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  1. Hey sounds good I should be able aswell. See you guys then. If theres a change i will let you know.
  2. Hey Marc Not a problem. There was no match today due to the servers were still down. We are working on the next time we can all get together and get this match in to gear. As soon as the servers are back up and running. Talk to ya soon
  3. Welcome aboard Commander Coder. And also Commander Prometheus. Looking forward to meeting you soon.
  4. Happy Bd there Ben Hope the rest of the weekend goes well when the rest of your family gets there.
  5. I do beleave i can make it aswell on that date.
  6. Sure Prez. Ben, Marc and myself can be here Tues afternoon About 1:00pm (Central time) if you like. See you there.
  7. I will try to be here at noon (central) On Sat If you need me.
  8. Hey Marc. Not a problem. We all know about RL situations. If you can make it tomorrow Ben and i will be on ts. Hope to see you there
  9. Hey Ben... Ok i will get on that. Been alittle busy on my end aswell.I will prob be on Ts tomorrow also. Talk to you guys soon.
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