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  1. I've been able to finally purchase a copy of this game and have a rig thats capable to run it really well. The graphic updates are spectacular and the game runs so smoothly. I understand that there is newer games out, but from what i've read they are specific to a single class. I do wonder thought if there are multiplayer servers out there or is it because I'm using a different verison? I've only patched to the verison due to the warning SupCmd gave about the DVD verison and But still great game I look forward to seeing you guys hopefully on a multiplay game sometime.
  2. I've been too busy since I moved and got a new job that I completely dropped off the board. I hope the UCCE gets in stores sometime this summer because I've been hankering to start up a server. From the screenies I'm already itchin to play. Great looking game Derek. I hope to sink my teeth in it soon. -Aza
  3. I just read the article that bashes UC. It's in the new CGW. The fact is the guy who reviewed it isn't even part of the normal reviewing team. He's also a FPS only buff. The facts so far that I've gathered in my few months playing it is: 1. It has a high learning curve. The fact you actually have to ready your manual and keep it handy for the VAST amount of knowledge and features in the game should point out that its not like other sims. 2. The game isn't the most graphic intensive. Not meaning that the game doesn't have good graphics but that the graphics are not as intensive as DOOM 3 or UNREAL 2004. But then again in either of these games can you fly a Heavy Cruiser to planet for a planetary bombardment and get the itchin' for some hands on combat and decide to take a shuttle full of marines down to the surface for some good old hostile takeover. 3. Depth. I really shouldn't have to say anything about this to you guys considering you all know how DEEP this game is. DOOM 3 and Unreal 2004 are limited in scope. WAY LIMITED. In space sims as well, the only thing I could compare this to is Freelancer and even then that game is still limited. 4. Involvement. Yes sounds weird doesn't it but trust me on this. I've been in the FPS/ SIM community and its stale. They have clans and they was wars and whatnot. But how many communities actually have the Developers talking with them? After they put out a game , some (i.e Raven software *cough cough*) don't even bother to patch their game let along listen to what the players want. Bottom line: This game is amazing with the amount of depth that is in it. I would say that this is the makings of the Space / RPG genre. And thats my take on it
  4. Thats strange I did have my system profile on my signature before. I know because Tigerclaw replied to me after I quickly added it. It must of deleted when I tried to add another CD key to my profile.
  5. Sorry I'm a newbie here and i heard some little rumor about that if you didn't join a fleet that you wasn't going to be able to play on the servers. Maybe its just a nasty little rumor but I'm in the middle of upgrading my pc to a better system so i can run it (properly). Is there anyone that heard about this or can verify it? "Over this interview is...." -When Yoda was being questioned about the "youthful" students.
  6. SC your right but its also just a matter of time til you've tweaked it til your satisfied with the MP. Still more in depth then Planetside, Earth and Beyond, and Tribes put together.
  7. There system specs. I've never played a game like this with so much depth to it. I maybe new to it but I've been looking for a game like this for a long time.
  8. I read his post and iIdidn't see anything of system specs beign required for anything. All I saw was that being registered is required. If he is really strict about system specs for your profile I'll post em. And I purposely messed up that line. Rather then write a book I shortened it. And thanks for the welcoming Mr Wing Commander.
  9. What do you think is the most important feature of Universal Combat? I think the most important aspect to me is the multiplayer capability. Anyone else? "Sir, we've got them in our sights." "Fire a warning shot in front of her nose." "Idiot i said in front of her nose not up it!" - SpaceBalls
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