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  1. You said what I think they should be to a T. But as you also state, how they work in UC is privy only to SC, and THAT, is what I ask.
  2. quote:Originally posted by DennyMala: To switch from active to passive radard modes just press the "R" key... and for a more specific description you can find it on the manual. Ah... I missed that page appearantly... (I skimmed the booklet, since I had the first BC game waaaaaaaay back when... I reviewed it to refamilliarize myself more with controls than anything.) ...Upon checking the booklet, I found the refered to information. However, it still leaves me kind of sketchy as to if, for example, I jump into a hostile system with PASSIVE scanning toggled, and I'm not picked up on their scanners thanks to that. I'll be more in depth later... I got to head to work, and there's a storm brewing outside. (Can hear the thunder rumbling at me. It's saying 'Get out... GET OUT!!!')
  3. *Homer Simpson* MMMMmmmmmmmm... Battleships... but wasn't this topic on a carrier? *Gets smacked by a fish for stating such Blasphemy...*
  4. O_o; Me's got it bad... When you're riding in the car, and after turning onto a main street, your mind thinks of it as Autopilot reorienting yourself, and then as you accellerate you think 'Hyperdrive Activated'. As soon as I thought that I was like... 'AH HELL NO!"
  5. *Chuckles.* You'll get around to it. You want me to break the paragraphs up a bit for easier reading? The formatting I had for it in Wordpad kinda got lost in the copy & paste process. I find the song FIRE AT WILL actually fits the battle quite well, even though when I wrote it I was listening to Rob Dougan's Chateau from Matrix Reloaded (OVER AND OVER)...
  6. Resnig getting into Launch Control isn't what worries me. How he got the launch codes is! I swear, I destroyed all documents with copies of the launch codes and even destroyed the Encryption database for decrypting the documents. (The Author puts the thread back On Topic using a convenient HOLE IN THE PLOT.) Haven't had any major weather related problems here, even though this is Texas. Of course, it's only been two weeks. Plenty of time for EVIL to happen later.
  7. *Blinks at the above, and simply looks slightly confused.* From what I've gathered, the original question asked makes this point... Radar ranges range around something like 150 Km... yet ships are detected FAR beyond that range at 10,000 PLUS kilometers. An example of this would be you sitting around at a station, when you pick up a ship jumping into system over twenty thousand kilometers away at the jump gate. "And I know for a FACT that you cannot be intercepted or acquired unless you are within the radar range of *something*. " -Supreme Commander has Spoken Does this count only for AI ships? Do AI ships only pick you up on their sensors if you come INSIDE this radar range? You seem to confirm this If so, why is it you can detect THEM, even when they aren't near anything. (AI not even near friendlies or neutrals.) Is it because the station detects them at that range? "You have active and passive radar ranges" -Supreme Commander has spoken. As for this, what is the purpose of active and passive in game? I do not note any active, or passive sensor controls. (Unless of course, the Active is the AIR and GROUND sections of the radar... but that makes no sense, and is more than likely rubbish since they are of no use is SPACE.) I could see active radar pulses as something that would give you away, and the ability to turn them off would make you more or less on 'silent running' ... Rubbish asside, is the active/passive sensors any use? Or am I just looking too far into things? *Sits back and awaits The Word from Supreme Commander. Or perhaps the oncoming SMITE.*
  8. Well, it DID take me an hour to write it. Anything worth writing on my part is worth putting at least some thought into. By the way, I like that Icon in your sig, the way the Alpha just kinda' *THUMP!*s down... Anywho. Next report!
  9. GCV Kamedake II CAPT: Seina Yamada... Patrol is patrol, there's no getting around it. Most people think the local earth area patrol is a walk in the park, but it gets boring monitering the spacelanes around Earth and Luna. Don't get me wrong, things do happen from time to time, and they tend to be the worst things. I'm in command of a Terran Megaron heavy carrier. Normally galactic police aren't privy to military craft. But they considered that the police needed at least one carrier for a local system. Some say I have bad luck though. Most commanders in the police force never see action their entire carreers. However, almost every patrol I go on seems to turn into a firefight. This one was no different... in fact, it was the craziest battle I've ever been in. It was a single red blip on the scope, a Terran Raider just couldn't ressist going after a long range transport out near the pluto jumpgate. We jumped to intercept it so it wouldn't destroy the poor ship. We got there just in time, and the PTAs were already opening up on the Sunflash. It seemed routine... but this is where my bad luck likes to kick in. A flash from the jumpgate, and subsiquent alarms alert me to the newly arrived presence of a Warmonger and an escorting Garrid. Both Terran Insurgent. My eyes nearly bugged out at the sight of a the two cruisers, bearing straight down on me. Scrambling for the general quarters button, I shout an order to break off the assault. Unfortunately, the Hyperjump is only fifty percent charged. Then I remembered that I was now in a CARRIER, not a cruiser... so I snapped open the comm and ordered a scramble of the fighters. They deployed immediately, and started to tango with the two insurgent ships... The sunflash limped away, but a stray PTA bolt lanced across its engines, and dissabled it. The fighters weaved in and out of PTA and missile fire as they made strafing runs on the cruisers. However they would get chewed up by the PTAs before long if I didn't recall them, and I myself was running, with my hyperdrive nearing ninty. I tried to raise Galcom HQ on the far side of earth, but found that subspace comm lines had been jammed by someone. And with GHQ on the far side of earth, they obviously didn't see the battle going on. I almost missed a flash of static across my screen... which always meant one thing. I bit my lower lip as I watched the hyperjump gauge nearing 95. But that moment, Two Aestroms and a Battlecruiser Mk II decloaked directly in front of me. I could only stare... 'WARNING AQUIRED' jumped me back to reality as well as the beeping of the inbound warning alarm. I slammed my fist down on the manual override and pitched our nose into the verticle and slammed my other hand on the EMD jammer button. Kicking us to full thottle, I punched straight up from the local battle level, narrowly avoiding the swarm of missiles that were locked on. Despite that, two still managed to find their mark, and slammed into the underside of my vessel. The shields protested agnrily as they strained to maintain under the hits. I looked at my radar, fearing to see what was coming next. Surely enough, both Aestroms had launched their fighter compliments, and the BCMKII was launching its fighter compliment. I had to do something, and Hyperjumping now wouldn't get me out of the fray, since stopping for just that long would leave me open to their fire. I pitched the nose around and came to bear on the first thing that lined up in my sights, the Battlecruiser Mk II. At this range, it would be hard to miss, I noted this even as the PTA's from the three ships nearest me started lancing past. I powered the forward guns to full, decoupled them, and locked every launch ready missile on the ship in front of me. Then opened fire with everything at my disposal. The missile barrage slammed into the ship, followed by a salvo from my main guns as I dove at it full throttle. The ammount of firepower that slammed into it all at once was effective at completely vaporizing it. I was glad of that as my ship catapulted through the fireball. This sent me diving between the two Aestroms, right into their PTA crossfire, which were effective at buckling my shields. The ship rocked violently as white hot particle beams lanced across the hull. Interestingly enough, they managed to signifiantly weaken each other's shields with the shots that missed me, and my own PTAs lanced out and struck them as I passed. Several more inbound klaxons alerted me to the fighters, which I had nearly forgotten. Six were putting missiles on my tail. I rolled the ship and pulled out of my course, as several more missiles shot past. Luckly, none of these hit my ship, and my rolling put the PTAs onboard into lineup with the fighter craft. Two went up in fireballs before the rest scrambled out of range to set up for another pass. At this moment, my comms officer reported that subspace comm lines were no longer jammed. The battlecruiser Mk II must have been the one jamming them. I snapped open the commline directly to GHQ. "This is Captain Seina Yamada! I need backup out near the Pluto jumpgate!" The station operator regretted to inform me that there were no launch ready cruisers or carriers at this time. This had to be some kind of NIGHTMARE! What kind of major station has NO ready craft? I nearly chewed off the operators head, but he informed me he was dispatching some fighters to my position. A flash across the nose of my craft alerted me to the cruisers, who hadn't exactly dissappeared, and the Garrid was trying to get a firing solution with its main guns. A Megaron was no fighter, but I made it pull a High Yo Yo up and over the Garrid, and pitched the nose around, guns decoupled, and fired my main guns into it, bringing its shields down before it slipped out of my firing cone. It's PTA's all the while, making hit and miss strikes on me. About this time, reinforcements from GHQ arrived. Eight Aurora fighters. Only eight? The station didn't dispatch more? I guess I couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. The fighters joined mine and started dogfighting with the Insurgent fighters. Although outnumbered, the GHQ fighter squadron was fully loaded and ready to go. Four enemy fighter went up in the first thirty seconds. This reminded me to check on my own craft... My fighters were in tact, although one had its shields down, and another had taken light damage. They were weaving in and out of the Warmonger's fire, and trying to avoid the enemy fighters at the same time, while making strafing runs past it from time to time to keep it from locking onto me. Returning to my own problems, I noted the two Aestroms bringing their heavy forward batteries to bear on my position, my shields had regenerated slightly, but that wouldn't last long. Seeing nothing else to do, I pitched the ship straight down as they opened fire, and began tracking with decoupled cannons. Doing so brought the Garrid cruiser between myself and their firepower, allowing it to get pummeled by the fire. A tremendous explosion punched into its forward disruptor array, rendering its main weapons system useles before the Aestroms ceased fire. However, the Garrid's PTAs were still very much active, and they punished my ship for using them as a shield. A report came across that cargo bay two had taken a particularly nasty hit, an armor breach reported. The fighters were now to busy with each other to pay us big ships any mind, even if PTAs lanced at them every few seconds. But those two Aestroms seemed determined to get a fix on me. Deciding fancy moves weren't going to help us, I ordered everyone to brace for an assault, and pitched the nose to face the nearest Aestrom, we were gonna go head to head. I really do regret firing all my missiles on that first ship. I punched the ship to full power even as my nav officer looked at me as if I were insane. The Aestrom seemed to think the same thing, it seemed to hesitate firing on me as my ship barreled at it at top speed. After burner to full, guns to full, shields... screw the shields, they were all but gone from the start. Lets kill us a supercarrier. I barely registered a flash of static on my screen, but dismissed it as battle damage. I opened fire on the Aestrom and used the decoupled guns to rake back and forth, which had the effect of slightly pitching our course around, keeping the Aestrom's return fire from scoring direct hits. Suddenly, a loud voice blaired onto my comm system. "Kamedake II, bear one five seven and pitch up, DO IT NOW!" Seeing nothing better to do, I followed the voice's instructions and performed the manuever to a T. Behind and below, a hailstorm of missiles erupted from an empty pocket of space, and a single large beam of energy lanced out at the leading Aestrom. A second later, another cluster of missiles and regular main gun fire erupted from the decloaking Stormcarrier and lanced into the other Aestrom. The first one went up in a fireball, and the second one's shields dropped in an instant. Where the first pocket of fire came from, a single Aestrom class carrier decloaked, turning to bear on the second Aestrom before the beam of light lanced out across space. I watched in disbelief as the beam cut the ship neatly in half, slicing through the hull with untold ease. It went up in a fireball a second later. The Stormcarrier was busy engaging the Warmonger, and another barrage of missiles ended that ships tour of duty with a shockwave and a fireball. Out matched and out numbered, the Garrid, still moving, ran for it, making back across the pluto jumpgate as the two supercarriers sent fire after it. The fighters that were left quickly followed suite as the Aestrom and Stormcarrier launched their own fighter squadrons. I sat back in my chair, realizing I was breathing heavily... then turned to Kendric. "Damage report," I stated. As it would turn out, the Aestrom that came to my aid was the GCV GALAXIUS, commanded by Commander Tigerclaw. Which was the voice who had ordered my manuever. They had been tailing an insurgent strike force that was making its way to Earth VIA the pluto jumpgate. From what I was told, he and an escort came through the jumpgate to see a nasty battle going on, and saw my ship turning to engage the Aestroms. He admitted he used my ship as a cover to keep him undetected so he and his escort could get in close enough to fire an unavoidable barrage at the Insurgent ships. The damage to my own vessel wasn't as bad as I had feared. Asside from the destruction of cargo bay two, which was repaired quickly, my ship only maintained light to moderate damage despite the odds I was up against. The Police Grand Marshal awarded me and my crew a nice long vacation in Hawaii (Three months) for our effort, as we even managed to tow the raider that started it all back to base when we were finished. Galactic Command military officials were quite pleased with my performance, and even offered me a few spots in the actual fleet, and a larger ship. Of course, I turned them down, I'm an Officer, not a soldier. Kamedake II was back in action the moment we ended our vacation. And no sooner did we dispatch then did a group of Raiders enter the system, after a long period of nothing. Why do I always attract the action? Must be my luck. END OF ENTRY: CAPT: Seina Yamada
  10. "Enough already guys." -Supreme Cmdr has Spoken. Yessir. All conversation ceased, as per your command.
  11. Ouch, sounds like Resnig was trying to give you flying tips. MALFUNCTION was the reactor down... which essentially screwed you. Although you could have tractored your ship with a shuttle and dragged it into orbit to the nearest station. But from the sounds of things... You let a marine pilot it... didn't you? I TOLD YOU, don't let those muscleheads fly them shuttles!
  12. quote:Originally posted by Stardate: Just my opinion, but Wolf57 sounds like he has multiple personalities. He's insulting and spamming one minute, then nice and asking for a patch. I agree with Freyar and SC, all he had to do was wait until things cooled down. If he did, even though he would still be banned, mabey he could have recieved the patch from another patch. The harrassment just got him banned from all sites, how intelligent was that Not intelligent enough... well... depends on how you look at it. If he wants to have a fifty calibur 12.7mm rifle round pass through his body at supersonic speed... he's perfectly intelligent. Although I don't see the point in attacting someone to fire on you from two miles away with a hi power barret sniper rifle. Although I'd be HAPPY to oblige him.
  13. Cruiser VS Carrier... Yum yum yum. I find it a question of 'how do I want to play?' A cruiser works as a direct attacker. Much like its real world counterpart (Which SC refered he modeled their functionality after somewhere around here...), is designed more of a striking unit, and direct attack. The carrier however requires a different fighting tactic. Like the Nimitz Class aircraft carrier, the Super Carriers' firepower comes from the fighter wing. This allows for you to operate more as a central command than as an attacker, dispatching your strike forces to intercept and destroy enemy craft in the area. A single enemy cruiser can be easily overwhelmed by the swarm of light, fast craft making strafing runs on it. UC carriers though, unlike real world carriers, are as well armed with offensive weapons as any of the cruisers, making them dangerous vehicles themselves. HOWEVER... their speed and manueverability are lacking for getting into firefights with cruisers. If you want to act as a FULL carrier craft, and use your fighters more than anything, I suggest going with an Aestrom, and the EIGHT fighter compliment. I myself prefer to have more options for changing my combat style, so I stick with something more ALL AROUND in its design, such as the Megaron. It's one of the faster ones, has decent weapons loadout, and decent fighters. If stuck with cruisers, I prefer the Garrid, nimble, well armed, and has some good defenses. But I do prefer the Megaron over the Garrid. Four shuttles deploying mining drones are SO much better for when you go to sleep at night, then wake up the next day to pick up your stock.
  14. And then there's this... REed the top one first. Then read this. Cheers Mate.
  15. Learn the facts about DiHydrogen Monoxide! People who know their chemistry will love this...
  16. Megaron Class carrier. I had just returned to space from one of Jupiter's moons (Upon discovering that the moon's weather didn't agree with my ship, and tore it up... I am now checking using the Tacops computer, if anything I lang on will let me land, so now I'm not going anywhere I don't see ground forces.) when an insurgent Stormcarrier jumped into the system and began harrassing some ships. As I couldn't jump yet, I deployed my fighters to intercept the fighters it deployed. They dispatched them and then jumped to the carrier. Seeing they were doing this, I checked my Hyperjump and found it ready to go. I forgot how slow a hyperjump my Megaron has... My fighters had widdled at the stormcarrier by the time I had arrived, so I figured I could take it on. As I came down to 15 on the timer for hyperjump completion, the stormcarrier changed targets to me, and turned to engage. I put half my missile loadout on FATAL as I approached and set my main guns to decouple, and to fifty percent power for direct engagement. The lower power allowed for more rapid fire shooting at a longer engagement range, for a more distributed attack spread. And so, I went head to head with a stormcarrier. His main guns pounded on my forward shields, and in ten seconds, we were tearing into each other. However, my forward shields buckled at 20% thanks to the heavy pounding and I started taking damage... However, the stormcarrier's armor was nearing depletion and his shields were out. I pulled a roll and turned out of direct lineup with him as we closed, stupidly putting the larger part of my profile in his sights... a few more shots tore into me. About this time, the remainder of my shots slammed into him and ripped him apart. I came out of that with damage to almost every system but the reactor. My weapons systems were damaged, shields, life support MAIN was critical, and the stormcarrier left me one last present before it died. Forteen intruders. My marines rounded up the ten I could put in cells, and killed the rest. (I set half my marines to search when in space.) After running over to the local station for about an hour to repair the major damage, I went back out and got into a head to head with an Aestrom... However I turned and went to max-thrust as my shields started to drop, but my guns had finished off the carrier as I made my turn. The cargo pod I picked up had a nice little present in it... Omicron/1 engine. So I went to earth and landed in antarctica to do some mining while I slept. Got the engine loaded and ready, and slept until this morning when I got up to take care of the full mining drones. (I saved an hour after deploying them.) After which I went back to space, with many systems now repaired and others needing certain parts... and MORE insurgents jump in... Que? I ignore it since I'm not in condition for an all out firefight yet, and notice the ship it takes out has left a cargo pod. ... meanwhile another ship is moving to attack me as I approach GHQ... By this time I get to Supply station and am right next to GHQ, and launch my shuttle. When it gets there, it gets blown to smitherines by the fighters I didn't see on the radar (Because they were hidden by the blue CARGO POD dot...) When they got there, I don't know, maybe when I was looking at the stats for the Warmonger that had me targeted. This warmonger decides to attack me when I'm right on top of a station... and strangly, I'm INSIDE the station's shilds... I note the engagement when... "CLICK" blackscreen... "CLICK CLICK" crash to desktop... Quote myself... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -ooooooooooo! -oooooo! -oooo!" Six hours of repairs, and mining... wasted. Hopefully my save game didn't end up corrupt. But that first attack run left me pretty messed up. Took all night with a full syseng. compliment just to repair the components on my CC... and I still had an ALL BUT destroyed fighter to fix...
  17. So, because I am head of the GCFA, which has nothing to do with UC, I have to remove it then huh? Alright. I shall comply... *Removes fleet, then rearranges some unneeded extra wording to compress siggie...* The GCFA inquiries council is SO going to chew me out... Good thing I'm in charge and not them...
  18. Oh man, here's one...It really happened today. I walked into Walmart and looked up at the video moniter... and noticed that it was totally screwing up... and only one thought came to mind... "EMD Jammer Activated."
  19. I have certain POWERZ... such as the ability to turn your minds to MUSH just by speaking... Either way, I'm sure my Avatar is getting a headache...
  20. I'm Ernest, 19, and I live just north of Austin Texas. When I'm not commanding a fleet of insane lunatics or using my phenominal Zeropoint powers, I'm undercover monitering Tigerclone's crazy schemes at a local Taco Bell. Where I spend fifty percent of the time chatting with customers, fifty percent selling customers food, and the entire time cleaning something or another. When on duty I command GALAXIUS, the most powerful starship ever created, built by GCFA and Satyrntron engineers. If ever you need a massive dose of complete and TOTAL overkill to deliver to someone, ring me up on the subspace hotline. So I live in a fantasy world. SO WHAT? It's not like I miss REALITY...
  21. ::RESUME TRANSMISSION:: WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR FEARLESS, CLUELESS HERO! HE WAS ON HIS WAY TO THE ASTEROID EROS... And he had just ONE thing to say when he got there... "This is Eros?" Tigerclaw stared at his holographic screen at the fifty meters of rock in front of GALAXIUS. "What's left of it, so it seems," Allice commented. "But the contour pattern on the left side is a perfect match for a section of Eros. No other asteroid detected within the system has any matching features." "I can't beleive that," Tigerclaw snapped. "There's NO WAY a civilization who's level of technology barely gets them lightspeed can have enough firepower to take out essentially a gigantic chunk of IRON." "Don't forget that just because the tech is crude, doesn't mean it's not effective," Allice admonished. "Yeah yeah, don't remind me," Tigerclaw muttered. "That whole Arcean VS Drengin incident proved the point quite well when the Drengi used that juri-rigged subspace shockwave cannon. The Arceans are REALLY lucky we were only half a parsec away. Anyway, I have other things to deal with. Perhaps I can get some answers if we find a good place to moniter subspace communications. SET A COURSE for Proxima Centauri!" "Sensors show nothing AT Proxima Centauri sir," Allice advised. "All the better to listen in on Subspace traffic," Tigerclaw grinned. "Standard cruise speed commander." "Yes sir," the helmsman replied. "ETA Proxima Centauri at standard cruising speed, seven minutes." "I just hope Bob isn't causing too much damage, wherever he is..." Tigerclaw muttered. Oh the implications... "WHERE'S MY EVAC?!" the marine shouted into his comm. "I'm desperate!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob bellowed. The commanding Marine could only watch in sheer perplextion as this completely invulnerable foe proceded to use his seven foot Nodachi Sword to cleave an APC in two. "What the hell?" he asked no one in particular, but then returned to reality. "What do you mean, DEAL WITH IT?!" "You're on your own!" the shuttle pilot stated over his COMM. "We've got our OWN problem and-" He looked up as a tremendous explosion blew the Naval Cruiser nearby in half. "Oh my GOD! They got another one!" "Who got another one?" a voice asked. The pilot jerked around in his seat to see some mustached man smiling out at the ensuing fireball. "WHO ARE YOU!? HOW DID YOU GET ON HERE?!" The man simply smiled. "I'm Pyro... OOOOOOoooo... That was a good explosion. Lots of flamable liquids make for a nice fireball, and it seems to burn hotter," the man stated, in a rather absent minded matter. The pilot recoiled in horror! "YOU! YOU DID ALL THIS!" he shouted, then spun to his comm and shouted some more. "This is BLUE BIRD ONE! I HAVE LOCATED ONE OF THE INTRUDERS! HE'S ABOARD MY SHIP! HE'S INSANE I TELL YOU!" He spun back around to shout at Pyro, but he was nowhere to be seen in the shuttle. In his place, the components to one of the OTS missiles he's been carried lay open and jury-rigged to a simple timer device. "WHAT?! HOW DID HE MANAGE TO ARM THE BUNGOR SO FAST?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!~" The resulting blast obliterated the fleet that had been ravaged by many smaller explosions... Pyro watched from a nearby beach, sporting a pair of sunglasses and a martini. "Now THAT's what I call an explosion," he smiled. "Who would have thought I'd find a nuclear device around here? I love physics..." Up in space, a cloaked Insurgent Stormcarrier watched the carnage unfold. The tactical officer turned to his commander. "I don't know who's down there," he stated, but their doing a better job than we would." The commander turned off his TACOPS computer and looked over at his helmsman. "Discretion is the better part of Valor," he muttered. "Let's put the operation on hold until we know what's going on. RETURN TO BASE!" "How many millions was that damage Pyro caused?" Tigerclaw asked, an 'oh dear god not again' look on his face. Allice responded curtly. "More than his Salary covers sir," "I'm gonna kill him," he grumbled. "Then I'm gonna have Megumi ressurrect him so I can kill him AGAIN." Tigerclaw grumbled rather loudly as he continued to watch the narrated events, knowing that only PART of his crew of dangerous lunatics had been accounted for. "Why is it every time we dimension hop, THEY end up in the most inoppertune places?" he asked. "A hole in the Plot sir," Allice stated. Tigerclaw smacked his hand to his face. "End the Post," he muttered. "I want to be alone..." DONE ::TRANSMISSION TERMINATED::
  22. Ah... friends... You mean, THE PENGUINES?! SUBJECT NAME: PENGUINE CLASS: Bird INTELLIGENCE: Surpasses mere humans. "What more cunning a foe for mankind then one he thinks is harmless?" Are THEY the friends who send you this DEADLY humor? (Death from suffocation due to laughter.) Ladies and gentlemen, what will be Supreme Commander's next trick? STAY TUNED to find out... ::TRANSMISSION INTERUPTED::
  23. Just a static blip on your radar display... Really, there's no one out here... I'm not out here in a Mk III with ten missiles set to you on FATAL. REALLY. Would I lie?
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