate because nothing said anything about Pluto's fluxfield leading into the event horizon of a black hole like Jupitr's, Mars' and Mercury's did... (Which hurt quite a BIT when I jumped, and found myself getting ripped apart...)
  15. You avoid using that section of road with the construction going on because you think it's a fluxfield and you don't want to risk jumping into a black hole. --- Whenever you pull into a shopping center you start looking for TRADCOM. --- You try to decouple the steering wheel on your car so you can aim your main guns better...
  16. It's one thing to get a car... Insurrance, ARGH! For even the smallest of compact cars you get RAPED ANALLY in the insurrance department. Now imagine a commander getting insurrance for a brand spaking new battlecruiser. 'When I walked into the office that day, I was all grit and metal... knowing I was about to go through the greatest hell that even the Gammulans could put me through. "What kind of vessel is it?" he asked me. "Battlecruiser," I stated. "Mk II." He glanced up at me with that knowing look... the look of 'Another one for the Meat Grinder'. I could see it in his eyes. "Let me see the system loadout," he droned. I handed him a clipboard with the current systems. "Hmmm..." he Hmmed. "You've done full factory upgrades to Numega Engines, Trellis Reactor, Linear Spec IV Shields, and Titanium V Armor... That should do you some good." I hate the way he drags this on, I wanted to rip his head off, I just wish he'd get to the DAMN POINT. "Interesting, a large stock of space to space weapons, radiation control kits, extra shield fuel... cloaking fuel. You have every intention of going right out into combat don't you?" Well of course I did, what did he think a battlecruiser was for? Armed Yacht? Of course, I merely nodded. He got up with a camera and went out to the docking bay at this point. I followed and watched as he walked around taking photos of the ship. After an hour of this, he returned to his desk and logged the info into his COMLINK computer. "Experience points?" "Five Thousand," He stared at me good and hard then. Then highlighted something on his paper. "How far have you traveled in this 'Battlecruiser Mk II', in lightyears?" "None, I haven't been out of Earth Orbit yet," I had my wrist laser at my side, all I had to do was raise it when he wasn't looking... "Let me see your crew Roster... I handed him another clipboard, and he stared at it for a long while. Then highlighted something and handed it back to me, replying before I could get a look. "The high AI of the crew will do you good, but I'm afraid there is one thing that will force me to raise the price-" he was cut off as my alarm went off and the Com Officer gave me a report. "Multiple insurgent ships are in the system and are preparing to attack, we need to go sir," she stated. "Rodger that!" I replied. Then turned to the agent. "How much?" He slid me a paper and pointed at a number... "SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION A MONTH?!" I nearly shouted. "WHY-" my alarm beeped again. "They're gunning down unarmed transports sir," the Comm Officer informed me. "Never mind, I'll take it!" I quickly signed the paperwork and dashed out of the office, the agent shouted around the corner. "Everything that causes your insurrance to go up is highlighted in yellow!" he shouted. "The biggest one is highlighted in RED!" I noted that and bolted to my CC. --- After a thirty minute fight with the insurgents, I remembered my new inssurance policy and decided to take a look at the papers. As I expected, certain things that hurt me were highlighted brightly in yellow. Low experience... High probability of initiating combat... The fact that it was a less well PTA defended BC MK II... But I didn't see the Red. Where'd he highlight the red? Then I remembered him highlighting something on my crew roster... I picked it up, and my mouth nearly dropped to the floor. It was clear and blank all through the roster, except for one spot, brightly lit up in glaring bright red highlight. A single name was glowing as if contaminated with radiation. Paul Resnig. "Combat Officer reporting for duty sir!" I promptly went for my blaster.
  17. Hmmm... *Extrapolates data, and goes off on a tangent.* So higher mineral planets can be mined FASTER? I'm not much into trading. I take the homebase earth thing kind of hefty and haven't even left the Solar System yet. I don't want to go out flying across the galaxy with an under fitted ship or poor fuel efficiency and end up stranded in The Middle O Nowhere System. And as far as having fleet C&C... Eh... Okay... sure. IF I can STOP getting these 5000 point deductions for letting a foe take out a friendly transport. Kinda hard when you see them, make a jump to them (Or send fighters)and they kill the freighter long before you make it to them... That or you bring back the fighters for repairs and rearming and BAM, two insurgent ships instead of that one raider you were fighting. And they procede to go after two different targets. Maybe I'll lay it on to some bases at ground level. Heaven knows they can't fight me all too well. *Enemy sentry looks into the sky, and here comes a CC, main cannons a blazing...* SENTRY: ; "I should have been a oceanographer..." "KABOOM!!!!" ---- "You do realise that the Artifacts don't start to appear for 3 days real time (SP only) don't you?" According to what I read from the SC. ALL artifacts appear BY three days time. And by the time I spend my mining upgrading my ship and all, It'll be three days time. But who knows where they tend to be? On transports? Or I HAVE to buy them at stations? And they randomly appear on station (X), located in enemy infested sector (Q)... where I have to fight (§) number of enemies and get (z) amount of damage just to make it there. As for planet data in the appendix... I didn't see it.
  18. Who knows the locations I should buzz to locate the Artifacts? I'd like to get my paws on the PAD, Tacyon Anagram Shield, and Karanian MK IV Reactor Artifacts myself. I just don't have a lot of time to go searching the cosmos for these things. Especially when I have to keep restarting the game and having to refinance for better more efficient reactors and such... (75000 won't get you very far... And getting a good opening amount with mining drones requires five to eight hours idle time on a planet.) And on the topic of money, are there any good planets who's mineral composition has higher chances for getting the 'GOOD stuff'? (I noted some convo's in the BCM sections talking about planets like the one the Galaxian Artifact was on having good minerals... But I don't know how much of the universe in BCM carries over to UC.) Aw HECK, while I'm at it, who's got a 'map' or notes on the jump locations the fluxfields lead you to? "Knowledge is power, and I LIKE power." -Cobra Bubbles, Lilo & Stitch
  19. Mbyae you're jsut lysdexlic nad cna't raed tihgns crrocetly. (FACT: The human brain can do some interesting things. For instance, despite the fact that the above words are scrambled, as long as the first and last letters of the words remain the same, it doesn't matter how the word is put together, you can still read it. Don't count the word dyslexic though, I just scrambled it differently. Hint: Don't LOOK at the words, just READ as if nothing's wrong.)
  20. If I remember my BC systems... he just blew himself to bits... Can I say it? PLEEEEEEEASE?
  21. Um yeah, when they launch and decide they want to fly straight up, and then straight back down into the ground nose dive kamikaze... uh huh. My marine meant to do that... he like nose dives. Where's my roster? Who was in charge of his pilot training? ... "RESNIG!!!!"
  22. I hope they're offline, and there were no enemies... it would suck if that turret chose that EXACT moment to open fire on something. "PTA SYSTEM ACTIVATED" Commander: Huh? "BLAM!" COMMANDER: RAAAAAHH!!!! IT BURRRRNZ!!!!
  23. The trouble is when you want to deploy four mining drones at one time. I just use TAC OPS. Select shuttle craft #, select the option ADD, then go to the button that says procede to next, change it to deploy mining drone, then setpos and set the position somewhere out there... Repeat for other shuttles, then launch them all at once and hope the Marines piloting aren't stupid enough to fly it into the ground... (Some kind of occasional bug I have noted...) ...All four drones deployed in moments, and I don't have to leave the bridge. It's better than trying to play shuttlehop... especially if you forget a command somewhere and your CC goes flying off somewhere without your permission. (RRRRRRRRESNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  24. Now you all KNOW that's a killer joke when it really DOES almost kill someone.
  25. This could very well turn into an all out tactics thread if it weren't for the 'STAY ON TOPIC' rule... I like the Megaron. It may be slow in hyperspace, but in combat, I've found it's PTA 'KILLZONE' The upper forward section of your combat sphere. Puts at least five, and sometimes seven (I'm sure it's seven, I saw seven beams...) of its ten PTAs into firing arc. When I close to engagement range with anything my main guns won't hit, I just dive let the PTAs do the dancing. It's also fun when taking a ground base. Just make passes over a base with my EMD turned on and my ship rolled upside down... I get 'Target, Destroyed' every few seconds. To heck with OTS... I just drop in with my carrier... Once the surface defense systems went down, I just parked over the base and cackled with glee as my PTAs continued to RAPE the base. Those PTAs really chew my enemies up. I started another roam with a Aestrom, but haven't done anything yet, as my Megaron's all upgraded and such... (Now I just gotta go artifact hunting... I want the PAD the most.)
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