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  1. Severniae

    Whats your longest game?

    SC in a day!!! How did you manage that?
  2. Severniae

    Close Calls

    My only close call so far, last night in fact! Myself and the GCV-Hawk were on our way back to Sol sector to collect our mining drones after a rather dull patrol around the Polaris system. Whilst passing through Lennen, I notice an enemy Firestorm making a nuisance of itself.After deciding that returning to base having only one kill would perhaps not go down too well with command, I make the order to engage. A brief but decisive battle follows. I manage to take out all the Firestorm's complement of fighters, and start making a dent on its shields when it hyperjumps out! The cowardly git! Not wanting to be deprived of my kill, I order the helmsman to give chase. We follow him to krystar, managing to get a few pot-shots when we catch up with him after each jump before he passes through the gates, but aren't able to inflict any serious damage. Finally when reaching Krystar I manage to let off a few missles and take down his shields, and can finally let the main guns rip through his hull. The explosion was spectacular and the crew are joyous! We even open the bottle of champagne we'd been saving for a safe return to base! I decide to launch a shuttle on cargosweep orders to see if the Firestorm left us any presents and take a look at the logistix computer to see what the damage was. We had a few intruders during the attack who made it their priority to wreak as much mayhem as they could before being despatched by my marine forces. They'd managed some minor damage to several areas of the ship, so I decide to assign the engineers to sort us out while I wait for the shuttle, I'm in no rush anyway. I order shields down to 25% to conserve resources (the other reason we were returning to Sol was to stock up, I was running rather low on radine and plutonium!) and set a slow course just to keep us on the move. After a few minutes of safe floating around in space *ALARM ALARM* the alarms sound and before I'm able to give the order to raise shields, a Megaron has decloaked and begun a full attack on my ship. She's already tearing through my hull now, and all I can see is red squared coming up on the damage monitor. I have to act quickly or we are all dead! I order turrets and guns to full power, and launch my remaining fighter. The PTA systems and my FC easily take care of the fighter. I take control of the helm and turn to engage the Megaron. Luckily, he appears to be performing some evasive manuvers and I manage to launch every missile I have and destroy him with the last of the power left in the ship! Just seconds after he is destroyed, the nuclear reactor fails and I'm left floating in space. Not good! My last FC has been destroyed and I'm left for dead in space. 50% hull and armor, Nuclear reactor down, almost every component of the ship is left either badly damaged or destroyed. Life support is failing. Things have just gone critical! My only power was coming from my only functioning solar panel. I'm able to limp through the nearby wormhole where on the next side I knew there was a friendly base. After an hour of limping at extremely low speeds, we make it across the wormhole. I had no idea how I was going to reach the base. The hyperdrive and engine were now completely inactive and I am tempted to self destruct! When I remember....THE SHUTTLE! Joy spreads across the bridge as I order our last surviving support craft to come and tow us to the nearby friendly starstation. Tears are streaming across Resnig's ugly face as we dock. After spending 3 hours on repairs on the starstation we depart. We're still in a pretty bad way but now have all critical systems on-line we set a course for Galcom HQ - Maximum speed and shilds needless to say, remained on 100% throughout the rest of the journey!! The only thing left was to explain to the Station Commander why I was only bringing back half a ship! Thats my story, I hope you all enjoyed. Sev.
  3. Hi All, I was just thinking last night. We have some 3000ad masters around here and I was wondering what your longest career had been? I'm only on my second day game time, so not too far in. Still getting used to things really (but still taking regular beatings from the NPC's!!) I'll be rather impressed if anyone has made it into the second year! (Although I'd wager the SC is probably into his tenth!) Plus, just for fun, any interesting back stories for your longest command? Regards, Sev.
  4. Severniae

    Praise and HaraKiri Fighters!

    Thanks all for your excellent replies. I'll definitely try using the HALT command, and then just give the FC's an order when there are hostiles nearby. Many thanks, Sev.
  5. Severniae

    BC Universe lore

    Hi All, I've been playing this series for years, and recently got back into it with UC:CE V2 (epic!) I've read the manual appendix several times. And gives a good backstory on the Terrans. However, is there some information anywhere on the rest of the galaxy. The 'lore' as it were? If anyone has anything they know and can discuss please let it be known. I enjoy a good RP in my head! Thanks, Sev.
  6. Hi All, Loving UC:CE V2 I've played most of the previous titles and it's so nice to see a title that instead of being rewritten and made into a new game with every release, has instead been refined and perfected over a long period of time. SC, you are a master of your art! Still the best space sim there is around and I don't care what anyone says, it still looks good. Granted, they aren't the flashy graphics of X3:Terran Conflict. But still pretty, and with such depth in a game, who could possibly complain! And now after much adoo I must mention my constant annoyance! haha I'm often prone to keeping at least one or two fighters escort me when traversing open space, And almost always scramble all fighters when engaged in combat operations in enemy territory. However, when in a sector with an enemy starstation and I'm just patrolling or milling around waiting for repairs to complete, with two fighters launched on escort duty (ordered via command options to escort my Carrier) they will just for no reason at-all jump for the enemy starstation, and duly get their bums blasted out of them as soon as they come out of hyperspace. As far as I was aware from reading the manual, the escort order tells the FC to only attack any vessel that is a threat to the ship it should be protecting. (in fact I seem to remember that it said it would only attack vessels that fire on the escorted craft) So why, when several thousand K's away, do the fighters suddenly decide that there is a mighty pressing need to commit Hara-Kiri by attacking the starstation. Is there any way that I can avoid this behaviour, or at least control it? Many thanks, Sev.
  7. Hi All, I've recently purchased UC:CE V2 I was wondering if there is anything like the playmod that existed in earlier games? or if there is one that works? If anyone can point me in the direction to acquire it and also how to use it I'd be greatly appreciative. Many thanks, Sev.
  8. Severniae

    Some pre-purchase questions

    Thanks very much for your quick reply! I think I'll probably buy the 2.0 version afterall! Many thanks, Sev.
  9. Hi All, Long time fan of the 3000ad games. I have a quick question. I'm thinking of purchasing Universal Combat CE V2 but just wanted to clarify a couple of things. Firstly, when I purchase it, is it a digital download, or is a DVD sent to me via post? (I live in the UK so post may not be an option?) Secondly, if it is a digital download, is the product available for download in the UK? Thirdly I own a DVD version of the first Universal Combat - Am I correct in thinking that UC:CE V2 is a completely new game, or is it just a patched up version of UC released in 2004? (I'm only thinking that if its just a version with patches applied then I'm probably best sticking with what I have and download the patches from the 3000ad website) Many thanks for your time and patience, Sev.
  10. Severniae

    Solar reactor

    (i'm not sure what you meen by the cookie thing) So what could there be that is obvious, does it make shields have an extra bonus in recharge when low? or weapons do more or...something like that? hav a look for those - im going to
  11. Severniae

    Ghost/Demon caught on tape.

    How do you know?
  12. Severniae

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    Your still not going to sway me though. The stormcarrier is brilliantly fun - i've been keeping my fighters in lately (i now have a full week of gametime ) because of a big battle the other day that left me with one pilot and all my FC's useless. I considered scrapping them, and buying new ones - but it was too expencive, so while i repair i've been left to use the ships weapons to save my skin, and yesterday - i took over GHQ - no problem (granted cloak is very useful for this) i would say who needs fighters, but they are good in a really tight spot
  13. Severniae

    Passed my exam! (aviation)

    Ahh brilliant - more ppl in the skies - im a pilot myself, but just recreational flying in gliders (sailplanes) and motor-gliders.
  14. Severniae

    Ghost/Demon caught on tape.

    Had they not considered, that when she saw the woman smoking, she actually saw a woman smoking. and she was gone when they got back,because she had finished the fag and had left? The reason she girl was scared was because she'd been told it was scary, so the thought it. If she hadnt been told this. im sure she would have found the experiance quite normal!
  15. yeah i wouldnt edit this game if i were you man, SC has got it just right! it would be just wrong to change it!.... still wouldnt mind giving Resnig a brain