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  1. I forgot to add this in previous post, I apoligize for any confusion. I put the partition in with the os before ever trying to install the game. I didn't reinstall the os. Sorry about the confusion SC. Thanks again for your input.
  2. With all do respect I did read the faq and I tried everying including the -n method and that did nothing. I uninstalled, deleted the folder and reinstalled on my other drives and nothing did the trick untill the NTFS drive. Not even the clean boot helped. I spent hours on the forums, reading the manuals, and I didn't want to say anything untill I figured it out myself. The only thing that changed between intalls that did work and installs that didn't was the drive it was on. Maybe it was the codec, but from my prespective I'm doubting it. However, you are the more experienced here. I'll respect your insight, but I do recommend people who are having the same troubles at least try this. Thanks for posting on this thread SC
  3. Hi SC, My name is Dan and I have a possible solution for people having trouble getting UC to load or get past the splash screen. After installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling almost 20 times I had a moment of clarity. I recently partitioned my hard drive with one partition using the NTFS as opposed to FAT16 or 32. I installed UC on this drive and it works with both patches (having checked for stability before applying each patch). Both patches being 2.00.00 and 2.00.31 . I am pretty sure it's the NTFS partition that did the trick, because nothing worked from the forums nor did anything else I'd tried. I don't even have to kill my other programs that are running, it works perfect. This worked for me and it may just work for you.
  4. djleo9

    UC 2.00.11 Patch Released

    Mine most recent download worked as well. There was a difference in file size but it wasn't 7mb. Also, compared to the hash file, it was "unknown." At least I can play the most recent version now
  5. djleo9

    UC 2.00.11 Patch Released

    I'm getting the same "invalid patch file" problem as mentis. I checked it against the hash and no matter how i download it, the 2.00.11 file is always "BAD." I have no idea