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    Keyboard Commands

    Yes i do have a command reference card. The only problem is that its made for a french keyboard. Im looking a that command card in english version, but so far i cant fint it anywhere examples of what i read on my command card - - grenade : ç - max throttle : ç - stop throttle : à - faster firing rate : ù so its obvious that i cant press these keyboard buttons because i had to use ascii codes ( alt + numbers ) to type these characters. So if anyone know where i can find a Command Card on the net, that would be really great.
  2. TheCatKing

    Keyboard Commands

    I just bought Battle Cruiser Millenium Gold edition 2 days ago. I bought it in a WalMart, the user manual is in french which is ok, but the problem is that the pages about Key Commands are for a french keyboard. My keyboard is a Microsoft 101/102 standard so in game there is a lot of things i cant do because i have no way to know what key commands to use. Im talking about the User Manual ( gameplay commands ) page 49 and 50. These pages contains the keyborad/mouse/joystick commands designed for a french keyboard. As an example, in the Manual it says I have to press "à" to stop throttle while in flight mode, so the problem is that to get such a letter I need to use ascii codes ( alt+133 ) because I have an english standard keyboard. anyone have a solution or a tip ??